Manny being Manny

There are a few things you can count on during September in New England. The Red Sox will be battling for a playoff spot. Jerry Remy will have pimped “The Remy Report” on NESN for the 1 billionth time. And Manny Ramirez will suffer a “devastating” injury.Just Manny Being Manny t-shirt

Who can forget last year when Manny missed 23 games during the playoff push with sore knees. How he hurt his knees without ever running out a ground ball or hustling in the outfield is beyond me. This year, Manny quit against the Yankees with a strained oblique muscle. Now I’m not sure what or where an oblique muscle is, but if you can’t work through your “injury” against your most hated rival who can you get excited for. If I’m paying Manny Ramirez $22 million a year he had better come up with something more credible.

Manny’s contract is up after the 2008 season, and I am counting the days. I would even prefer paying more per season for Alex Rodriguez. I can’t stand A-Rod, but I could learn to like him in a Boston uniform. This guy consistently hits well at Fenway, and his numbers for 81 home games in Boston would destroy Manny’s. The Sox might even be in the market for a third baseman this off-season. You can say a lot about A-Rod, but the word quitter is never mentioned. What does it say about Manny, one of the greatest hitters of all time, when the Red Sox have tried to trade him for the past 3 off-seasons and haven’t found any takers?

The word on Manny is out. He’s getting older, his skills are declining, and he quits on his teammates. I’m tired of Manny being Manny.

This season Manny, I’m quitting on you.

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