Land of Competition

I’m sorry to make this such a short post, but with war room up and running for tonight’s draft, resources are running low. So here are a few quick hits.

  • The Sox split their Japan series with the A’s. Considering that they traveled across the world for this goodwill tour and still walked away with a win, it’s not too shabby. Plus, there are now a million Japanese fans who are part of Red Sox Nation.
  • Maybe it’s time for John Henry to create Red Sox World.
  • Jon Lester consistently pitches well for the Sox, but he always seems to give up a 3-run home run. Hopefully this will change with experience.
  • J.D. drew loves to toy with fans’ expectations of him. He teased us with 7 RBIs in the first two games, then pulled a typical Drew move and removed himself from the opener with “back stiffness.” It’s a long season, he’s going to need to play with a few aches and pains eventually. But why would this season be any different?
  • I wouldn’t take J.D. Drew in the 20th round of the fantasy draft. Dylan can have him.
  • What type of bizarro world are we in when Julio Lugo and Brandon Moss are looking great, and Big Papi and Jason Varitek look like it’s their first day of spring training?
  • Did Manny’s early success at the plate leap frog him into a first-round draft pick?
  • There is still an outside chance the Sox will go 161-1.
  • Did you hear about Jose Canseco’s new book? He claims that A-Rod was constantly hitting on Canseco’s wife. I hope no one tells this to Derek Jeter. I wouldn’t want him to get jealous.
  • Brandon Moss was optioned to Triple A Pawtucket today. Something tells me he’ll be back.
  • I guarantee that I will not pick any Yankees under any circumstances in tonight’s draft.

Just to echo “The Commissioner” Matt McLaughlin, let’s all have fun this season. Good Luck.

15 Responses to “Land of Competition”

  1. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Why oh why, does Dylan only have ONE pitcher?

    Going to find it really hard to field a team by sunday.

  2. Dave Says:

    A better question would be: Why did Matt McLaughlin talk all kinds of smack about his drafting/GM prowess, then use auto-draft for last nights draft??
    By the way…my team is awesome.

  3. #1 Fantasy Owner Says:

    Ya it seemed half of the people used the auto-pilot. I’m guessing they just came to a realization that I was going to win by a landslide anyways, so instead of embarrasing themselves they got out well they still could.

  4. Dave Says:

    Thanks for taking it easy it on them.

  5. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Matt McLaughlin was offered free tickets to the Everblades game last night in the Season Ticket holder section. I.E. excellent seats. While I am a fan of Baseball, above everything I am a Sports Fan, so If I can go see ANY game live, Im probably going to. And becides, I still drafted better than Dylan, and for the FEW holes I have on the team I will use my Craftyness as a GM to make Theo Like Trades. Im not too worried.

    Matt “I still only got one Yankee” McLaughlin

  6. Dave Says:

    Oh yeah McLaughlin, say what you want about Dylan’s team. But if he has 5 shortstops get injured, he’s still in good shape. Can you say the same about your team?

  7. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Was his theory to take all of the SS so that people would have to give up Pitching?

    Also, If I happen to need a SS to replace Jhonny Peralta on the 08 Central Division Winning Cleveland Indians then I will talk to Dylan about hooking me up with one. Btw, i forgot I had Melky Cabrera too, I have 2 Yankees, but I am open to trading either of them, Godzilla or Milky.

  8. Dave Says:

    I think Dylan drank too many mojitos before the draft. Two Yankees!?!? ugh. I was close to picking Joba in the 18th round. I decided to punch myself in the gut instead.
    Any trade possibilites Matt?? Let’s make a deal

  9. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    I posted my “On the Block” players. Take a look. My door is open.

  10. bostonbadboys Says:


  11. #1 Fantasy Owner Says:

    Your lineup is average. However, the Santana, Webb two headed monster is pretty impressive!

  12. ? Says:

    Why is that picture of Dylan plastered all over the Foulline website?

  13. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    And the season is now kicked off. May the best GM win.

  14. Anonymous Says:

    thank you to all the crew for the birthday gifts/wishes. You guys are the best…..

    Dylan ” 22 shortstops would’ve still beaten MClaughlin’s team” Hamilton

  15. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Pure jelousy. You wish you could have a pitcher starting who is on the DL and STILL be top 1-2 in pts for the week. As for taking out the old man, thats just icing on the cake.

    Matt ” Im 47 points ahead of you with 5 quality starts remaining.” McLaughlin

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