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Nothing As It Seems

After watching the Red Sox this past week, I was under the impression that their offense was still stuck in Fort Myers. The dynamic duo of Ellsbury and Pedroia have looked lousy. Big Papi is a shell of his former self and has resorted to diving head first into first base in an attempt to get on, and Manny Ramirez has more stolen bases than extra base hits. I’m tired of the 2-1, or 3-0 games. I want the Sox offense to look more like a beer league softball team.

I can understand the Red Sox struggling against Roy Halladay or James Shields, these guys are good pitchers. What bothers me is when Boston’s potent offense is held in check by the likes of Edwin Jackson and Jon Garland.

But all my worrying was for naught. After doing a little research I found that Boston’s offense is right where it should be. Check out these numbers:

Batting Average: 1st in AL
Hits: 1st in AL
Runs: Tied for 2nd
RBIs: Tied for 2nd

The Red Sox also have Man-Ram leading the league in batting average and slugging % and in 2nd in homeruns and hits.

If Boston can only stay healthy for the rest of the year, they have the potential to put up some great numbers. quick hits:

  • After the latest Roger Clemens scandal, it may be time for him to pick up Mike Tyson and O.J. Simpson and move to Siberia. America is officially sick of your crap. I can’t see how this guy could sink any lower.
  • staff would like to wish Alex Rodriguex and Jorge Posada a speedy recovery from their recent ailments. Fourth place in the division just isn’t the same without them.
  • Surprising no one, J.D. Drew is sitting out after nicking himself shaving. Or something.
  • Boston faces Blue Jays pitcher Dustin McGowan tonight. McGowan has pitched really well against Boston in the past and has the best sideburns in the league.
  • Dustin Pedroia’s diving stop in the 9th inning of last night’s game reminded me of when he saved Clay Buchholz’s no-hitter last year. D-Ped does not get the recognition he deserves for his defense. He’ll make the All-Star team this year.
  • Has anyone else noticed that Jonathan Papelbon always gives a fist-bump to a Boston police officer when he enters the game? Anyhow, check out this article. It’s pretty cool.

The Winner Takes It All, Week 4

With the fourth week of fantasy baseball league behind us, I think we can divide the teams into three tiers:

The Good: Yankeehaters, Love Boat Captains, Boston Braves
The Bad: Chickenheads, MyBestefforts, SarasotaRedRays
The Ugly: Lessthanzero, The Showstoppers, Rogers Syringe, bostonbad boys

Since I am the only undefeated team and still have the highest one week point total at 443.67 (so close, Boston Braves, with 443 this week), instead of giving the week in review, I’m going to share my predictions for the upcoming week’s match-ups.

Chickenheads vs. Mybestefforts
This is a battle of the 2-2 teams. One of these two are going to join the upper echelon of the league, and the other may be have to dig themselves out of a huge hole if they hope to make it to the playoffs. Chickenheads pitcher John Smoltz may miss his next start, which alone may be enough for MyBestefforts to prevail. Both of these GMs have kept their teams pretty much unchanged all season. Maybe another mediocre week will inspire them to make a deal.
Prediction: MyBestefforts

Rogers Syringe vs. The Showstoppers
This battle of the basement dwellers is going to be interesting. Both teams have decent offensive players and inconsistent pitching. This may be the first tie game of the year, but since I have to pick someone to win…
Prediction: Rogers Syringe

Boston Braves vs. Love Boat Captains
This is fantasy game of the week. Both of these teams are playing great ball and have a ton of talent. The new additions of Francisco Rodriguez and Cole Hamels are going to make LBC tough week in and week out. The Boston Braves, on the other hand, may have found the secret formula to put up 400+ points every week. This one is going to go down to the wire.
Prediction: Love Boat Captains

YankeeHaters vs. SarasotaRedRays
These two teams made a blockbuster deal earlier in the week and are currently heading in different directions in the standings. The YankeeHaters added a #1 pitcher in Carlos Zambrano, along with some needed power with the additions of Matt Holliday and Prince Fielder. Curtis Granderson is finally off the DL and will continue to put up big numbers. SarasotaRedRays added the hot-hitting Derek Lee and Evan Longoria to help their poor offensive performance this past week, but they’ll need to have the week of their lives if they hope to win this one.
Prediction: YankeeHaters in a landslide.

Lessthanzero vs. Bostonbad boys
These two 1-3 teams are mirror images of each other. LTZ has a good offensive team with a mediocre pitching staff, and Bostonbad Boys have a good pitching staff with a decent offense. This may come down to the BBB not having a utility player in their lineup. This one is the coin-flip game of the week. Heads LZT, tails BBB…
Prediction: Lessthanzero

Like the Weather

Living in Southwest Florida, I’ve always felt that I should try and adopt the Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays as my second favorite baseball team. After all, their tickets are cheap, parking is free, and they have a group of young players that could turn them into a winner in the years to come. But after attending today’s Red Sox-Rays game, I didn’t gain a newfound respect for this team. I found the complete opposite – disdain.

Just when I thought that the Yankees had the biggest fair-weathered fans around, here come the Rays to challenge them for the title. The Rays have sold out their stadium 10 times… ever. In past years, they couldn’t have filled the place even if they offered up free all-you-can-drink beer and the chance to play shortstop for the team. Even at the start of this season, the Rays were playing to half a stadium. But now that they’ve won a few games in a row, everyone and his sister are fans. And man, are they obnoxious.

For some stupid reason, instead of cheering when their team makes a good play, Rays fans ring cowbells. Why do they do this? I have no idea, but it sucks, and it irritates the hell out of me. Another thing that pisses me off is the ridiculous Rays fans that were talking smack like they just won a playoff game. The Rays just swept a team that was decimated by an Ebola-strength flu epidemic. They can stick their brooms up their asses. Let’s check out their record when the All-Star game rolls around.

Am I bitter that the Sox were just swept? Maybe a little.

Do I think that the Rays will challenge the Sox in the AL East this year? No way.

Are the Rays now public enemy #2 to Red Sox Nation South? Definitely!

The Winner Takes It All, Week 3

And then there was one. After another exciting week of fantasy baseball, there remains only one undefeated team, the Yankeehaters. The Chickenheads proved to be a two-week wonder and were dominated by the Boston Braves. The SarasotaRedRays ran into the buzz saw known as Roger’s Syringe and lost a closely contested game. The good news is that there is only one winless team. The even better news is that I’m playing the Bostonbad boys this week. 4-0, here I come.

Since my team is undefeated, and I am the only one to put 400+ points up in one week, I am obviously the best general manager. So in the hopes of leveling the playing field, I am going to impart my wisdom on how to improve the other teams in the league.

You are welcome.

  • Bostonbad boys: I would upgrade your outfield. I’m not sold on Griffey Jr. for a whole season. Josh Hamilton is performing well but has yet to play a full season in the majors. I would think about dealing one of your star pitchers for a good outfielder.
  • YankeeHaters: This team is close to perfect, with good starters, a solid closer, and an offense that scores in bunches. I would like to see my shortstop stay healthy. I’m pretty happy with this team, although I may be interested in a good outfielder, and I always enjoy a deal.
  • Roger’s Syringe: I like the outfield and the reserves that you have on this team. I think that you need a better second baseman and another quality pitcher. Could there be a Scott Kazmir deal in the future?
  • Boston Braves: This is going to be the team to beat this week. They have a ton of pitching and 12 starts this week. With Man-Ram and J.D. Drew playing great ball, and a really good infield, they will be a force week in and week out. If they can trade some extra pitching for a good third outfielder, look out.
  • Chickenheads: This is another solid team. The only way to improve this team would be to trade both Yankees. I don’t care what you get for them. Team chemistry will definitely improve.
  • Love Boat Captains: You know that you have a deep outfield when Jacoby Ellsbury is sitting on your bench. This team could be really good with a more consistent catcher and another #1 starter.
  • My Best Efforts: This team has been hit with the injury bug to its pitching staff and suffered another loss this week. They have some pop to their lineup with Miguel Cabrera, Lance Berkman and Alex Rios, but they really need to put a catcher in the lineup that is in the majors. I’m sure that it will help.
  • SarasotaRedRays: This guy has done a good job of finding players on the verge of breaking out. He’s added Johhny Cueto, Nate McLouth, and Mark Reynolds, and these “no-names” have performed really well. The big question is whether they can keep it going for a whole season. If not, they may be in trouble.
  • The Showstoppers: Where to start… under-performing pitching staff, no real power in the lineup, and a disgruntled owner. I agree with you Matt, blow these guys up and start over. It’s still a long season. You have time to work your Theo magic.
  • Lessthanzero: These guys got the shaft this week. They put up 399.5 points… and lost. With the exception of Chocolate Cake Sabathia, they have a rotation that couldn’t be picked out in a police lineup. If they plan to get out of the basement, they need to improve their pitching.

This is just my expert opinion. I’d love to hear what you guys think as we go into week 4.

Hey Man Nice Shot

Good teams find ways to win.

Sometimes it’s a pitcher throwing a complete game to give a tired bullpen the night off, or a great defensive play to keep your team in the lead. In the case of the Red Sox, it’s been back-to-back games with a game-winning home run in the 9th inning. quick hits:

  • It already sucks to be a Cleveland Indians fan. It must suck even more when the Red Sox come to town and you know that your team is going to find a way to lose. The Indians have a ton of talent and should be running away with the division, but with a 5-9 record they are one game out of the Central Division cellar. Maybe they need some Lake Erie Midges swarming around their heads to get them back in the groove.
  • Did you see the lineup Terry Francona put out last night? Coco, Ellsbury, Lowrie, Lugo, and Cash. I thought they were mailing it in before another Yankees series. I guess even the Sox reserves can beat most teams.
  • It was great to see yet another Red Sox prospect live up to the hype. Two years ago it was Jonathan Papelbon. Last year it was Jacoby Ellsbury, Jon Lester, and Manny Delcarmen. After last night’s 3 RBI performance in his first Major League game, it may be time to add Jed Lowrie to the list of legitimate prospects.
  • Which reminds me, how are the over-hyped Yankees Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy working out for New York? Last time I checked, Hughes was was 0-2 with a 9.00 ERA, and Kennedy was 0-1 with an impressive 8.74 ERA. Do you think the Yankees are regretting not dealing these guys for Johan Santana?
  • Mike Mussina and Carl Pavano will make a combined $22,071,029 this season.
  • Tim Wakefield and Jonathan Papelbon will make a combined $4,775,000 this season.
  • To further reinforce how crazy the Steinbrenners are, these idiots actually dug up the “cursed” Ortiz jersey buried in Yankee stadium. News Flash, Hank! The shirt is not the reason your team stinks. It’s the lousy pitching pitching staff, over-hyped prospects, and $28 million cancer playing third base.
  • The Red Sox are in first place. Woo-hoo!

O’ Canada

Since our friendly neighbor to the north was unintentionally snubbed this week in’s fantasy baseball week in review, the staff at would like not only to apologize but also to dedicate this post to a few of the things that are great about Canada.

  • Hockey, the second greatest sport in the world.
  • Alan Thicke, head of the Seaver family and arguably one of the top six TV dads of all time.
  • Molson Ice. Beer is good. Really strong beer is very good.
  • More drinkable water then anywhere else in the world.
  • The way they can seamlessly incorporate “eh” into every sentence.
  • Pamela Anderson’s breasts.
  • Two teams in the CFL with the name Roughriders.
  • The 55-year-old Canadian Tulip Festival.
  • Loonies and Toonies.
  • 1 Canadian dollar = 0.985319 U.S. dollars.
  • Under-appreciated rock band The Guess Who.
  • Survivorman Les Stroud.
  • The talented Michael J. Fox, Jim Carrey, and Margaret Atwood.
  • The less talented Bryan Adams, Celine Dion and Keanu Reeves.
  • Birthplace of the zipper and Trivial Pursuit.

So you see, not only does Canada produce intelligent blog readers, but they have made many important contributions to the world.

Sorry about the slight, Canadian Pirate fan. We hope this fixes things.

The Winner Takes It All, Week 2

Well foulliners, week 2 is in the books and it’s still anyone’s game. With the exception of the Love Boat Captains’ stomping Roger’s Syringe, there were some really good head-to-head games. It seemed like all the teams were matched up really well, and scoring went down to the wire. So without further adieu, here is fantasy baseball league week in review. Teams are in no particular order.

  • My Best Efforts: These guys jumped out to a big lead this week, only to falter on Sunday. They suffered a big blow when Dontrelle Willis went down with a knee injury and -2 points, but this is still a solid team with a 1-1 record.
  • The Showstoppers: Breaking News!! Matt finally dealt for a catcher. Unfortunately for the commish, his team fell to a determined Chickenheads team this week. This team is in a little bit of a transition this week after dealing away Jeff Francoeur, Jered Weaver, and Scott Kazmir, but new additions Michael Young, Carlos Gomez and Ivan Rodriguez should provide a spark to the always-potent Showstoppers lineup.
  • Love Boat Captains: OK, who invited the girl? Team LBC was a force to be reckoned with this week, with a dominant performance over Roger’s Syringe. This contest was pretty much over by Wednesday. The rich got richer this week, as LBC added the hot-hitting Justin Upton. What’s next for this team after hitting the 400-point mark is anyone’s guess.
  • YankeeHaters: My team resembled a M.A.S.H unit this week, as it seemed every key player spent time on the bench nursing an injury. Victor Martinez, Jimmy Rollins, Chipper Jones, and Rich Harden all missed time. My itchy trigger finger was active again this week, as I dealt away Manny Ramirez, Kevin Youkilis, B.J. Upton, Michael Young, and Carloz Gomez. I’m counting on new additions Pat Burrell, Derek Lee, and Franciso Rodriguez to pick up the slack this week. But even with the big shakeup, Yankeehaters improved to 2-0.
  • Roger’s Syringe: This team took their butt kicking and came out the other side better for it. RS made some solid moves today to improve his lineup and actually play with the full 16 guys. These guys are only gonna get better this year. Consider yourself warned.
  • Chickenheads: Another impressive performance this week from the Chickenheads. This team is never content to stay pat and proved it once again by dealing away Cole Hamels and Mr. Fukudome. In what may be the best game going, Chickenheads play the Boston Braves this week.
  • Bostonbad boys: The two old guys of the league had a fierce up-and-down battle going all week long as the Bad Boys fell to the Boston Braves. With a solid pitching staff already in place, if these guys improve their outfield they’ll be a tough team week in and week out. It should also be noted that my dad was finally able to log back in. What this means, I have no idea.
  • Boston Braves: In what may be the deal of the century, BB fleeced the Yankeehaters by adding the potent Manny Ramirez to their lineup. The two-headed monster of Ryan Howard and Man-Ram looks great on paper, but we’ll see how this works out when Manny gets a hang nail and misses some time. With that being said, this team is a quality starting pitcher away from being in serious contention.
  • SarasotaRedRays: These guys have been flying under the radar the first two weeks and have quietly gone 2-0. When Big Papi starts hitting again, this team could go on a tear. I’m thinking this sleeping giant may wake up soon and make some deals.

What are your thoughts on another exciting week?

How Bizarre

Strange week for the World Champs. First, they received their second World Series ring in four years, and then they welcomed the biggest goat in their storied history back to Fenway Park. Meanwhile, the enigmatic J.D. Drew is crushing the ball, and Big Papi couldn’t hit a fastball if he were swinging a boat oar. Finally, their 2007 team M.V.P. went on the disabled list… and the team got better. Not to mention, the damn Yankees are in town for three games. Welcome back to the U.S.

Quick hits:

  • I can’t turn away from the television when Jonathan Papelbon is in the game. He’s always fun to watch. He reminds me of a mix between Al “The Mad Hungarian” Hrabosky and Nuke LaLoosh from Bull Durham.
  • Breaking News! Julian Tavarez sucks. I wish they had kept Kyle Snyder as their long reliever, and dumped Julian. But who would babysit Manny if he was gone?
  • Speaking of Man-Ram… 10 games into the season, and he’s already ignoring the third base coach and running through the stop sign. He was lucky to score this time. If he pulls this crap again, he should be benched.
  • Manny, please get a damn haircut.
  • Did you see the Sox fan that was building the new and improved Yankee Stadium and buried a Red Sox shirt in the concrete hoping to curse the Yankees? Take that, Hank Steinbrenner. Red Sox Nation is everywhere. Enjoy your new cursed stadium.
  • While I’m on the subject of the Yankees, New York struggled against the mighty Rays and the formidable Royals this week. Let’s see how they do against a real team.
  • I have a feeling Clay Buchholz will bring his A-game tonight. He seems to relish the big stage.

Enjoy the games this weekend.

Go Sox!

Take the Low Road

It’s great that the World Champion Boston Red Sox received their rings yesterday. It’s even better that they won their home opener. But having Bill Buckner emerge from the Green Monster and throw out the first pitch was the worst idea that Boston owners have had since installing a hot dog vending machine at Fenway Park.

What has happened to Red Sox fans? A standing ovation? Is this guy now forgiven for his 1986 World Series blunder? What’s next, Yankee Appreciation Day?

As Sox fans, we need a villain in our lives. We need Bucky Dent, or Aaron Boone, or Bill Buckner. It’s the one thing that unifies us as fans and inspires us to cheer on the Sox. The day that we lose that fire in our gut and become content with the titles we’ve already won, is the day we become Yankee fans.

You can use the argument that we will always have our rivalry with the Yankees to keep us motivated, but is there still a rivalry? The Yankees have an aging lineup and an overrated farm system and haven’t been the team to beat for several years. I would be surprised if they make the playoffs this year.

Remember, we are Sox fans. We don’t turn the other cheek. We don’t take the high road. And we never forgive and forget.

Sox ownership needs to remember this for next year’s ring ceremony. Because while everyone was forgetting about the past, the passion that comes with being a Sox fan may have rolled through our legs.

The Winner Takes It All, Week 1

Well boys and girl, we have the first week of the inaugural fantasy baseball league in the books. The competition is fierce so far with several teams putting up some solid numbers. Since this is an off day for the Red Sox, here is a brief synopsis of what I saw from each of the fantasy teams this week. In no particular order:

  • My Best Efforts: This is a pretty well-rounded team from top to bottom. They had the best individual performance from any pitcher so far with Jake Peavy and his whopping 63.5 points. If they add a catcher that is actually in the major leagues, they could be a force this year.
  • Lessthanzero: An up-and-down week from our neighbor to the north. He had a big week from Derek Lee, Alex Gordon, and Corey “I wear my sunglasses at night” Hart. LTZ is going to need first-round fantasy pick Erik Bedard to rebound from his minor hip injury, and for Jose Reyes to play to his potential for this team to make a serious run.
  • SarasotaRedRays: Featuring Prince Fielder, David Ortiz, and Kenji Johjima, team SRR has probably the most out of shape team in the league. He was able to get good fantasy numbers from Carlos Zambrano and Bobby Jenks. Even with J.J. Putz missing time this week and a bench in need of some work, SarasotaRedRays still performed well enough to earn 316.83 points and a third place finish.
  • Bostonbad boys: This team may have the best pitching staff in the league featuring Johan Santana, Brandon Webb, and Dice K. Unfortunately, this team may stay unchanged all season because my dad forgot how to log in to the site. It’s tough getting old.
  • Boston Braves: This team had a mediocre week from its big three, Ryan Howard, Russell Martin, and Aramis Ramirez. This team’s saving grace was a good week from its closers. I expect a big week for these guys next week after a blockbuster trade with the YankeeHaters (pending league approval).
  • The Showstoppers: Theo Epstein’s prodigy Matt McLaughlin’s team is the league leader in points for the first week, with good numbers from every position. If he can upgrade his catcher, I don’t see anyone beating him any time soon.
  • Rogers Syringe: This team is in trouble. Although it may look good on paper to have seven shortstops, pitching is also important. Dylan threw caution to the wind this week, fielding only 13 out of a possible 16 positions. He’s either the most confidant G.M., or the craziest. This team needs to be blown up and reassembled. Does anyone need a shortstop?
  • Chickenheads: This team had the second most points this week and will be a serious contender if he keeps his team intact. With A-Rod and Pujols in the lineup, and an above-average pitching staff, this team won’t be laying any eggs anytime soon.
  • Yankeehaters: I like the look of my team. After a blockbuster trade with the Chickenheads, the additions of Fausto Carmona and Josh Hamilton paid immediate dividends. My impatience with my players and the desire to make at least one mega-deal a week may be my downfall. I may regret dealing Manny Ramirez.
  • Love Boat Captains: After a strong draft from our only woman in the league, Team LBC had an up-and-down week. Placido Polanco was a huge disappointment, going from 2007 All-Star to a two-point benchwarmer for week 2. It took a few games for stars Matt Holliday, Vernon Wells and Torii Hunter to regain their stroke from last year. A solid 35.5 points from Pirate Ian Snell (who??) made this a respectable week for LBC. This is a good team that will play better in weeks to come.

What do you think of the season so far?