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Living in Southwest Florida, I’ve always felt that I should try and adopt the Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays as my second favorite baseball team. After all, their tickets are cheap, parking is free, and they have a group of young players that could turn them into a winner in the years to come. But after attending today’s Red Sox-Rays game, I didn’t gain a newfound respect for this team. I found the complete opposite – disdain.

Just when I thought that the Yankees had the biggest fair-weathered fans around, here come the Rays to challenge them for the title. The Rays have sold out their stadium 10 times… ever. In past years, they couldn’t have filled the place even if they offered up free all-you-can-drink beer and the chance to play shortstop for the team. Even at the start of this season, the Rays were playing to half a stadium. But now that they’ve won a few games in a row, everyone and his sister are fans. And man, are they obnoxious.

For some stupid reason, instead of cheering when their team makes a good play, Rays fans ring cowbells. Why do they do this? I have no idea, but it sucks, and it irritates the hell out of me. Another thing that pisses me off is the ridiculous Rays fans that were talking smack like they just won a playoff game. The Rays just swept a team that was decimated by an Ebola-strength flu epidemic. They can stick their brooms up their asses. Let’s check out their record when the All-Star game rolls around.

Am I bitter that the Sox were just swept? Maybe a little.

Do I think that the Rays will challenge the Sox in the AL East this year? No way.

Are the Rays now public enemy #2 to Red Sox Nation South? Definitely!

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  1. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    I went to the game as well. Then I came home to watch Verlander blow the week from a two kneed position for me. I was simply one, ONE QUALITY START away from winning the week. A win would have been good too. BUT NO. VERLANDER was touched for 6 RUNS. wtf. So I went from, Beckett’s 2 Run performance being wasted to Verlander blowing the week on what could have been big cash heroics. grr. Damn Angels. Of whom look very very good. Also, The Rays, 82-80. After today I feel alot more confident in that assertion. Young, Fast and on a roll. Dangerous. Papi needs to get his shit together and play. Lowrie had a good day tho, looked solid at 3rd.

    Matt “1-3 is not very fitting for me” McLaughlin

    PS. When we going out for a beer? Big 21 is Saturday, Icehouse sounds good next week. lol.

  2. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Also BIG matchup this week.

    1-3 Showstoppers


    1-3 Roger’s Syringe

    It is on.

  3. Dave Says:

    After going to the game yesterday, what are your thoughts on the Ray’s new found “fans?”
    I can’t believe how anemic the Sox offense is looking right now. I hope that they turn it up a notch or two. They have Toronto this week, and we remember what happened the last time they played.
    I was following the Tiger’s/Angel’s game last night and was wondering if you were going to pull out the win, unfortunately Justin Verlander looked like crap- and we all know the final result. 1-3? ouch!

    21?? Holy Sh!%. We’ll have to have a official summit at the Icehouse soon and figure out what to do with the rights to Red Sox Nation South. I know that Dylan is always looking for an excuse to go there. Not to mention, I owe you and your dad a beer for fixing my glove.
    We’ll have an ad up on the site for him soon.

  4. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Well, just buy me double, he hasnt drank in 19 years. Something with 3 letters and flashing lights. But I think that its just about time that Tampa Bay woke up and realized they had a freakin team in their back yard. While I do NOT agree with them talking shit to us Sox fans on the way out, like “Ooo You Just got Swept” with my buddies response (being an ignorant Red Sox Fan) “Whose the only team to come back from 3 down” I almost cried. I had to bail him out. “Who is the only team that has NEVER finished even MAY with a .500 record? Yeah, so while we are winning the series, you guys can cry in your Ray tank about how your loss column is almost double what your wins are.” This hurt me to say. I like the Rays, I like their tallent, I like their recent dedication to Charlotte County and their drive to be a contender. I even want them to finish 143-19, with the Sox sweeping the season series 19-0. (82-80 is more do able.) But the Sox come first. When you want to mouth off to the MOUTHIEST fan base in the States, (I would say world but those soccer hooligans are NUTS) expect to get owned, and actually have something relivant to the season to say. You dont see Red Sox fans rubbing it in all the times weve swept Tampa. Why? Because we are supposed to, and its not a big deal when we do. So Tampa, enjoy your little series, its One of Two maybe claims to fame right now. The other is that Wade Boggs, a great Red Sox and -yankee- played for your team. Why, because it was close to his retirement home. At least this time I didnt use profanity.

    Matt “Why make me hate you Rays County” McLaughlin

  5. Dad Says:

    I can appreciate you thoughts on the Rays however I was more disturbed by the poor sport Red Sox fans leaving the stadium yesterday. The Rays beat the sox….. They beat them 3 straight. I know that is stating the obvious but the Rays have a really good product and I find myself as a lifelong Red Sox fan routing for them. I have always liked a underdog but I beleive that the team that is the underdog in the east this year is the Yankees and I will never like them. The Rays will finish over 500 and that was a bold prediction on your part. Go Rays Yankees suck and Boston will always be my team.

  6. Dave Says:

    Dave Mc,
    I agree that the Rays are playing some good ball right now. But I am going with the theory that I can only fully support one team, which is obviously the Red Sox. And since the Rays are in the same division as Boston- they are out. If they played in the NL I would reconsider.
    I think that their new found fans are fair weathered and are going to bolt at the first sign of mediocrity.

    Thanks again for the glove repair. It came out great.

  7. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Well we can all be happy that NY is in 4th place.

  8. Dave Says:

    Are the Yankees still in the league?

  9. Anonymous Says:

    The Yankees are the new um, ah, hmmmmmmmm, who cares, New York doesnt matter anymore. My thoughts are on the Rays run very deep. I will, after claiming this for way to long now, eventually write about my thoughts on the Rays, Fair weather Red Sox fans, and the entire experience of going to a game at the Trop. It’s a crazy thing, I don’t know who I hate more, Rays fans who act like they won the world series after a win over the Sox, or the Sox’ fans that came out of nowhere after the ’04 and ’07 wins that are come idiots at the trop. and won’t give the respect that, if the Rays actually knew how to be fans, they’d deserve. No one wins right now at a Rays vs. Sox game at the Trop. It gets uglier and uglier every time. I’ll write a full article about this soon, I swear………….On a side note, My fantasy team took a dive, even by my team’s standards, last week. This week should be interesting.

    Dylan ” The rates at Port Charlotte drop today, so it goes from free to really free for me today :) ” Hamilton

  10. Dan Says:

    As a life long rays fan who went to all 3 games at the trop that weekend, I cant honestly say that i hate the red sox and there fans. Tropicana Field is the rays staduim not fenway park 2, so dont bitch and complain when we tell u to get the fuck out and go home. Ur not down from boston, uv lived ur whole life in St. Petersburg and only like the sox cause there winning. u win 2 titles in 90 years and all of a sudden ur the best team ever?? If boston was in the cellar there would be no red in tropicana field. At least the yankees have 26 titles, u have two since world war 1. The rays have only been around for 10 years and with our young talent were already on our way. FUCK THE SOX!!

  11. Dave Says:

    Hey Dan,
    Thanks for checking out the site, we appreciate your comments. But I also have some comments of my own.
    First of all, you are an idiot.
    Secondly, the Rays have been around for ten years. When you say that you are a “life long” Rays fan, I’m led to believe that you are either 11 years old, or dumber than I originally thought. I’m guessing from the way you write that it’s the latter.
    Thirdly, I actually did live in New England, where there are real fans that don’t jump on the bandwagon when a team plays well for 40 games. Unfortunately, there are 162 games in the regular season. Let’s play them all before we crown the Rays World champions.
    That’s all for now. Please don’t hesitate to comment again. We like to hear from “special” people, it makes us feel smarter.
    I hope you enjoy the rest of your school year, Middle School is right around the corner.

  12. LTZ Says:

    “When you say that you are a “life long” Rays fan, I’m led to believe that you are either 11 years old, or dumber than I originally thought.” haha I just laughed for a solid ten minutes.

  13. Dan Says:

    not once in my entire rant did i crown the rays world champions. im not saying there better than the sox, in a 7 game series i think boston would win because of there experience. I also dont have any ill will to the fans in fenway park. the REAL red sox fans. i was only saying that i dont like seeing people i went to high school with cheering for the red sox, also in my rant i didnt use any personal insults, only baseball insults so im not sure why u did. i should have said life of the team instead of life long ur right. anyone who really knows baseball knows the rays have just as much talent as the sox. were just putting it together right now. im pretty sure we wont average one championship every 45 years and pretend were the gods of baseball like you.

  14. LTZ Says:

    “anyone who really knows baseball knows the rays have just as much talent as the sox” umm… I think this statement might be just a little bit of a stretch… Potential, maybe? But talent. not even close!

  15. Dave Says:

    Thanks again for writing. When you make comments like your last post, they are appreciated. When you fly off the cuff and use profanities on my site it is not. After your last comments, I have a better understanding of what you may have been trying to say initially. I know that there are a lot of new Sox fans since 2004. Just as there are Rays fans coming out of the word work at a dizzying rate since their recent success. I agree that it is irritating when people jump on the winning bandwagon. I also agree that the Rays have some talent and a ton of potential. With that being said they are still not in the same league as the Sox.

    I enjoy debating baseball with anyone willing to talk about it maturely. Thanks for commenting, I hope to hear your opinions again in the future.

  16. Dan Says:

    Yea I just get a little angry when New York and Boston fans treat the rays like poo under there feet, i mean Evan Longoria will be a star, B.J Upton is on his way and Carl Crawford and scott kazmir already are. With number 1 pick David Price on the way this team is built for a great run. The Red Sox are not really piled with young talent outside of Dustin Pedrioa, jacoby ellsbury and clay bucholz. The Red Sox will win the A.L East this year but the rays will make it hard for them all year mark it down. By the way the yankees are an absoulute joke and they will finish below the rays.

  17. Dave Says:

    You have every right to get angry with Yankee and Sox fans. It’s weird to go to the Trop and have the visiting teams fans outnumber Rays fans. But who’s to blame for this? Is it the Rays ownership for not putting out a better product over the years? Is it that there are a ton of transplants from New England and New York down here that are still die-hard fans? Or is it that there are a lot of people down here that no matter what they will not embraced the Rays.
    The Rays are on a great roll right now and they still can’t sell out their own stadium. Why is this?

    As for the Sox, I think that they have a considerable amount of young talent.
    Papelbon….these guys are all under 30 and have made solid contributions already. I’m obviously biased, but I think that Boston is prepared for a long run.
    I do agree that the Yankees blow.

  18. Dan Says:

    i did forget to mention papelpon i knew i forgot somebody, and i dont consider beckett “young” because he has been around since 99. we took josh hamilton instead of beckett and it really was a horrible decsion. Dice K has good stuff, but no control, just like edwin jackson. lester is good as well but do u really think he has star potential? oh and idk why, but something tells me manny hits 500 against the rays. idk just a feeling

  19. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Ok, one thing I noticed was that you said that Fenway was the place where real Red Sox fans were.

    I would LOVE to agree with you Dan but, this over the years has become watered down and not so accurate. The reason why Boston sells out EVERY game is because some 65% of the tickets are owned by corporate accounts. Big money companies knowing that they will want to take out a client or two over the course of the season and when they are not, they sell off the tickets to workers in the company to turn a profit. I dont know how many people in my family’s companies do this but its at least 75% of them that live in Boston still. So 65% are corporate, 25% actual season ticket holders, and the other 20% basic sales. Working for the Red Sox Ticket Sales Department has to be the easiest job in the world.

    And Dan, like Dave said, watch the profanities because there is at least 3 people on this site that can shoot a hole in your arguement, beat you in the face with it, and make you feel like the lowly Rays fan you are. IF only you were here last Oct, I think it was up around 5-6 that would have been on you. Just remember, if you ever want to know, reference the Oct postings with the Rockies fans.

    btw. Showstoppers for the WIN. WOOOO

    Matt “I ve been swear-free on for over a month” McLaughlin

  20. Dave Says:

    Thanks for the comments. I’m not sure how the Port Charlotte public school system is but, 65 + 25 + 20 = 110 percent.
    I did enjoy your well thought out argument though.

    Sorry in advance for the next Fantasy post.

  21. Dan Says:

    So u think six people would have railed me last october but only 3 now? well 3 out of 6 is 50 percent, so are u telling me that 50 percent of sox fans only like the team when they win the world series?

  22. Dan Says:

    ok so 8 hours after i said lester didnt have star potenial he throws a no hitter……. ok then

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