Game One goes to the Sox

The score for last night’s Red Sox/Angels game doesn’t do justice to just how badly the Angels were beaten. The score may have been 4-0, but it could have easily been 10-0.

Beckett dominated. There are not enough words to describe his performance. Complete game, 4 hits, no walks, no runs. This guy is a big game pitcher.

This game could have been so much uglier for the Angels if it weren’t for Crisp, Drew and Varitek hitting into inning-ending double plays. Or the second base umpire calling Lugo out on his steal attempt when he was safe by a mile. Or the home plate umpire calling strike 3 on Man-Ram when the ball was clearly 6 inches off the plate. Boston could have been in double digits by the 5th inning.

The Sox had their chances to put a big number on the scoreboard tonight but were unable to capitalize. A couple of days off before Game 1 may have cooled their bats a little, but fortunately there is no better batting practice pitcher around than John Lackey. I still can’t believe that Lackey won 19 games this year. Who exactly was he pitching against, the Oakland Little Leaguers of Santa Monica? What makes this even better is that if Boston is to lose one of the next two games, we get to see Beckett face John (S)Lackey again in Game 4. But I think it’s more likely we’ll just see him next season.

This was a good game for the Boston Red Sox. Great pitching, stellar defense, and decent hitting. The Sox played with a lot of confidence last night. I can only see them getting better as the playoffs continue.

The next Sox game is Friday night. This gives Red Sox fans the opportunity to become temporary Indians fans tonight. Let’s all hope A-Rod continues his post-season struggles, Chien Mien Wang gives up 15 runs, and Joba Chamberlain eats Derek Jeter before the game. Go Tribe!

11 Responses to “Game One goes to the Sox”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    is it just me or does this column seems bias towards the red sox..

  2. Dave Says:

    It might be “slightly” biased to the Red Sox, but I’m just writing what I witnessed last night.

  3. Dave Says:

    Which was a dominating effort by the best team in Major League Baseball. So yes, this column might be a little biased.

  4. MaticusNineO Says:

    Well said. Well Said.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    We sweep the angels series, yankees indians goes five games, and we give Dice-K that long term Japan rest he’s been used to, we’re unstopable.

  6. Randy Smythe Says:

    Angels have the Sox right where they want em’

    In 2002 we lost the first game in each series and wound up World Champs. Hey Dave, Lackey gave up 4 runs but ended up still going 7 inn. His ERA against Boston went down.

    BTW, Beckett was on fire last night and gets my vote for Cy Young. Awesome performance.

    Escobar will throw a gem on Friday and we’ll go back to Ana… Los Angeles tied 1-1

  7. Dave Says:

    Randy, Although Lackey pitched better after the third inning, we have not seen the Red Sox offense at its best. The Angels have a 7 game losing streak against Boston in the post-season. I don’t see it stopping there. Dice-K is on the mound Friday night. This guy strives under pressure. It will be 2-0 heading back to California.

    Hope is good thing, unfortunately false hope isn’t.

    Randy, your comments are always appreciated here. Thanks for participating.

  8. J Romes Clone Says:

    War Joba eating Jeter!!!

  9. MaticusNineO Says:

    I think it is funny, the comment of Dice-K thriving under pressure. He comes from a culture where failure is NOT an option. For him to go out there on the biggest stage of Baseball and NOT do his best is simply unacceptable. As the cynic Red Sox fan, I am worried, just as I was about Beckett last night. But thats the nature of being a Sox fan.

    Just remember, Cy Young was a Red Sox too.

  10. Dave Says:

    I agree with you. I’m plan on writing about Dice K tomorrow. I have a few worries also..stay tuned.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    the boys from boston looked super last night. the angels looked flat and tired. fridays game will take the starch out of the angels ..Whats with the guy with the picture ? THIS ISN T E-HARMONY ????? the JAP will be back !!.. BONZAI ANGELS………33

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