Cleveland rocks

Well… that’s five hours of my life that I will never get back. Thank you, Eric Gagne and Javy Lopez. The Sox losing by a touchdown in 11 innings was not what I envisioned for Game 2. This was supposed to be a duel between two big-game starting pitchers. Runs were supposed to be at a premium. Instead we saw two very patient teams at the plate and 19 runs on the scoreboard.

Both teams did a great job of not chasing pitches outside the strike zone, and they were forcing Schilling and Carmona to beat them. We all know how that ended up. Both pitchers lasted less than 5 innings, and this game became a battle of the bullpens. For 4 innings, both teams’ bullpens were on cruise control. It was like every pitcher that came into the game transformed into Mariano Rivera (the good one of 4 years ago, not the sucky one of recent memory) to shut down both teams’ hitters.

This was lining up perfectly for a dramatic 2004ish sequence to end the game. Bottom of the ninth inning, 2 outs. Pedroia draws a walk. Ellsbury comes in to pinch run and steals second base. Youkilis comes to bat with a runner in scoring position. This was supposed to be followed by a line drive into right field. Sox win. Instead, Youk battles for about 47 pitches and ends up smacking a line drive right at Grady Sizemore to end the inning.

Two things bothered me about this AB. First, Youk needed to play for the base hit. He needed to shorten his swing and just make decent contact. Instead he does a full out gorilla swing and drives it right at Sizemore. The second thing was that Sizemore did a cheesy fake dive to catch this ball. He was going all out to make it onto SportsCenter’s Top Ten Plays of the Day. Just catch the ball and get off the damn field.

This was of course followed by Gagne and Lopez making their grand entrances in the most important inning of the series. For me, this was like watching two cars speeding right at each other. I knew it wasn’t going to end well for either one, but strangely I couldn’t look away at the impending collision. We all know what happened next. Gagne gets our hopes up with a quick strikeout. This is the point when I actually thought for a second that Gagne might pitch a decent inning for once. Poof! End of the illusion. A single to Sizemore and a walk to Asdrubal “I have too many consonants in my first name” Cabrera, and Gagne is out of the game. He now has the rest of the night free to scare the children of Boston with his nasty facial hair. Lopez enters and gives up a quick RBI single to Nixon. The flood gates open, and a close, hard-fought game turns into a blowout.

A wise man once wrote, “Said woman take it slow, It’ll work itself out fine. All we need is just a little patience.” O.K. that was Axl Rose, but the point is, I’m out of patience with Gagne. He has been given every opportunity to succeed and has failed miserably every time. Gagne, you were welcomed to the jungle… you can leave now.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    It’s a reverse Sampson thing going where if he cuts his penn like facial hair, he may lose his suckiness……..I agree with the Youk statement, and almost every other at bat with runners in scoring position, too many times I saw the “lets put this ball on the mass turnpike” swing out of our guys, when a a shortened up, slap at the ball gives us the runs, and the win in that game.

  2. MaticusNineO Says:

    Cut Gagne. Dont pitch him EVER again in a Red Sox uniform. Cut him, straight up.

  3. Dave Says:

    I am still in shock that this guy sucks as bad as he does. Don’t the Red Sox have a great scouting department? How did they not know this? And I don’t want to hear the pressure in Boston is too much, line. This guy pitched lights out in L.A and won the friggin Cy Young. Gagne needs a haircut, a shave, and a new profession.
    Thanks for checking in Maticus, we haven’t seen you in a few days.
    Go Sox

  4. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    I find it funny that you noticed. I like so many at this site have a “family” if you will that sometimes has to take precidence over the Red Sox. I was in Tallahassee all weekend seeing my future wife for a few days. I was at a party Saturday and I kept pissing people off by changing the channel constantly to FoX to watch the game. Last sight of it I got it was 6-6 in the 9th, imagine the surprise I had the next day.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Matt, are you pulling the “I had to go see about a girl” line from good will hunting on us?

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