Dylan’s letter to Red Sox Nation

Another inspiring post from Dylan “And you may ask yourself, how can I serve Red Sox Nation bigger and better this offseason?” Hamilton.

Dear Red Sox Nation,

I know, I know, this has been a crazy week. I mean, wow, World Series champs……..again. I hope you all have had a great work week, wearing some form of Sox gear almost everyday and simply basking in the victory. I also hope everyone had a chance to be at, or at least watch the parade on the duck boats. Papelbon truly earned the right to be called the craziest man in baseball with his performance this year in the parade. So, I hope this letter truly finds everyone well.

I’m listening to the Talking Heads song “Once In a Lifetime” right now. You know the one, it has the chorus, “and you may find yourself, in another part of the world, and you may find yourself, in a beautiful house…” Well, and you may find yourself, as World Series champs, and you ask yourself, “well, how did I get here?” It’s a good song. Anyways, the purpose of this letter is that I know some of you are feeling a little out of place after winning this World Series. I talked about it a few days ago in my last post on here, how this title feels different. Well, I’m sending you all this letter to outline what we need to do this offseason, not as trades or signings, I’m not talking about the team here. This letter is from me to you, from Dylan to the entire Red Sox Nation.

First of all, winning the World Series on Sunday night is perfect for the Mon-Fri 9-5’ers. Come in to work Monday a little rough looking from Sunday, with a big grin on your face, looking for the closest Yankee fan. It’s awesome. Well, the week is now over, and any other sports fan would let this die down, it has been a week, and start thinking about next season, maybe football, who knows? Well, Red Sox Nation, we need not do that. This offseason, let’s ride this title out. Let’s spend the entire offseason bashing the Yankees, and really, the entire American League. After 86 years of struggle and ridicule as being 2nd best, let’s just get flat out cocky about this. I’m not saying get rid of the lovable-losers attitude, but we’re all Mass-holes in one way, shape, or form, so let’s show it. For the rest of the offseason, go ahead Red Sox Nation, and brag, brag, brag. We’re the best, let people know it. Let’s be as loud and obnoxious as we all so very well can, and let everyone know that we are all very happy about this title.

Secondly, follow the Yankees matters very closely. All this winning in the Red Sox Nation does not sit pretty in the Rotten Apple, and the few Yankee fans that are left are going to desire to break out any sort of 26 rings comment to take us off of our pedestal. Well, we can’t let this happen. Their team is in complete shambles, and odds are most Yankee fans don’t follow the team with as much devotion as we follow baseball. So, get read up on all the Yankees facts, rumors, trades, etc., and when you come in with your head held high and they come back with some “Your mom wears 26 rings” comment, back it up with “All your All-Stars are going to leave town” comments. I can’t wait for that. We always gave a huge fight to New York, but they always had us in a corner. Now we’re out, and we gotta start swinging.

Lastly Red Sox Nation, don’t forget where you came from. We are the only city, only region in America where baseball is the biggest sport around. We have the greatest football team possibly ever put together this season, but we’re a baseball town. The Sox will always be more important. It’s religion. We’ve come a long way to get here as two-time champs in less than five years. We’ve sat through a lot of struggle, and we can’t forget it. During this offseason, watch old Red Sox DVDs, read some old articles about the Curse, even try not closing your eyes when Buckner comes up on TV. We have the richest tradition in sports as Red Sox Nation, and for once, it’s time to be proud.

So, Red Sox Nation, as the buzz of this championship simmers down, I hope we all can embrace this great change that comes from winning. I hope you all have a great offseason. There’s much to discuss this winter, so stay tuned to the thefoulline.com, and don’t forget: the best way to get a Yankee fan off your front porch is to just pay for the pizza.

See you all in Fort Myers in a few months.


Dylan “I’m putting all my trust in Theo about trades and free agents” Hamilton

A new day in Boston

Dylan writes for us again, with a post about the past, present, and future of Red Sox Nation.

Does anyone else feel different? Does this title feel odd at all? I honestly feel different about being a member of Red Sox Nation than I have ever felt before. There was the cowboy-up team of ’03, the idiots of ’04, and now, ’07, maybe the professionals? After the game last night, I celebrated, though I was at work and couldn’t celebrate in the same “regret that in the morning” fashion I did in 04, I celebrated. But inside of me, a new feeling began to emerge for this team. A team for the first time, that gave me confidence in them?!?

To me, the Red Sox Nation reminds me of the Parrotheads that follow Jimmy Buffett – occasionally immature, mostly blue collar, pessimistic about the world around them, yet, a love for following around what they love. We are a band of gypsies traveling all over, near and far, to cheer for this team. In those 86 years that passed between 1918 and 2004, most of us were raised with the occasional trip to Fenway, listening to parents banter on about the likes of Greenwell, Rice, and Boggs, and hearing our grandparents speak of how there will never be a hitter like Williams again. I’ve heard my Dad tell me exactly where he was when Fisk hit his game winner more times than I can count. Yet, in all those generations of being born into it, a cynical approach to this game always lingered. I’m reminded of speaking to my Dad before game 4 in 2004 and listening to him talk of how bad he wanted to see a title come forth, but “they’ll probably blow it like they always do,” he said. We all know the story now, but this was the attitude of Red Sox Nation: on the outside, more optimistic than anyone else, but inside, always on the edge, ready to be let down again, and again, and again.

We now flash forward to 2007. Our hated Yankees are in shambles. I even heard a Yankee spokesman say next season is a “transitional year.” The nemesis has been beaten, and we sit atop our new position as rulers of the baseball world. In a way, this title is more important than 2004. The ’04 team showed that if there was a curse, it was lifted, and anything was possible. But this team, the professional baseball Boston Red Sox of 2007, they proved to Red Sox Nation that a new day has sprung in Beantown. With the young talent that appears to be a full starting line-up for a rookie All Star team, future Hall of Famers showing the ropes to our rookies, and a front office staff that has the baseball savvy required to run the Red Sox Nation, the future is oh so bright. So, to Red Sox Nation, take a deep breath, take in all of the surroundings, and rejoice. The days of past are gone, the baseball legacy of the Red Sox begins again now, and the curse of A-Rod down in NY settles in even more (I have much more to write on the A-Rod matter as soon as it settles down somewhat). Life is good!!!