Managing The Unmanageable

Allan gives his thoughts on the draft, and ponders a Walmart for Westshore Pizza employee swap. Thanks for reading and commenting! Hope you enjoyed Dan’s, Dave’s and Allan’s posts on the draft!


Here we go again guys! Draft day eve is here, the day where we all start to question whether or not we really know what the hell we are really going to do when that draft clock starts. Is my first selection going to get hurt, is he going to get caught up in a PED scandal or am I going to regret not selecting the golden boy of Major League Baseball?

This is a scary time for all of us who truly take this thing seriously. As much fun as it is,we all want to win. The competitive juices begin to flow, the adrenaline rush you start to get when your pick is coming and you know in your mind that you are going to get your guy, then POOF, he’s gone. Your mind starts to scramble like when your child decides to change the channel during the pivotal moments in a game and just ran into the next room with your controller. Yep fatherhood is a gift and a curse. As you get older you don’t have many opportunities to get those types of adrenaline rushes as much as you once had in your younger years.

Drafting a team and managing them is a lot like managing at work. You select your team, give them the pregame speech, believe in them and pray for the best outcome. You can’t control what a player is going to do day by day, just like you can’t control a person. Sometime you get lucky and find that gem. You plug them into the lineup and you can sit back with your feet up and relax. Then there are those that you have to monitor every damn moment of your day and eventually cut them. Just like at work. Only real difference is I can’t call Dan and offer him my worst worker, a Walmart gift card and guaranteed open spot at a checkout lane for life for his best worker and a slice of pizza. Life would be so much easier that way.

So instead we work with what we are given. Years of our own thoughts and knowledge ,a couple of magazines, a podcast from some of the best minds in baseball and stolen ideas from conversations with league members. We may not all communicate with one another, but for those who do we take a little from each other or try to pick the brains of those who we feel have a good idea of who’s hot and who’s not. Then there are some who will point you into the wrong direction purposely and loves getting into people heads (Dave Ingalls) and I believe he gets a kick out of it. But strategy is strategy.

The early injuries suck, but I kind of like it. It will definitely impact the draft a little bit and will possibly change the mind of the decisions we make early on. But we have 10 members of guys/gal who can turn a negative into a positive. So I look forward to what I believe will be our best season. I also look forward to seeing some of you guys at the ball park.

Let’s do this!!!

2 Responses to “Managing The Unmanageable”

  1. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    I’ll sleep easily tonight if you continue to reassure me that you’re not taking Mike Trout. If you do end up taking Mike Trout, then I’ll give you credit, because this has been the greatest smokescreen in the history of our league.So well done on that lol.

    Your post about workers touched my soul. The daily struggle of management is, in a word, awful. But if your worst worker is anything like my worst worker, then dear god I’m sorry. Because there’s no words to describe my worst worker.

    Agree on Dave, he lives for the smokescreen. He’s pure evil! He’ll mislead you on purpose!

    This post was excellent. Keep them coming!

  2. Foul line Dave Says:

    Nice job Allan! Please take trout.

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