Take the Low Road

It’s great that the World Champion Boston Red Sox received their rings yesterday. It’s even better that they won their home opener. But having Bill Buckner emerge from the Green Monster and throw out the first pitch was the worst idea that Boston owners have had since installing a hot dog vending machine at Fenway Park.

What has happened to Red Sox fans? A standing ovation? Is this guy now forgiven for his 1986 World Series blunder? What’s next, Yankee Appreciation Day?

As Sox fans, we need a villain in our lives. We need Bucky Dent, or Aaron Boone, or Bill Buckner. It’s the one thing that unifies us as fans and inspires us to cheer on the Sox. The day that we lose that fire in our gut and become content with the titles we’ve already won, is the day we become Yankee fans.

You can use the argument that we will always have our rivalry with the Yankees to keep us motivated, but is there still a rivalry? The Yankees have an aging lineup and an overrated farm system and haven’t been the team to beat for several years. I would be surprised if they make the playoffs this year.

Remember, we are Sox fans. We don’t turn the other cheek. We don’t take the high road. And we never forgive and forget.

Sox ownership needs to remember this for next year’s ring ceremony. Because while everyone was forgetting about the past, the passion that comes with being a Sox fan may have rolled through our legs.

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  1. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    My jaw dropped when I saw the highlight of Buckner coming out. And they cheered! wtf?!!

    Meanwile, 2-0 Sox in the Top of the 3rd. Its so nice being able to watch the games… in Florida… where its not cold… and Im wearing shorts… and El Tigre’s are still 0-fer on the season… and Lester cant find the freakin plate… ugh… Lugo and Ellsbury with RBI’s.

    Red Sox bottom line just told me that the Rays great offseason pickup for Veteran Support in the clubhouse, Cliff “Hanger” Floyd, is having some serious surgery for something. Great.

    Also, what smart ass designed The Ballpark at Arlington. Obviously it was an Oklahoma Fan or someone who clearly hates Texas. When its not raining, its 110 in the summer. With NO ROOF! I guess its like the smart decision the Rays are making to move into a new OUTDOOR park soon.

    Lowell’s wrist is day to day. I guess it REALLY sucks having a first baseman who can play Third, and a 4 Time Allstar as a backup defensivly at First. Damn… It sucks to be a Red Sox fan. They clearly are the deepest team in the league both pitching and hitting. We NEED Lugo to go down… I like Lowry. Jed Lowry.

    Matt “My dad? is kickin butt this week?” McLaughlin

  2. Dave Says:

    Hey Matt,
    I had mixed emotions about Buckner and his “triumphant” return. I know that it was not solely his fault that the Sox lost Game6. Calvin Schiraldi, Bob Stanley, Rich Gedman, John McNamara all contributed. What always bothered me was the “who gives a crap” attitude that Buckner had in the years after the game. Also, when he went to card shows and signed exclusive pictures of the infamous play with Mookie Wilson rubbed me wrong. Let’s not forget, Buckner wasn’t a Sox-lifer like Rice or Dewey, he was with them for three years.
    Side note: It’s great to finally see the Sox back in Fenway. That was the worst road trip in the history of baseball.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I personally thought when I heard Buckner was doing the first pitch, that someone was throwing AT him, not Buckner actually throwing out the first pitch. I agree, 100% un-red sox fan like. We have become our worst enemy, softy’s. Where is that edge, where is that, ” hey, nice day huh? yeah nice day for you to shut up” mentallity. That’s what kept us as sox fans. Before that first pitch, and after that first pitch, Buckner is still the guy that let the ball go between his legs because his old age effected him being able to field nearly stationary ground balls.

    Dylan “Snuggles the bear should’ve thrown the first pitch, to show how soft we’ve become” Hamilton

  4. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    It is almost like Red Sox nation has been split into factions.

    The Dark, Underground Diehard Fans who take out targets and kill people in a dark alley. Yeah thats right, we’ll cut a throat for the Sox.

    and the other;

    The Care Bears. Think fuzzy, cuddly, or revoltingly sickening.

    Can we take out the Care Bears?

    Matt ” I wish I could get rid of all those fans who joined since 2003.” McLaughlin

  5. Dave Says:

    Sox fans have been spoiled with two WS titles in four years. Now that we’ve tasted success, we should want more. We can never be content with past success. There is still a long way to go to get to 26 rings.

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