Keeping the faith

The Red Sox are going to be limping around the bases tonight after repeatedly shooting themselves in the foot over and over again in game 3. The Sox were primed to put a big number on the scoreboard in the early innings last night, but instead they stranded 7 runners in the first two innings.

This was of course followed by David Ortiz getting hit by a ball hit by Man-Ram, killing another rally. I haven’t seen a runner get hit by a ball since I was 10 years old playing little league baseball. This was a stupid base running error.

The Sox left 12 runners on base last night. I don’t care who you are playing, if you leave runners on base you lose the game. A team like Cleveland will capitalize on team’s mistakes and make them pay.

This brings me to Dice K. I keep telling myself that he is a rookie and he will get better. I might be in denial. He looked really good for the first three innings. His fastball had some pop to it, and he was getting a lot of strikeouts. Unfortunately, this drove up his pitch count and wore him out. Like many games this season, the 5th inning has been Dice K’s kryptonite. For some reason this inning has killed him all year. This guy had the reputation of not only being a big game pitcher, but a guy that could throw 130 pitches in a game. He has shown that he can throw about 75 in the major leagues before wearing down. I still believe that he will get better. I just wish it had started last night.

A couple of quick thoughts about tonight’s game. I wholeheartedly agree with Terry Francona to save Beckett for Game 5. Pitchers throwing on three days’ rest don’t win in the playoffs. This has been proven over and over again. This is not the time for Boston to get desperate. They are are in a 2-1 hole. This is not the end of the series by any stretch of the imagination. They have proven and will prove again that they can come back in the playoffs. Let’s not panic. Keep the faith.

Also, let’s find a way to get Jacoby Ellsbury into the lineup. I don’t care if he takes Coco’s spot or J.D.’s spot. Heck, I don’t care if he catches. This guy has provided a spark for the Sox since being called up. Let’s give him the chance to start a fire.

Interesting pitching match-up tonight. Old Man River vs. Father Time. This could be a great pitchers’ duel. Or it could turn into a beer league softball game. Either way it promises to be interesting.

Go Sox!

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  1. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Can it be a Wakefield pitching performance of his carrer and Byrd in the beer league? I mean really.. that would make me feel better.

    But no, seriously, DiceK made me look like a fool last night. I was willing to go to bat for him and really put my neck out there. DiceK better have Beckett like numbers next year or he may be my new scapegoat replacing or rivalling my dispisal for JD Drew.

    Ellsbury needs to start over Drew.

    Then again, that may be my disliking of the man getting in there too.

    bTw, I am watching the Sabres-Leafs game on VS. right now and everytime there is a penalty they play “Shipping up to Boston”. Are they implying that we like to fight or is it that Buffalo really likes the song…? Not sure but I find it funny.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    If there’s one thing I know, it’s beer league softball, the notch goes to wakefield. Granted Byrd looks like a 1950’s throwback, meaning in the 50’s he’d still be a throwback, but Wake has that knuckle, and as we have discussed earlier, in softball, wiffle ball, big playoff’s, it’s a deadly weapon……Truth be told though, I’m scared, Wake is Wake, he’ll pitch good, what matters is when he makes that mistake and leaves a ball up, will it be with no one on, or base’s loaded? -Dylan

  3. Dave Says:

    Man you’re lucky. Watching hockey and a Red Sox game in the same night,now that is a good day. Dice K stuck it to me pretty good last night also. He is a rookie, maybe out expectations are too high. Next season will be a good gauge on what to expect from him in the future.
    AS for the Dropkick Murphy’s being played for the penalties, I’ll take that over the usual crap they normally play. Enjoy the games.
    Go Sox!

  4. Dave Says:

    Hey Dylan it’s good to hear from you!
    Wake is going to bring it tonight. Let’s hope the Sox bats wake up, and everybody hits..not just the big three. Has anyone put out an A.P.B on Pedroia’s postseason offense yet. We need this guy producing at the top of the order, starting tonight.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    we have no offense right now

    (noted-I am making this statement in the 5th, I hope I am proven wrong, soon)-Dylan

  6. Dave Says:

    Another Red Sox pitcher giving 4 solid innings. Unfortunately they play 9 innings in the playoffs.
    *As I write this, Jhhhhhonny Peralta just hit a 3 run homerun.
    I’m at Disney World right now,the so-called happiest place on Earth. I’m not happy.
    I may have to punch Mickey Mouse in the face tomorrow.

  7. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    6-0. Fcuk. (I tried to be PC on this but damn.)

  8. Anonymous Says:

    should we have went with Becket?

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