A tale of two cities

When you think of Boston, thoughts of clam chowder, Paul Revere, and the Boston Pops come to mind. The city nicknamed Beantown is rich in sports history, home to the Bruins, Sox and Celtics. All of these teams have had ups and downs in their histories but have each won multiple championships. Names like Russell, Orr, Williams, Bird, Yastremski, Esposito, and Havlicek are ingrained in New England sports fans’ heads from the time they are born. These are just a few of the legends that have graced the Boston sports scene over the years. Memories of Havlicek stealing the ball, Doug Flutie’s hail mary and Carlton Fisks’s home run are some of the most famous highlights in the history of sports. But with the good comes the bad, and we also remember Bill Buckner forgetting how to field a ground ball, Magic Johnson’s baby hook, and Bucky @#$%ing Dent. This city’s fans have suffered (and celebrated) with these teams and are some of the most dedicated fans in the world.

When you think of Cleveland, thoughts of polish pierogi, Drew Carey, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame can be found somewhere deep in your memory, if you think real hard and maybe Google “stuff Cleveland is known for.” Cleveland is nicknamed “the mistake on the lake” and is home to the Cavaliers, Browns, and Indians. Cleveland has been in a bit of a sports drought over the years, but who can remember forget 1964, when the Browns won the (pre-Super Bowl) NFL championship, the last major sports title to come to Cleveland. Or 1994, when the spectacular Cleveland Crunch dominated the National Professional Soccer League, bringing a long awaited title to Cleveland. Names like Jim Brown, Bob Feller, and Lebron James have graced the Ohio sports scene. But like any major city, Cleveland has experienced its share of disappointment. There aren’t enough The Drew Carey Show reruns to make you forget The Drive, The Fumble, The Shot and Red Right 88. This city’s fans have suffered (and suffered) over the years, but still remain some of the most passionate fans on the planet.

This should be an exciting series. Both teams have quality pitching and exciting lineups. Let’s hope the Red Sox can add one more year to Cleveland’s suffering. After all they’ve gotten used to it.

Red Sox in 6