Showing their "class"

I hate the New York Yankees. I’ve stated this countless times on this blog. I will never change this opinion.

After last night’s game, the Yankees could have gone to the nearest Tampa Bay orphanage and handed out milk and cookies to the kids and I would still despise them. Instead, New York decided to act like a bunch of idiots. After beating the Devil Rays and limping into the playoffs, the Yankees partied like it was 1999. For a storied franchise, winners of 26 World Series titles, to spray champagne and cry like a bunch of girls was pathetic. Was their only goal this season to back into the playoffs? Please tell me Joe Torre has more planned for this team.

I know of another AL East team that had clinched a playoff spot while playing Tampa recently. They celebrated by toasting each other with a glass of champagne. They know that this is not the end of the road, and that there will be more celebrating before this season is over.

I’m tired of Yankee fans spouting off about how New York has 26 rings and is the greatest franchise in sports.

It’s easy to say you’re the classiest. I think it’s time for the Yankees to start acting like it.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Yankees, congrats on being the first team to act like you won the world series after beating the slightly better then Pawtucket Tampa Bay Devil Rays, granted we drank champagne, but we didn’t party like that one team did in 2004 that was down 0-3 and won four straight, who was that again?? something about best comeback in history, maybe a yankee fan could refresh my memory.

  2. MaticusNineO Says:

    They cant, they only speak in “stupid” and can never accurately use a stat in conversation effectively. I will say this though, as the synic Sox fan what we all know we have in us, this isnt O4. We dont have a rally point going in like we did with Cowboy Up and such. Different players different needs though.

    I just wish the name of the show “The Bronx is Burning” was an acurate dipiction of a news broadcast.

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