The Call Up

I took the family down to Fort Myers today to see the Cincinnati Reds play the Minnesota Twins. It was a pretty good game. Ken Griffey Jr., Joe Mauer, Justin Morneau, Adam Dunn, Delmon Young were all in the lineups, and they all played a few innings.

But the highlight of the day was getting this picture. To the untrained eye it looks like TC, the Twins mascot. But deep down in the costume, undoubtedly sweating his butt off, was none other than loyal reader Matt McLaughlin.

TC the Minnesota Twins Mascot

Matt did a great job amusing the crowd. Nice work!

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  1. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    I saw the foulline tee shirt and i knew EXACTLY who it was. I had a rediculously great time today as TC. Thanks alot for coming to the game.

  2. Dave Says:

    I wasn’t sure if you picked up on the t-shirt. I don’t imagine visibility is too good in that outfit. My kids thought you were pretty cool.

  3. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    So I went to the Sox game yesterday against the Pirates. Sox won 5-3, it was a good game and most of the starters came out about the 4-5th inning.

    But this is what I wanted to write in about. My arguement/ verbal spat with Doug Mientkivicz.

    Doug appearently is playing for the Pirates this year. My Dad and I noticed that Doug was playing first base. I made a comment that his only use at this point is his fielding abilities and that he really isnt that great of a hitter. Later in the game, Doug botches a routine grounder to first and I make the comment that appearently he isnt good for anything.

    Later in the game Doug is out of the game and doing some jogging in the outfield just near our seats. Me being the nice guy, asks Doug what happened out there at first base. I think its a reasonable question. I mean, I was honestly concerned for this man’s lively hood since he was now botching plays at first. Doug decides to yell back at me, something about him being a professional and getting paid to do it. Pretty classless in my opinion to rub the fact that your a guy who makes all that money when we the fans are the ones that make it possible. So, quick thought through my head, This man has 3 strikes on him against the nation. One, he stole the ball. Two, he left right after the WS because he wasnt “offered” enough, and Three, he became a Yankee.

    So, my next question, verbatum, “Wheres the ball from 04, ya Ass Hole?” The crowd immediatly looks back at me and Doug had NOTHING to say. I felt like the champion of Red Sox nation at that point.

    I beat Doug.

  4. Dave Says:

    Nice job Matt. I never liked that guy. You summed him up in one word…A-hole. Thanks for standing up for the Nation. Also in a related subject, is now the OFFICIAL site of Red Sox Nation South. We’ll have more info about this in the future. Thanks for commenting.

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