The Red Sox Win the Pennant!!!!

The Red Sox are going to the World Series!!

More to follow…..

10 Responses to “The Red Sox Win the Pennant!!!!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    You did not write this, it is so copied and pasted from elsewhere on the internet, why don’t you write your own material


  2. C-Mac Says:

    Hey Jill,
    Theres always next year. Wow heard that one before!!! You gave us a good run and raised the blood pressure of everyone in new england. So i’m going to try and help you get through this. Do what all girls do grab some chocolate cake, cry a little and move on.

  3. jill Says:

    thanks c-mac,i didnt know you cared. Hey great game last night. I am not going to be a sore loser about this.One thing i have to say….your guys better beat the pants of those Rookies!

  4. Dave Says:

    We have room for you in Red Sox Nation. We could use your help with the loser Rookies fan in Colorado.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    “Do what all girls do grab some chocolate cake”……I know Jill, and I don’t think C.C. is her type, just my opinion.

    Jill, I have a Sox’ hat for you to wear at work…


  6. C-Mac Says:

    Your right guys, Jill you’ve been a good sport i guess we could make you a honorary member of sox nation through the series. You know just to help us kick the rookies asses!!! Go SOX!

  7. jill Says:

    I feel so priviledged that you guys want me to be a part of the heart of red sox nation.I have thought about this very seriously, and well, ok.I hate the Colorado Rookies and that mr. anonymous rookies fan.Hey, how come we haven’t heard from him yet today?He should be congatulating you guys for your team winning,how rude.He’s probably scared.Oh, one more thing,that was fricken sweet that they played Dropkick Murphy’s Tessie last night.They are my favorite band!You guys should get their newest CD,just came out like a month ago,it’s good.

  8. Dave Says:

    Thanks for the Cd review Calamari. Dropkick Murphys played Fenway before last nights game,and Shipping up to Boston, is Paplebons warm up music. So it was destiny for you to join the good guys.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    signal 57

  10. Dave Says:

    Thats the worst kind of signal

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