Breaking news for game six

Great news FoulLiners: Jacoby Ellsbury is getting the start in centerfield tonight for game six. This just proves my theory that Terry Francona reads on a daily basis. He heard all of your concerns and is doing the right thing to force a seventh game.

If fans at Fenway needed any help getting excited for this game this should take care of that. Like he has done since being called up from Triple A, Ellsbury will do something to impact tonight’s game. Whether it’s a clutch hit, stolen base or great catch, he will make his presence felt. This is the spark the Sox needed.

I have been really excited for tonight’s game since game five. I really believe that Curt Schilling is going to bring his A-game tonight. Schilling can be arrogant, pompous, and cocky, but he can back it up with his impressive postseason record. In game two of this series, Schilling pitched pretty well, but the big home run to Jhonny Peralta took the steam out of him, leading to his early exit. I don’t see Schilling making those same mistakes again. He has been in the role too many times to let his last performance affect tonight. This is what Schilling lives for: the chance to enhance his legacy on the biggest stage, in the biggest game of the season.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Dearest Terry,

    I’d like to thank you for reading everyday. It means a lot for you to come to this site and support us and I’m glad we can help you in your descions regarding the team and the starting line-up. That’s a good call with Jacoby coming in the game, you and I both know this guy is the future, so good call. With Schill’ on the mound, why don’t you go ahead and rest the bullpen tonight, he’s got his A game , so don’t be worried. Hope all is well, good luck with the game tonight, I’ll write you some more after that game 7 win,

    Your BFF Forver,

    Dylan ” The guy that routes for the best team in baseball that is going to comeback from down 3-1 to the cleveland chief wahoo’s” Hamilton.

  2. Terry F. Says:

    Hello Dylan,
    Thanks for all of your support. I have been to a lot of baseball sites in my time, but is the only one I continue to go back to for all of my baseball needs. The loyal readers, knowledgeable comments and fantastic writing staff have made this blog a daily must-read. That guy Dave really seems to know his stuff.
    I may need to hire him to be my bench coach for next season.
    I don’t even care what that douchebag in Colorado says, I think we are going to take this series.
    Go Us!

  3. Spell Check Says:

    Um, excuse me, Mr. Peralta?

  4. Matt McLaughlin Says:


    They flashed it across the screen today on one of the ESPNs and I just about jumped out of my chair.

    This kid is going to have a night and a half. It will be a night of the old and the new. Schill will pitch awesome and Jacoby be great as well.

    I once heard that Jacoby Ellsbury played an entire outfield on his own. He didnt need a left fielder or right fielder. That would sure loosen up some Drew salary for next year.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    dear mr. terry f.. thanks for listening to DYLAN AND DAVE … your doing a great job lets keep it up.. DAVE can not be your bench coach .. his mother will not let him leave the yard.and.DAVE thinks a douch bag is between second and third in kick ball.NOT A TOWN IN COLORADO.. HAIL MARY ETC……….GO BOSTON 33

  6. Dave Says:

    I don’t know what you’re talking about. I leave my yard all the time when I go visit my Dad at the retirement home.
    Go Sox!

  7. Anonymous Says:

    hey..isn’t Terry a girls name?

    I must say they Sox have been playing very well. I didn’t think it would go to game 7, but unfortunatley Dave was right.

    The Red Sox are one of the best teams money can buy. When they are on, they are “on”. I would love to see the Red Sox play the Rockies in the World Series.
    The Sox are good, but the Rockies are a better TEAM. They play well together and they respect each other and the game of baseball. That’s not the case with the Red Sox.
    Go Rockies!

  8. Mr. Anonymous Says:

    I have an account identity now!

    Go Rockies!

  9. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    We are getting a contingency of Sox fans to go down to Foxboro’s in Naples tomorrow night. The more the better.

  10. C-Mac Says:

    Yea man, Foxboro’s tommorow night come all lets pack the place!!

  11. Anonymous Says:


    Congrats on the Sox win last night. FYI: News flash – I am good luck! I know this is a baseball site, however, on a sad note – Dirk Digler died this morning at 0531. He was a good man of character and high morals. His young life was cut short, however he did get to see a lot – a long ride to the ECH only to be laughed at by an unnamed nurse, an early morning call with a little embarrassment with the female cops and all of the other great memories, brother. Dirk, my friend, it has been one hell of a trip buddy! I hope you remember me like I remember you – smiles and full of life. On the low down: Dave, I couldn’t take it anymore – it was all I thought about. My stache was running and ruining my life. I am obsessed – I can’t stop looking in the mirror. I can’t stop touching it! Who knew facial hair could be so destructive?! It’s true, Dave, we can and did get uglier! I went from the fat, not-so-jolly guy to the fat, not-so-jolly guy with the shady, porn mustache… I was forced to go the mirror and put “Dirk Digler” out of his misery. I came quite close to shedding a tear due to the terrible pain felt as the hairs were being ripped from the roots of my virginal hair lipped skin by my dull razor. God help me, Dave and God bless the Boston Red Sox!

    Lets drink some beeeehhhhaaaahhhhhhhs, dude….

    – Clark Ferguson

    PS. Sorry to let you down, Dylan! Instead of staches being the new six pack – how about we change the new six pack to beer bellies!!!

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I’m in for that. I’m at the Patrios Game in Miami today, then watching the Sox tonight, I’ll be doing some hard “work” on the new age six pack, sorry to hear about Dirk, he was a good man.

    -Dylan ” The guy that routes for the best team in baseball that is going to comeback from down 3-1 to the cleveland chief wahoo’s” Hamilton.

  13. Dave Says:

    Nobody ever said it was going to be easy. But sometimes you have to persevere and push through it.
    I weep today for the whisker remains that are still stuck on St.81’s bathroom sink

  14. Dave Says:

    As for you Dylan….Where are the signups for the “Dylan Fantasy Camp?”
    Pats game and the Sox winning game 7 on the same. Not to mention the sweet stache you’re still kicking.
    Have fun at the game

  15. Dave Says:

    Mr Anonymous,
    You can’t just throw out there that the Sox don’t play as a team or respect the game. Let’s try something new today, actually backing up your statements with some facts.
    I look forward to our teams meeting in the next round of the playoffs.
    Thanks for “commenting”

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