The Days Of Summer, Week Four

Now that’s more like it.

After weeks of low scoring, boring games, week four saw an uptick in the action. Six of the ten teams topped 275 points, and two teams cracked the 385 points barrier. It wasn’t just the scoring that picked up either, as the RedRays and WillisBeTheYear engaged in a roster shattering, six player blockbuster trade involving five players picked in the first three rounds.

Elsewhere around the league, Allan and Ginger both took heartbreaking losses, Dave reached the 4-0 mark, and Dan and Mike had an all out war for the top scorer of the week award. Hitting is slowly starting to pick up around the league, but still, 14 of the 30 MLB teams are still hitting below the .240 mark. Maybe this is the new norm in baseball now and in the future?

Let’s get to some power rankings.


Week Four Power Rankings

1) Yankeehaters– I was skeptical at first, but Gerrit Cole certainly seems to be for real. He forms a dynamic duo with Justin Verlander at the top of his rotation, and Harper and Machado have been the best at their positions so far in 2018. Do I believe Dave has the best team? I do not, but regardless, 4-0 is 4-0 and he deserves to be at the top of the power rankings for now. I don’t have the heart to tell Dave that he hasn’t reached the 300 point barrier yet, and he has the lowest point total against him so far this season.

2) Rays Those Cowbells– Still not good enough. Even putting up the season’s highest point total at 386 points still isn’t enough for me, because it was carried by my elite pitching staff, and I still feel like this team hasn’t put together a complete performance. Willson Contreras and Miguel Cabrera can’t find their power stroke, and Francisco Lindor, Matt Carpenter and Michael Conforto can’t hit their way out of a paper bag right now. I’m still interested in making a deal to improve my offense, but everyone seems to be content to hold tight for now. Still, I like where things are at right now. My plan to build around elite pitching is working.

3) The October Boys– A strong start to the season continues for team Dennis. Aaron Judge is proving last year was no fluke, decreasing his strikeouts, increasing his walks, and becoming a better overall hitter in the process. Max Scherzer is fighting for the crown of best pitcher in baseball, and the Blake Snell breakout train seems to be full systems go. After a few disappointing seasons, Dennis is on the attack in 2018.

4) sportsmanMike– Put up 385 points, leads the league in scoring, and just made a great trade picking up Rays Those Cowbells favorite Ozzie Albies to fill a big hole in his infield. Patrick Corbin is the new Clayton Kershaw, and Jose Ramirez has fourteen walks and only five strikeouts all year long. Has anyone realized that Mike has the entire Arizona Diamondbacks team? Paul Goldschmidt, AJ Pollock, Zack Greinke and Patrick Corbin. Good thing for Mike that Arizona is having a good season huh? This is easily a contender for best roster in the league. Mike is dangerous once again this year.

5) Beni and the Betts– Mookie Betts is absolutely amazing. The fact that we can even start comparing him to Mike Trout speaks to how far he’s come. He’s easily a top three outfielder in fanasy baseball. It was a tough week for Dylan, who fell short in his showdown with Dave. But help is on the way. Josh Donaldson and Xander Bogaerts should be returning in short order. Sean Manaea certainly seems to be for real, and should help this pitching staff going forward.

6) RedRays– I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a more jarring shift of mentality in a season before. Decided his roster wasn’t good enough, and blew the entire thing to pieces in one trade. It takes guts, and I applaud him for that. Clayton Kershaw and Carlos Carrasco are two of the best, and will massively improve his pitching staff. But with Arenado and Rizzo gone, does he have enough offense now?

7) WillisBeTheYear– Probably shouldn’t have lost this week, put up 320 points and still got crushed by Rays Those Cowbells. Have you seen his offense? Rizzo, Arenado, Stanton and Martinez, and Daniel Murphy coming back soon. If his pitching staff is filled with a lot of veterans, but if it can hold up and give him quality innings, we might have a league winner here.

8) Stogies– Dug deep down and got a much deserved first victory. May have a 1-3 record, but his point total isn’t too far off the league leaders and this has been of of the more unlucky teams in the league so far in 2018. When is Noah Sydergaard going to make the leap? I keep waiting. He’s good, but he should be setting records. He should be the best pitcher in the league easily. His stuff is the BEST I’ve ever seen in all my years of watching baseball.

9) Love Boat Captains– Game with Dennis could’ve gone either way. Joey Votto is going to breakout offensively soon. He’s WAY too good to be down for long, and when he does it’s going to completely transform this offense. The problem with this team is I’m just not sure the pitching staff is going to be good enough to compete.

10) Believe The Hype– Allan is committed to staying the course. He’s going to keep his elite offense, and try to find pitchers that are good enough. So far, it’s not working. But he thinks I will, and I respect his willingness to stick to his plan. We’ll see how things go over the next few weeks.


Game of the Week

Believe The Hype vs WillisBeTheYear

A rematch of last years final, and two desperate 1-3 teams. The loser could be in trouble.

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