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What, me worry?

Everyone relax. There is nothing to be concerned about.

So what if the Red Sox were just swept by their most feared rivals? They’re still up 5 games in the AL East.

Who cares that the three best Red Sox pitchers just turned in their least-clutch performances of the year? They were due for a bad game.

Big deal that Manny Ramirez, arguably the greatest right handed hitter of all time, is out indefinitely with a strained oblique. This is precisely the reason we signed J.D. Drew. (ugh)

No problem that the Red Sox had 13 measly hits during the three game sweep. They’ll hit when it matters.

Who’s having doubts now that the Yankees are back in the wild card lead, setting up a potential first round match-up against Boston?

Um… I am.

It’s not time to push the panic button…yet

First of all, let’s focus on the positives. The Red Sox played their two worst games of the year, and they are still 6 games ahead of the Yankees in the AL East. The Yankees beat a depleted Sox lineup – no big deal. It’s August 30th and we are in the driver’s seat.

What did bother me about last night’s game was watching Roger Clemens bean Dustin Pedroia in the first inning without any retribution from Josh Beckett. If Schilling was pitching last night, Derek Jeter would be peeing blood this morning after getting drilled in the kidney by a 90 mph fastball.

Another thing, ESPN was making a huge deal about Clemens having a no-hitter into the 6th inning. He walked 5 batters! That should equate to five singles. Clemens’ performance was the ugliest 2-hitter I have ever seen. I guess it’s hard to have command of the strike zone when you have your million-dollars-per-start check in your back pocket.

Look for Schilling to shine today at Yankee Stadium. Saving the Red Sox from a sweep will sound good in his blog tomorrow… and in mine.

I just saved a bunch of money on my baseball team by switching to Coco…

Johnny Damon looks like the Geico CavemanJohnny Damon is the Geico caveman without the brains. I choked on my coffee this morning when I saw this quote from Damon in the New York Post. “It’s taken a number of players to replace me,” Damon said of the Red Sox. “I’m Johnny [Bleeping] Damon.”

They didn’t replace Damon. They upgraded. The last time I checked, the Red Sox didn’t have an adulterous, weak-armed, caveman lookalike deadbeat dad playing center field. They have Coco Crisp, the best defensive outfielder in the American league, at 1/3 the cost of the 13 million dollar “man.” Theo Epstein did the right thing. He knew not to waste the money on an aging, injury-prone idiot. If Johnny hadn’t played for Boston, Brian Cashman wouldn’t have even looked at him, but the prospect of playing the Red Sox 19 times a year with the opportunity for Damon to inflict damage on his former team was part of the appeal.

Once again, Damon hasn’t lived up to his own hype, and the Yankees are kicking themselves for being on the hook for another season. One home run against your former team doesn’t amount to a 40 million dollar contract. Even a [bleeping] caveman could figure that out.

Game 1 goes to the Yankees

I feel so unsatisfied. The Red Sox just played one of their worst games of the year, and they have no one to blame but themselves. This was the supposed to be the game to set the tone of this series, and the Sox went on cruise control.

What is it going to take to give Dice K more than 3 runs of support? This guy had another solid performance. For nothing. Dice K should be leading the AL in wins, but unfortunately he has a 13-11 record. If the Red Sox were giving Josh Beckett this type of run support, no water cooler in Boston would be safe. But Dice K keeps handling it like a professional.

J.D. Drew played like his usual self. How’s this for a game? 0 for 4, 2 strikeouts, 4 left on base, grounded into 1 double play. Enough said about him. I need to go vomit.

Another thing that pissed me off last night was David Ortiz swinging on the first pitch from Joba Chamberlain in the 8th inning. This is a guy who Ortiz has never faced before, who had just walked Kevin Youkilis. Ortiz strikes fear in every pitcher he faces, especially 21-year-old rookies. He had the advantage here and gave up the at bat. It was just bad baseball all around.

With two games to go in the series, it appears for at least one night The Empire has struck back.

These are a few of my favorite things

There are a few things in this crazy world of ours that I truly enjoy, like the sound of my children laughing and going to Disney World with my family. But what I might like best of all is what happened Monday night: I watched the New York Yankees lose 16-0 to the Detroit Tigers.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. It use to be you could spend 200 million dollars on ballplayers and assure yourself a trip to the postseason. Those days seem to be over. With a geriatric pitching staff, a manager who seems to be on life support (Seriously, has anyone checked for a pulse on Joe Torre lately?), and the 2007 AL MVP with one foot out the door, the Yankees have come full circle, from World Series champions to league laughing stock. It used to be if New York lost by two runs George Steinbrenner would have a fit in the papers. Now George just takes a few happy pills and dreams of the days when the Yankees were not the second best team in New York City. ESPN has it right. The Bronx is Burning.

Add this to the list of my favorite things: The Yankees watching the playoffs from home.

It’s time to print the playoff tickets

Try to remember a few weeks back. The Red Sox weren’t scoring runs, the bullpen looked ordinary, and the New York Yankees were climbing up the standings. As Boston held to a 4 game lead, thoughts of the Red Sox epic collapse in 1978 were in the minds of all Sox fans. Well, those thoughts are history. The Sox are back.

After a dominating 4-game sweep of the Chicago White Sox, where Red Sox starting pitchers gave up 5 earned runs and the Sox bats came alive to produce 46 runs, the Red Sox now lead the AL East by 7 1/2 games with a 3 game set at Yankee Stadium starting Tuesday.

The Red Sox are peaking at the right time of the season. With 31 games left, 18 of which are at Fenway Park, it’s time to print the playoff tickets… Objects in the mirror are NOT as close as they appear.

5 Reasons I hate the J.D Drew signing

In this week’s Fair or Foul Question of the Week, we take a look at J.D. Drew.

Five reasons I hate the J.D. Drew signing:

  1. 70 million dollars.
  2. He averages 100 games a year. If you work part time, you should be paid part time wages.
  3. .264 batting average, 6 home runs, 2 stolen bases, 82 strikeouts…and counting.
  4. You should not be allowed to suck in the National League and then sign in the American League. NL is the Junior Varsity. National League pitchers get 6-8 easy outs every game pitching to pitchers and #8 hitters. In the AL, pitchers work for every out. No Freebies. By the way, I love the DH.
  5. J.D.‘s nickname should be “The Tin Man.” If he only had a heart. Have you seen this guy play? His expression never changes. He looks like the Mona Lisa playing right field.

What do you think? Vote in the poll at right.

Am I allowed to be a member of Red Sox Nation and still think Jerry Remy is an idiot?

I’ve resigned myself to the fact that Jerry Remy is going to be “elected” President of Red Sox Nation, but I don’t have to like it. I guess I’ve never really understood the appeal of Jerry Remy. Sure, he’s a career .275 hitter, with a whopping 7 career home runs, and he did make the all-star team in 1978. But this guy for President??

Remy was a non-factor as a player during his 7 years with Boston. Teams never had a game plan when they played Boston on how they could contain Remy. They were worried about guys like Yaz, Rice, Lynn and Fisk. How did this guy get so popular?

Maybe it’s because he’s so engaging doing his color commentary on NESN. I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough of hearing “Buenos Tardes, Amigo” to begin every broadcast. Is “Remy” a Spanish last name? Could it mean disheveled chain smoker with a porno actor mustache by any chance? I can see NESN wanting to have an ex-player doing commentary. Who wouldn’t want to add that insight to the broadcast? But maybe we could have got someone with either half a brain (Dwight Evans?) or at least a little character. Bill “Spaceman” Lee would be perfect. Of course Bill Lee would be hammered for every broadcast, but I think that would be part of the allure. At least he would have a reason for his incoherent babble.

Side note: I actually had the pleasure of meeting Bill Lee a few years ago during a Pro-Am golf tournament in Sarasota, Florida. He was playing in a foursome with Ozzie Smith and two guys I never heard of. My dad and I caught up with him on the second hole of the course, and he was already blasted. During the few minutes that we talked with him, he was more engaging and real then a season’s worth of Jerry Remy.

Jerry, you can keep your awful Lumber Liquidators voiceovers and your unhealthy affection for Wally the Green Monster.

I’m voting for change in Red Sox Nation. The People have spoken…

I like it when you call me Big Papi…

Let me start off by saying I really like David Ortiz. He is the catalyst behind the Boston Red Sox success the past several seasons, but I am having a couple of problems with Big Papi this year.

First of all, I can appreciate Ortiz’s career high batting average of .325, and both of his steals this year have been memorable, but I miss the old David Ortiz. The David Ortiz who was Mr. Clutch in the playoffs in 2004 and mashed 54 home runs in 2006. I want to see Big Papi spitting on his gloves and smacking dingers. The sight of Ortiz’s 230 pounds stretching singles into doubles reminds me of Chris Farley doing his “Flashdance” impression in Tommy Boy.

Now I understand that Ortiz has had injury problems this year, and pitchers aren’t giving him much to hit, but the playoffs are right around the corner. The Sox don’t need another .300 hitter, they need someone to step up and get the big home run.

Welcome to The Foul Line

This is my first blog post. I hope you enjoy the ride.
Thanks for reading, and Go Red Sox!