How Bizarre

Strange week for the World Champs. First, they received their second World Series ring in four years, and then they welcomed the biggest goat in their storied history back to Fenway Park. Meanwhile, the enigmatic J.D. Drew is crushing the ball, and Big Papi couldn’t hit a fastball if he were swinging a boat oar. Finally, their 2007 team M.V.P. went on the disabled list… and the team got better. Not to mention, the damn Yankees are in town for three games. Welcome back to the U.S.

Quick hits:

  • I can’t turn away from the television when Jonathan Papelbon is in the game. He’s always fun to watch. He reminds me of a mix between Al “The Mad Hungarian” Hrabosky and Nuke LaLoosh from Bull Durham.
  • Breaking News! Julian Tavarez sucks. I wish they had kept Kyle Snyder as their long reliever, and dumped Julian. But who would babysit Manny if he was gone?
  • Speaking of Man-Ram… 10 games into the season, and he’s already ignoring the third base coach and running through the stop sign. He was lucky to score this time. If he pulls this crap again, he should be benched.
  • Manny, please get a damn haircut.
  • Did you see the Sox fan that was building the new and improved Yankee Stadium and buried a Red Sox shirt in the concrete hoping to curse the Yankees? Take that, Hank Steinbrenner. Red Sox Nation is everywhere. Enjoy your new cursed stadium.
  • While I’m on the subject of the Yankees, New York struggled against the mighty Rays and the formidable Royals this week. Let’s see how they do against a real team.
  • I have a feeling Clay Buchholz will bring his A-game tonight. He seems to relish the big stage.

Enjoy the games this weekend.

Go Sox!

4 Responses to “How Bizarre”

  1. bostonbadboys Says:

    Quick note.. bill buckner still sucks.. as long as i live i will always remmber the ball being hit to him and my boys and i jumping up and going crazy till he booted the dam thing. every time i buy a pack of baseball cards or see his face in a paper or magazine i TEAR IT UP …I NMYHOUSE HE WILL NEVER BE FOR GIVEN. BUCKNER SUCKS .

    thank you for letting me vent… 33

  2. bostonbadboys Says:

    hello players got a new pass word .. GAME TIME FOR YOU ALL..

  3. Dave Says:

    Welcome back BBB,
    Regarding Buckner, I guess the apple didn’t fall to far from the tree. I’m happy to hear that you’re finally logged back in. That’s a pretty good team you have there, we may need to make a trade.

  4. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Nuke Laloosh couldnt hold Crash Davis’ jock strap. I think Ill sing Davis as my catcher, seeing as I still need one.

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