Movin’ Out is moving this weekend from Blogger to WordPress. You’ll still find us at, but if you’ve been using to get to us, you’ll need to update your bookmarks. If you subscribe to the RSS feed or get the posts by email, you won’t need to do anything to move with us. There will be some downtime as we make the move, but we expect to be back up with the new site within a day or two.

The new and improved* will include video picks from Dylan, a photo gallery, links to our favorite sites and articles, and shop featuring original t-shirt designs. And, of course, all the witty and insightful baseball commentary you’ve come to expect.

*Now with more sarcasm!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I promise to be 1/2 as insightful, and twice as sarcastic, this you can count on.

    Dylan ” J.D. Drew for over .300 batting this season” Hamilton

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