Oh, Manny

Barry Manilow photo by Alan Light Manny Ramirez photo by ac4lt
Oh, Manny. You came and you gave without taking, and I pushed you away. Oh, Manny.

O.K., I promise that will be the last Barry Manilow reference that you’ll ever see on this blog. You have to understand, my mom was a huge Manilow fan and would play the hell out of his 8-tracks. It’s burned in my brain. I’m not proud of it.

Anyhow, Manny was back in the lineup last night, and it was good to have him back. I’ve said a lot of negative things about Manny this season. I still think he quit on his team for 25 games. I still think that 2008 is his last year in Boston, and I still think he is a mental midget that looks like the Predator. With that being said, Manny does add a lot to the batting order. Just for his reputation alone, any young pitcher throwing to Man-Ram is going to be sweating bullets. And he looked pretty good last night. He hit a nice line drive in the first inning and drew a walk later in the game before being removed. Manny is always going to be Manny, but if he’s the Manny of the 2004 playoffs, I’ll deal with it.

Other notables from last night’s game: Schilling was solid again for 6 innings. J.D. Drew was 3 for 4 and drew a bases-loaded walk. Ellsbury added 2 more RBIs, and Papi added some insurance in the 8th inning. Also, even though he went 0 for 2 on the night, it was really good to see Youkilis back in the lineup.

How great was it to see the D’Rays battle back from a 5-0 deficit to beat the Yankees 7-6 in 10 innings? New York has played a lot of extra inning games lately. Let’s hope their tank is empty when the playoffs roll around.

The Yankees may be singing “Looks Like We Made It” now, but at this rate they’ll be watching the playoffs on TV.

Do they show MLB at the Copacabana?

9 Responses to “Oh, Manny”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    could it be possible that we are peaking at just the right moment this season?? we shall wait, eaglery, and see………..For the record, Copacabana is an epic ballad worthy of praise.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    26 rings baby… blog that

  3. Dave Says:

    Even 26 rings can’t stop the Yankees from choking against the D’Rays. Don’t you think it’s time for New York fans to live in the present?
    Thanks for commenting.
    Maybe next time it will be something original.

  4. MaticusNineO Says:

    Who let the Yankees fan in? 26 Rings 26 Rings, take your 26 rings, swallow them and die of internal bleeding as they pass through your system and you die of a horrific and slow death. If you cant say anything intelligent, go jump off the Tobin bridge and dont tell any one you are doing it. That way we wont search for your body, not that we would anyways because you’d be the asshole wearing a Yankees hat. Become a real baseball fan and know something or a single fact other than that piece of shit number. Im sure the Yankees blogs are real interesting, “we suck and we know it, 26 RINGS!” or “Hey A-Rod is a toolbag and gives it to Jeter every night, 26 RINGS!” Thats stuff of epic quality.

  5. Dave Says:

    Maticus, you are going on the payroll. Very nicely put. I can’t wait for his comments.
    I wonder if it’s going to include the phrase 26 rings??

  6. Anonymous Says:

    hey mr foul line I think its oh mandy.. AND ITS BARRY BIG NOSE… sorry!! n 33 PS the yankeeees suck. the mick ,yogi, billy , whitie are not playing this week ..its done one ring at a time go boston………33

  7. MaticusNineO Says:

    He’s too afraid to post again on a Red Sox blog. They have to travel in packs to be somewhat effective and its funny that one Sox fan can completly destory a Yankees fan/fans in the multiple’s arguement by a nicely timed STAT or two. All they look at is the past, we look at today. And if I am not mistaken we are still beating them.

    As for Manny, 3 for 3 yesterday is causing alot of the naysayers, including myself to wonder about Manny’s abilities, and whether he really is and might be just that good to turn it on and off like he seems to do. Imagine Manny playing with heart a whole season. It would be scary. Even scarier in another uniform.

  8. Christian M Says:

    Notice how the yankees fan didn’t have enough balls to post his comment with his name.

  9. Dave Says:

    Yankee fans are too busy meeting with their probation officers to visit this site. I’m sure they won’t make a habit of it. But if they do, I think we’ll be ready.
    Good work guys!

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