Dustin Pedroia wins Rookie of the Year

I wrote a post on September 1st about how Dustin Pedroia was the baddest man in Boston. Today he confirmed it. After a great season playing second base for the Red Sox, Pedroia was honored as the American League Rookie of the Year.

Dustin Pedroia became the first Red Sox player to win the award since 1997, when some guy named Nomar Garciaparra won it. Let’s hope that Pedroia can mirror the same career that Nomar enjoyed, minus the nagging injuries and weird batting routine.

It was released a few days ago that Pedroia played the last two months of the season with a broken hand. So let me get this straight, he’s 5 and a half feet tall, 170 pounds, played with one hand and still hit over .300 in the postseason? This guy might not be just the baddest man in Boston, he might be the baddest man in the country.

This has been a pretty successful offseason so far for the Red Sox and individual awards. First, Kevin Youkilis wins a much deserved Gold Glove, followed by Pedroia winning the ROY. Now if there is any justice in this world, Josh Beckett will take home the Cy Young award tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed.