Defend The Title, Week Three

We’re going to have a quick post this week, as the evening baseball games are nearly starting and I have to hurry and watch Yu Darvish get blasted. I can’t wait, I’m so excited!

Week Three Power Rankings

1)Yankeehaters– Being the only undefeated team left standing, and an offense tearing the cover off the ball, the Yankeehaters are certainly deserving of the #1 spot. But I still feel like he’s gonna need better pitching down the road when the competition he faces stiffens up a bit.

2) Love Boat Captains– Took a horrific loss on Sunday Night Baseball and is no longer undefeated, but this team is very very dangerous. Jose Altuve is all the way back, Luis Castillo looks like he’s breaking out, and German Marquez is a sneaky CY Young contender. My only concern with this team is there’s no way Cody Bellinger is this good, right? He can magically crush lefties now?

3) Rays Those Cowbells– This team is still finding itself. Max Scherzer, Chris Sale and Trevor Bauer just aren’t clicking together right now, but I still believe they’ll give me the best pitching staff in the league. I need Joey Votto to step up, and Justin Turner starting to hit will begin to bring this offense together. There’s a much higher ceiling than this team has shown.

4) sportsmanMike– Fun fact, Jose Ramirez has been boarderline the worst hitter in baseball through two weeks. There’s no way that will continue, and when he gets going he’ll make for a nice superstar to mesh with his elite DeGrom/Snell tandem.

5) Stogies– This team could be pretty good. Clayton Kershaw returns tonight, and Vlad Jr won’t be far behind him. Add in Giancarlo Stanton and Francisco Lindor returning from the DL in the near future, and you’ve got serious reinforcements coming. I still think he needs one more good pitcher to be a real contender.

6) RedRays– This offense is good. Like, beer league softball good. But looking at this pitching staff would make me sad if I ran this team. If this squad can put together a trade for a good pitcher, there could really be something here.

7) Believe The Hype– Allan got a HUGE win to avoid falling into the dreaded 0-3 hole and looked damn good doing it. Could this be the start of some positive momentum? He still needs to find a first baseman.

8) The October Boys– At what point do we start to just accept a sad reality that maybe Kris Bryant just isn’t that good? We keep waiting, and he just will not return to that elite level. Dennis could sure use his production to make some waves this year, as h es by far the lowest scoring team through three weeks.

9) WillisBeTheYear– Just had an absolutely horrific week pitching wise. It was REALLY bad. Losing Severino for a lengthy period is gonna hurt, he was counting on him to be the ace this team needed. But you know Willis will figure something out, he always does.

10) Lou Brown– Not as bad as the record. There’s talent here, and he’s had the misfortune of having the most points against so far. I wouldn’t be surprised if this team enters the win column this week.

Game of the Week

Love Boat Captains vs Yankeehaters

Battle of the spouses and division leaders. Fun prediction, the last undefeated team falls this week.

Good luck to everyone in Week Three!

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