My top 5 favorite games of the 2007 season.

Here are my five favorite games from the Red Sox 2007 season.

  1. The Mother’s Day miracle: Boston rallied from a five-run deficit in the bottom of the ninth inning to beat the Baltimore Orioles 6-5. What I remember about this game was Josh Beckett left the game early with a “finger” problem, and suddenly everyone’s thoughts turned to the blister problems that have plagued Beckett his entire career. Also, Jeremy Guthrie of the Orioles was shutting the Boston bats down all game, allowing 0 runs on three hits. Being that it was Mother’s Day, I turned the game off in the top of the ninth inning to take my wife out to dinner. I was shocked when I came home and saw that the Sox won.
  2. Schilling throws a one-hitter: 4o-year-old Schilling was one out away from throwing the first no-hitter of his Major League career against the Oakland A’s. After the game, Schilling admitted that he shook off Jason Varitek’s sign on the Shannon Stewart single. I may have jinxed this one. With two outs in the ninth and the no-hitter still intact, I phoned my buddy Dylan to make sure he was watching. Before he could even pick up the phone, Stewart singled. End of the no hitter. Sorry about that, Curt.
  3. Clay Buchholz throws a no-hitter: In only his second Major League start, Buchholz dazzles the Baltimore Orioles and gives Red Sox fans a glimpse into the future. I was working at the fire station during this game. It seemed like every time I tried to sit and watch the game, I would get dispatched for a call. In between taking patients to the hospital I would check the box score. I finally made it back to the station and watched from the seventh inning on. I found myself wishing for two things: not to get another alarm and for this kid to make history. Both wishes came true.
  4. Game 5, ALCS: Josh Beckett keeps the Red Sox season alive with another dominating post-season performance. This was the game that solidified Beckett as one of the greatest postseason pitchers of all time. The Red Sox were able to put a stop to Cleveland’s three-game winning streak and seize the momentum heading back to Fenway.
  5. Game 4, World Series: Jon Lester starts game four after beating cancer, allowing 0 earned runs in 5 1/3 innings. A gutsy performance from the 23-year-old. Bobby Kielty homers on the first pitch that he’s seen during the entire World Series. Mike Lowell further endears himself to Red Sox fans with a double and a home run, leading to his World Series MVP award. And Papelbon closes the door with five outs to help capture the second Red Sox World Series in four years.

These were my favorite games. Please post your comments and tell me which games were memorable for you.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    oh man, my moment of the year. Other than the River of Papelbon Dance, and winning the series, and winning the ALCS, and beating the Angels, and clinching the division, had to be the four back to back to back to back home runs game. One of the crazies moments I’ve seen in sports, not just Red Sox baseball, that’s my take on it.

    Dylan “I bet woody paige would like this site if he found it, we should work on getting it on around the horn” Hamilton

  2. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Those are all great moments, but I still think one of the coolest moments in the past 2-3 years was the “Return of the Backup Catcher”
    I know this is irrelivant but the fact that Mass would pay State Police to escort and drive a backup catcher to the game from the airport is a testiment to the faith and belief we have in this team. Mirrabelli, our amazing Backup Knuckleball Stabing Catcher.

    Matt “The Day that Woody Paige refers to his friends in Red Sox Nation South on air is the day that Torre deserves 5 million to manage a team and leads the Dodgers to the Series only to get pounded by the Sox” McLaughlin

    Try Emailing Woody at the Denver Post, dont they all have emails published in the paper for comment?

  3. Dave Says:

    Hey guys,
    You both bring up some great Sox moments. I totally overlooked the 4 homeruns. What made that great was it was against the Yankees, and a rookie pitcher. I remember the look on the rookies face as these balls left the yard- totally overwhelmed. As for the Mirabelli incident, only in Boston will a .200 hitting backup catcher get a police escort from Logan. That made for some really interesting TV. They were actully tracking his flight from San Diego. It was unreal. As for Mirabelli, I think his days in Boston are over. Kevin Cash proved he can catch the knuckleball, has a better arm and is cheaper.
    As for Woody Paige, we would probably have better luck with a New England journalist. Bill Simmons from ESPN? Gordon Edes from the Globe? Any thoughts?
    I really appreciate you guys trying to get the word out about, we’ve had some good things on this site, but there are even better days ahead.

  4. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Just a thought, I applied to UMass Amherst for school for the coming Spring. C-Mac is moving back to Maine in December as well. If the two of us are back in New England we cant be members of Red Sox Nation South. The problem I see with this is that I love the Foulline and the people here, I guess Ill have to be a Mass liason and him a Maine liason for the Nation South and pass it along to all the Northerners who have a Soxafinaty too. Keep your fingers crossed guys, heres hoping UMA takes me for the Spring because it would be flippin sweet. I have a month to wait on it and Ill know just around Thanksgiving, I MAY BE GOING HOME! Ill be able to watch NESN again with out having to pay for it through some rediculous Comcast Package.

    Who else thinks the Sox got shafted on ESPN coverage this week after the series because of all the Colts-Pats build up? I am a big Pats fan but this is Week 3 of Brady vs Manning, Pats vs Colts, talk. Go Pats, kick their asses and get on with it, maybe then ESPN can.

  5. Dave Says:

    Hey M3,
    Good luck on getting in at Umass, it’s a great school I hope it works out for you. As for being members of Red Sox Nation South, it doesn’t matter where you and C-Mac live. We are claiming you guys as RSN south members. You guys have really contributed a lot to make this site what it is. It will be great to have you guys up there spreading the good word about to all of New England. Good luck to both of you guys.
    P.S. you should be getting the inaugural foulline calendar in the next couple of days. I made sure to include one for C-Mac. These are fresh off the presses,and you guys are the first to get them. ( don’t get too excited..their only caledars) Thanks for commenting.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    any time Boston beats new york is a banner day for me. good over evil is always a great thing..

    the celtics, bruins and pats make all of new england proud..33
    we be world champs.. amen!!!

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