God loves the Red Sox

Have I mentioned lately how much I love this Red Sox/Angels match-up? I really feel that Boston dodged a bullet by missing Cleveland in the first round, and being able to host the Angels. The Angels are a beat-up team right now. Vladamir Guerrero is stuck DH’ing due to a triceps injury. Which is good news for Sox fans. Keeping Vlad and his rocket arm out of rightfield will be a nice change of pace. Garry Matthews Jr. is also ailing with a knee injury. To make matters worse, Angels lead-off hitter Chone Figgins is in the midst of a 0-22 slump at the plate. Do you think facing Josh Beckett is going to help that number? Not to mention, John Lackey is pitching game one. This just proves that God is a Red Sox fan. Lackey has pitched at Fenway twice this year. He’s lasted 9.2 innings total, given up 20 hits and has a 8.38 ERA. Is this really the best Mike Scioscia could come up with?
People have been talking and writing about the Angels speed and aggressiveness on the bases. The key to this theory is actually getting on base.

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  1. Randy Smythe Says:

    Dave, your poll isn’t working. It should say how many games will the Angels win in.

    I would say 4 games. We win one of the first 2 in Boston and then sweep the two in Los Angeles. If it goes to 5 games you guys probably win it.

    BTW, Lackey will bring it in game 1

  2. Anonymous Says:

    is “it” the way he doesn’t fair well in fenway??

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I will have to agree with randy..although I am hesitant to agree with someone who posts a picture like that..
    I think the Sox will be surprised by the Angels.
    Go Rockies!

  4. Dave Says:

    If you listen real close, you can almost hear people in Colorado jumping on the Rockies bandwagon.

    The Red Sox will not lose this series.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    the rockies are nice if you like mountains.. no fans all year now pow.. the sox sell out every game.. the yankees have to be tired after what they did the last month..being gay don t help.. it is bostons year again/// 33 whats with the picture? IS THIS A DATING SERVICE NOW??

  6. Christian McCrory Says:

    This is a Red Sox fan blog, so all you yankees and angel fans that keep showing up go home. no no i can do you one better go hang yourself from the tobin. I know you blogs aren’t nearly this nice but it doesn’t make it ok for you to use ours!!

  7. Randy Smythe Says:

    Christian, I was invited to participate in the blog by a member of Dave’s family. (mostly to give him a hard time)

    And don’t make fun of my picture. It’s the only one I’ve got. When I wear a hood I look like the unibomber.

    Good Luck Sox!

  8. Dave Says:

    Hey Guys, what makes this blog different is that we get non-Red Sox fans opinions. I think it makes things better,when we can have some debate. Let’s give these guys a break, and keep everything positive.
    Thanks for reading, and all of your great comments.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    yeah Randy, thanks for the comments. I do like that we can all converse with different opinions on baseball matte on this blog, but not bash each other, just bash the yankees and their lame 26 rings.

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