The Winner Takes It All, Week 3

And then there was one. After another exciting week of fantasy baseball, there remains only one undefeated team, the Yankeehaters. The Chickenheads proved to be a two-week wonder and were dominated by the Boston Braves. The SarasotaRedRays ran into the buzz saw known as Roger’s Syringe and lost a closely contested game. The good news is that there is only one winless team. The even better news is that I’m playing the Bostonbad boys this week. 4-0, here I come.

Since my team is undefeated, and I am the only one to put 400+ points up in one week, I am obviously the best general manager. So in the hopes of leveling the playing field, I am going to impart my wisdom on how to improve the other teams in the league.

You are welcome.

  • Bostonbad boys: I would upgrade your outfield. I’m not sold on Griffey Jr. for a whole season. Josh Hamilton is performing well but has yet to play a full season in the majors. I would think about dealing one of your star pitchers for a good outfielder.
  • YankeeHaters: This team is close to perfect, with good starters, a solid closer, and an offense that scores in bunches. I would like to see my shortstop stay healthy. I’m pretty happy with this team, although I may be interested in a good outfielder, and I always enjoy a deal.
  • Roger’s Syringe: I like the outfield and the reserves that you have on this team. I think that you need a better second baseman and another quality pitcher. Could there be a Scott Kazmir deal in the future?
  • Boston Braves: This is going to be the team to beat this week. They have a ton of pitching and 12 starts this week. With Man-Ram and J.D. Drew playing great ball, and a really good infield, they will be a force week in and week out. If they can trade some extra pitching for a good third outfielder, look out.
  • Chickenheads: This is another solid team. The only way to improve this team would be to trade both Yankees. I don’t care what you get for them. Team chemistry will definitely improve.
  • Love Boat Captains: You know that you have a deep outfield when Jacoby Ellsbury is sitting on your bench. This team could be really good with a more consistent catcher and another #1 starter.
  • My Best Efforts: This team has been hit with the injury bug to its pitching staff and suffered another loss this week. They have some pop to their lineup with Miguel Cabrera, Lance Berkman and Alex Rios, but they really need to put a catcher in the lineup that is in the majors. I’m sure that it will help.
  • SarasotaRedRays: This guy has done a good job of finding players on the verge of breaking out. He’s added Johhny Cueto, Nate McLouth, and Mark Reynolds, and these “no-names” have performed really well. The big question is whether they can keep it going for a whole season. If not, they may be in trouble.
  • The Showstoppers: Where to start… under-performing pitching staff, no real power in the lineup, and a disgruntled owner. I agree with you Matt, blow these guys up and start over. It’s still a long season. You have time to work your Theo magic.
  • Lessthanzero: These guys got the shaft this week. They put up 399.5 points… and lost. With the exception of Chocolate Cake Sabathia, they have a rotation that couldn’t be picked out in a police lineup. If they plan to get out of the basement, they need to improve their pitching.

This is just my expert opinion. I’d love to hear what you guys think as we go into week 4.

6 Responses to “The Winner Takes It All, Week 3”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Scott Kazmir and Pena I hope will be on Roger’s before the All-Star break.

    Dylan ” I’ll win the all star break week because I’ll have the most All Stars on my team” Hamilton

  2. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    This team is one week away from being amazing.

    I wasnt able to get the guys from the BLOCKBUSTER 6 man deal into my lineup like the Bravos were. I was working, the schmuck has Mondays off and can last minute tweak his lineup. I added that “power” to my lineup with Hafner, though I was very upset that Oswalt actually looked like a big leager tonight and pitched well for Boston Braves.

    Also, I am trying a new technique with my pitching staff. The Bravos have been getting those “squeeker” points from their closers, Im going to attempt a first, 3 Closers Starting for me, Lidge, Nathan, and Jones. Lidge Sucks. Ill leave that at that. But still. Trying to work that Theo Magic, got to try something. Watch out next week. It will either be a HUGE success and Ill look like a genious or it will be a freakin flop and Ill feel the shame my team feels I deserve.

    Maybe Ill just fire the manager. Im sure Isiah Thomas is looking for work, even he cant screw this team up more than it is.

    Matt “My hands are in the air on this one” McLaughlin

  3. T Ferg. (RedRays GM) Says:

    Sorry Dylan”I don’t think I can play outfield because my arm is too weak so I’ll be catching” Hamilton, Looks like I might have picked up Kazmir, but don’t worry, Pena is still out there and is batting around.200.

    And by the way YANKKEEHATERS, the RedRays will be your first loss of the season.


  4. Anonymous Says:


    I was wondering what spot you’ll be playing in this year’s tournament?? :)

    Dylan ” I threw my arm out fist pumping in celebration of my win over the RedRays” Hamilton

  5. Dave Says:

    It’s about time someone started the trash talking. I was starting to wonder if this was a knitting circle or a baseball league. Not that you two sorry ass GM’s should be talking any smack yet. I’m still waiting for you guys to improve your crappy teams.
    Dave” Undefeated and master of fantasy baseball league” Ingalls

  6. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Read this article.

    Beckett is DEMANDING a trade… And Lowell is with him on it. Way to go Sox Upper Management.

    Matt ” I wonder if Haagen, Daas, Ben and Jerry are available to play on my team.” McLaughlin

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