Making the ordinary look extraordinary

For having one of the most potent lineups in all of baseball, the Red Sox have made some very ordinary pitchers look like Sandy Koufax this year. Boston has already had their bats cooled off by such notable pitchers as Lenny Dinardo, Kameron Loe, and last night’s newest member to the No-Name-Pitcher Hall of Fame, Dustin McGowan. Who are these guys? And what are they doing in the big leagues? These guys should be working at Home Depot, not shutting down the Sox.

Boston has to realize, the pitchers that they will be facing in the playoffs are All-Stars. These are teams’ #1 and #2 starters, not Joe Blow making his first start since being called up from Triple A Sheboygan.

I don’t know if Boston is missing ex-hitting coach Papa Jackson, or if new hitting coach Dave Magadan is messing with players’ swings, but I can’t remember a season when the Red Sox offense looked more like Tampa Bay’s and less like Boston’s.

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  1. soucy Says:

    umm.. maybe Dustin McGowan is a no name pitcher to the uneducated baseball fan, But this guys only 25 years old and in his first season as a starter. Where he is 11-9 in 25 starts, with a 3.84 ERA, and 133 K’s and only 58 BB in 159.1 innings pitched. Now he may be a “no-name pitcher” but not for to much longer.

  2. Dave Says:

    The point I was trying to make was, when you think of a team like the Toronto Blue Jays, Dustin McGowan is not the first pitcher that you think of. It’s Roy Halladay then A.J. Burnett when he’s healthy. I agree that McGowan is an up and comer, but he is still a #3 starter. And with the lineup the Red Sox have, they should be crushing these guys.
    Once again, thanks for your comments. You’re keeping me on my game.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I think the Sox must have stolen Jobu’s rum because the bats are afraid of the ball.

    “Straightball, go very far, Curveball, bats are afraid…”

  4. Anonymous Says:

    We’ll refrain from sacraficing a live chicken for the time being

  5. MaticusNineO Says:

    How about making the extraordinary, feel like they are ordinary?

    I looked up the numbers.

    Manny “I tell you when I play” Ramirez makes $17,016,381 this year. But he didnt play against the Yankees.

    Youkilis, Papelbon, Lester, Pedroia and Doug Mirabelli, make a combined $2,364,000 for this year.

    Buchholz, Ellsbury, Cash, Moss and Delcarmen were not available on CBSSportsline.

    Julio Lugo makes $8,250,000 this year and Drew is making $14,000,000. Combined that is $22,250,000.

    Alex Cora makes 2,000,000 and like I said, Ellsbury makes _____. To say that Ellsbury would make $500,000 (more than Pedroia and Youk) thats $2,500,000.

    19,750,000. Nuff said.

    And what about another $9,500,000 that we have tied up. In who? Matt Clement who hasnt pitched for the Sox in a lifetime.

    $29,250,000. How much does A-Rod want a year?

    We have more money on our bench than we do on the field. Id rather have the guys that are making less on the field because theyve been the stronger players. Pedroia, Rookie of the Year. Ellsbury, been great, Cash has done well behind the plate and then Papelbon. Its Pap. There needs to be a reality check in the Red Sox Clubhouse, and Manny being Sat as opposed to him sitting may do it.

  6. Dave Says:

    It’s funny that you posted that. I couldn’t agree more with your assessment. The inexpensive guys are the ones showing all the heart, hustle, and commitment. They are also the ones that are performing the best. And are the most fun to watch. These are the guys I want watch play ball. I’ve said it before, keep manny on the bench. Thanks alot for all of your great comments. Keep them coming.

  7. soucy Says:

    Ok you can add Jesse Litsch this list of making ordinary look extradinary and not even John Gibbons would disagree!

  8. Dave Says:

    This Red Sox offense is making me want to puke. They have to turn this thing around….and quickly.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    just thinking.. who was the mvp in 2004 world series.?. what has a-rod ever won? batting crowns nice .world series ring nope>>I THINK MANNIE SUCKS, BUT LETS SEE HOW THIS PLAYS OUT INTO THE PLAY OFFS IF HE COMES OUT AND KICKS ASS ..GREAT. if not send him west white sox kansas.. THE RED SOX ARE TO SMART TO LET ANYONE PULL THE WOOL OVER THIER EYE.. THEO MAY HAVE A PLAN.. HE PULLS THE STRINGS.

  10. Dave Says:

    You make some good points. Manny played great in the 2004 playoffs. But, I’m from the what have you done for me lately school of thought. I don’t want to have to remember how great Manny was, I want to see it in action…now!

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