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I’m #1…… Kind Of

The first of many posts this year from 2014 Fantasy Champion and back to back #1 overall pick king, Allan. Thanks for reading and commenting!



Well here we go again, back at it for another fantastic season of fantasy baseball. Although last year didn’t end exactly how I intended, losing in the Championship game to Willisbetheyear. The fantasy God’s took a vote and have spoken!!! I have EARNED the right to be this year’s #1 overall pick in the upcoming fantasy draft. I would much rather have won the championship and been picking #6 or #7, but what are you gonna do?

I am a little excited about having this opportunity to pick #1, because it gives me a chance to lock down one of the best players in baseball. Then again I won’t be picking again until #20. That worries me a little bit. These are the types of thing that will be running through my mind up until draft day. Who will I take #1? Who will be left at #20? Will I be sober enough to make the right decisions by the time my second pick comes back around? You know, those types of things. So I am nervous and excited at the same time.

I am extra excited though, because I get a chance to meet up with some of the guys at a spring training game earlier that day before the draft. It’s always a fun time. We get a chance to talk about fantasy strategies, life, the game of baseball, how much we hate each other’s team and my absolute favorite part, drinking beer with some buddies. Yea I may sound like a drunk, but hell, I’m okay with that. I like beer and so do you. I just pray to God that it isn’t hot out that day especially with all of this nice weather we have been having. Because I sweat like a sinner in church and I like to look good for the ladies.

I have told a few of the guys already that I plan on taking Jose Altuve with the #1 pick in the draft. He is the best 2nd baseman in the game and also one of the best players in the game as well. I know I tend to lie about who I am taking, alot. But this year I plan to be honest and fair.Why not take the reigning AL MVP and World Series Champion? He hits for high average, his power numbers have increased over the last 2 years, he steals a lot of bags and plays in the best young lineup in baseball. Picking at #1 you want the best player in the game, but then again why not have only one of the best players, but a player who plays a position of value. 2nd base is tough to find elite play at. So that’s it…..He’s my pick…..Maybe. lol

Well that’s about all I have at the moment. So Good luck to nobody but me and see you guys at the park/draft.

You Compete Me

Spring is in the air and the sun is shining, but things aren’t all sunshine and roses for Major League Baseball right now. There’s a problem, a huge problem, that some people are reluctant to address. If left unchecked, this problem could cripple or even destroy the game itself.

No, I’m not talking about steroids, or mound visits taking too long, or trying to shave off four minutes from a three hour baseball game.

I’m talking about the complete and utter lack of competitive balance in baseball.

“Competitive balance” is a controversial little buzz word. You ask any fan of a big market team, or anyone in the MLB front office who cares about money and ratings, they’ll tell you things are just fine. “Baseball is healthier than it’s ever been!” They’ll point to the twelve different World Series winners since 2000. They’ll point to the different teams in the playoffs every single season. They’ll point to the Yankees only winning one championship in this century as proof that of course, baseball is great. Parity has never been higher.

It’s a big load of garbage.

Let me explain something to those who may not know, “competitive balance” is not how many different teams win championships. It’s not how many different teams sneak into a fluke season and grab a wild card spot every now and again. Competitive balance, true, everlasting balance, is every single team in the sport, having an equal opportunity to acquire talented personal. Baseball is BY FAR the worst of the four major sports in this aspect.

Just look at the current landscape of the past offseason. The MLBPA was so outraged at the lack of movement in the free agent market that they considered filing an injunction against the owners of MLB teams. Great players, good talented stars, were left on the market until the first weeks of spring training. Many good players are still without jobs at the time of this post.

“We’re saving money for next years elite free agent class”! Nonsense. Teams are giving up. Throwing in the towel and tanking for high draft picks because it’s the only realistic shot to compete in the future. The Yankees went out this offseason and acquired Giancarlo Stanton, the reigning NL MVP, for absolute peanuts. Why? Did they have a hole in right field? Absolutely not. They have Aaron Judge, who hit 52 home runs last year and had one of the greatest rookie seasons in major league history. The Yankees saw an opportunity to take advantage of the broken system in baseball we have today. The rich, milking the poor and stacking up loaded rosters.

Let me ask you an honest question, when Bryce Harper, and Manny Machado, and this historic amazing free agent class of 2019 hits the market, is your team in the running for these players? How many of the 30 MLB teams, have a REALISTIC shot to sign Bryce Harper? Four? Maybe five? That’s competitive balance?

Make no mistake,this isn’t sour grapes from the poor Rays fan. This is an honest look in the mirror at the problems facing Major League Baseball. Are the poor teams blameless? No.  It’s disgusting what the Rays and Marlins have done this offseason, tanking the payroll and siphoning off the luxury tax from rich teams to line their cheap owners pockets. Baseball needs serious changes, a salary cap, a salary floor, the ability to trade draft picks and not just prospects, a real system of accountability for these owners who don’t care about the product and only care about profits. Because if these changes don’t happen soon, only four or five teams are going to have a realistic shot at playing meaningful games in September and October.

And only four or five fan bases are going to care about the meaningful games in September and October.

Everything Has A Return

It’s that time of year again.

Spring training games have kicked off, the draft order has been set, and the prep work has begun. Which also means that it’s officially “writing season” on

2018 marks the ten year anniversary of, and the once great website has fallen on hard times. Gone are the steady stream of posts, the constant comments and visitors, and the regularly flowing trash talk and baseball commentary of our former regulars. For many months out of the year the site remains dark, no comments, no posts, only a list of old fantasy posts, an archive of former great memories long since forgotten.

Nobody is to blame for this. Sometimes, life just gets in the way. I myself recently have been given the keys to manage and run my own pizza shop. It’s a taxing position, and working 60 hour weeks quickly puts your priorities in order and forces you to focus on what’s truly important in your life. Sometimes, baseball just doesn’t take center stage.

But that doesn’t mean I have to like it, or even accept it.

I miss writing. I miss the jabs and trash talk we take at other, and I miss playing fantasy baseball. I miss trading and picking up free agents, and I miss the daily battle of wits that only the best fantasy baseball league in the world can offer. But most of all, I miss baseball. The real game of baseball.

This year, there’s going to be some changes here on the website. Over the last several seasons, it’s been nothing but fantasy baseball posts, and only fantasy baseball posts. While they’re a blast to write, they’re really only relevant to the ten members of our fantasy baseball league. In the glory days of this website, there was a constant flow of not just fantasy baseball posts, but real, hard hitting, well thought out baseball content. That’s my plan. In 2018, real life baseball returns to

I have big plans upcoming in the near and distant future, and I’ve already begun to calculate what some of them are.

-The draft day diary will be written.

-The weekly fantasy review returns.

-Monthly power rankings of MLB teams.

-A trade deadline special, multiple posts and thoughts on July 31st.

-Posts written from Tropicana Field during live baseball games.


There’s going to be a whole lot more content coming, the ideas are rushing to me so quickly it’s a little overwhelming right now to be honest with you. I’ll be writing a post every single Monday, rain or shine, and I’ll be squeezing in quick, short hitter posts throughout the week about the happenings in baseball and fantasy alike.

Things are moving forward on this website in 2018, and I’m hoping I’ll be able to convince the creator and father of, Dave himself, to assist me going forward. I understand managing a full time career and children leaves blog writing a bit on the back burner, but I know Dave misses writing and his love of baseball is unmatched. I’d take a guess that we’ll see some posts from Mrfoulline going forward. Also invited to the party is Allan, our 2017 runner up and one of the most knowledgeable sports fans I’ve ever met. His guest post last year was brilliantly written and well informed, and I’d love to involve him going forward in what I’m trying to do here. Which also includes “marketing”, using the Yaysports Facebook page to involve countless members of our Yaysports group who love the game of baseball and would add great points and counter points to our established regulars.

Good luck to everyone in their draft prep, and I know I’ll here from you guys soon. Baseball is back, and so is

Everything has a return.