Mr. Clutch strikes again!

It has been over a year since David Ortiz has hit a walk off home run, but there may have been no better time than last night to start again.

Ortiz provided all the offense for the Sox last night, with two home runs and all five RBIs. Last night’s win was huge for the Red Sox. They are now positioned five games ahead of the Yankees, with the three biggest games of the season coming up this weekend.

Big Papi has been hurting all year, suffering from both knee and shoulder injuries. Unlike Manny, Ortiz will play hurt and has been contributing all season. Although his home runs are way down from last year, his batting average is the highest of his career. Over the last few games, it appears that the David Ortiz of old is back.

Ortiz has been on a tear lately, with three home runs against the Devil Rays, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. Manny is coming back, J.D. Drew is starting to produce, and the Yankees are in town Friday. This is where the Sox go for the jugular and put an end to the AL East race.

It’s not going to help his injured knee, but it’s time for Big Papi to carry this team.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Life as we know it does not get more serious, or intense, or blog worhty, as this coming weekend. A series that will make or break either teams entire season, they’ve got my attention.

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