Wanted: Team that needs lazy power hitting left fielder. Will throw in garbage relief man if needed.

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The Manny thing is being somewhat beaten to death on this page. I agree with all that is said about it being time for Manny to pack his bags, but we’ve taken the issue as far as we can, and we must press on. I was ready to focus on other matters with the Sox, until I saw this quote: “It’s definitely tough,” said Youkilis. “Fortunately for me, it was at this time of year that it happened. I never like watching games. Baseball is not really that much fun to watch in my life. I never really loved to watch baseball. It’s more of a sport that I love to play. I don’t have that right now, but I’m ready to get back and play again. It’s definitely a lot harder doing it from the bench.” This a quote from Youk regarding, obviously, being injured and having to ride the bench.

Schilling’s sock, Crisp laying out night after night in center, Varitek doing his best Carl Lewis imitation around the bags after a home run, Pedroia going balls to the wall night after night. These are examples of guys that want to play the game, and play hard. I saw a profile about how Tom Brady took a pay cut to make financial room for the Patriots. That’s someone who wants to win. Would Manny do that? Does Manny even play hard?

There is no doubt that Manny is one the greatest right handed hitters to ever play the game. But he’s bringing down this team. I’m done with Manny and I’m done with pushing the get rid of Manny issue. I think Francona needs to take Dave’s advice and bench Manny, instead of Manny benching himself. I’ll take 9 Youk’s over 9 Manny’s anytime. It’s time we forget about Manny and focus on the future of this organization that, even being young, has managed to be the best team in baseball thus far. Goodbye Manny, hello future of the team………

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  1. Christian McCrory Says:

    Another good post on this fantastic site. Much props, anyways it is time to move on. No more man ram holding the team hostage. Tito needs to make a statement and bench his ass. I’ll take Jacoby any day. This is the playoff push, the sox are clinging to a 1.5 game lead, the time is now. Jacoby is batting .366 and continues to get on base, there’s no need to play man ram. Now to the bullpen, wow where to start. Eric “Gag me” just straight out sucks. There is no other way to put it, place his meatball throwing bum on the “short bus” next to man ram and drive it off the Tobin. The bullpan can be fixed. With the lead at 1.5 and the playoff pitching rotation in the process of being set, lets move some of the younger starters like Bucholz and Lester to the pen. Then finish the season on a four man rotation and do what ever you possibly can do to save this lead. Who wouldn’t want to see Lester in the 8th againts Travis Hafner. Thats a good lefty, lefty match up if you ask me. what do you guys think? Bucholz continues to be solid can he and Lester be the answer to the pen? I still haven’t given up on Oakey either, let him rest for the weekend and see what happens. Finally, the sox have 9 games left, lets get behind them be the crazy sox nation that we our and lets make the push!! It’s almost playoff time no more dwelling on whats going wrong, time to COWBOY UP for another run!

    P.S. You guys are doing a great job with this blog, keep it up i really enjoy checking it daily to see whats up.

  2. MaticusNineO Says:

    I guess we can be thankful that the Tigers rolled over and died this week because IF ( not saying they will but by some fluke of the Bambino they do) the Yankees take the East, we are pretty much locked for the Wild Card. They are going into a pivotal series against the Devil Rays(?!?) this weekend? No, they should have been resting starters and throwing the young guys this weekend, but instead we are clinging to what we have left of what WAS a 14-15 game lead. The Yankees are hot, lets hope that the Yankee-cryptonite (wish this was the Sox but it isnt) the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, Greater California’s Pacific Rim and Western Canada can wear them down, push it 7 and hurt Joba. Im ok with the rest of the pen, but he needs to get hit. See how he likes it.

    Red Sox Nation, it is time to rise up and support the Sox. To quote our anthem for 2004, “you know we couldnt live with out ya”-Tessie, yeah well guess what guys, you cant live with out us either. We pay you guys. And trust me, we like to make our opinions heard, and if you dont produce it will be a long offseason. Bet on that.

  3. Dave Says:

    Thanks once again for your great comments. It would be nice to see Boston win the AL East for once. The Yankees are playing scary baseball right now. The sox are gonna make the playoffs. I’m just sure how deep they’ll go. I really hope this team didn’t peak in June. These next series should be interesting . Let’s keep the faith.
    Go Sox

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