The Winner Takes It All, Week 4

With the fourth week of fantasy baseball league behind us, I think we can divide the teams into three tiers:

The Good: Yankeehaters, Love Boat Captains, Boston Braves
The Bad: Chickenheads, MyBestefforts, SarasotaRedRays
The Ugly: Lessthanzero, The Showstoppers, Rogers Syringe, bostonbad boys

Since I am the only undefeated team and still have the highest one week point total at 443.67 (so close, Boston Braves, with 443 this week), instead of giving the week in review, I’m going to share my predictions for the upcoming week’s match-ups.

Chickenheads vs. Mybestefforts
This is a battle of the 2-2 teams. One of these two are going to join the upper echelon of the league, and the other may be have to dig themselves out of a huge hole if they hope to make it to the playoffs. Chickenheads pitcher John Smoltz may miss his next start, which alone may be enough for MyBestefforts to prevail. Both of these GMs have kept their teams pretty much unchanged all season. Maybe another mediocre week will inspire them to make a deal.
Prediction: MyBestefforts

Rogers Syringe vs. The Showstoppers
This battle of the basement dwellers is going to be interesting. Both teams have decent offensive players and inconsistent pitching. This may be the first tie game of the year, but since I have to pick someone to win…
Prediction: Rogers Syringe

Boston Braves vs. Love Boat Captains
This is fantasy game of the week. Both of these teams are playing great ball and have a ton of talent. The new additions of Francisco Rodriguez and Cole Hamels are going to make LBC tough week in and week out. The Boston Braves, on the other hand, may have found the secret formula to put up 400+ points every week. This one is going to go down to the wire.
Prediction: Love Boat Captains

YankeeHaters vs. SarasotaRedRays
These two teams made a blockbuster deal earlier in the week and are currently heading in different directions in the standings. The YankeeHaters added a #1 pitcher in Carlos Zambrano, along with some needed power with the additions of Matt Holliday and Prince Fielder. Curtis Granderson is finally off the DL and will continue to put up big numbers. SarasotaRedRays added the hot-hitting Derek Lee and Evan Longoria to help their poor offensive performance this past week, but they’ll need to have the week of their lives if they hope to win this one.
Prediction: YankeeHaters in a landslide.

Lessthanzero vs. Bostonbad boys
These two 1-3 teams are mirror images of each other. LTZ has a good offensive team with a mediocre pitching staff, and Bostonbad Boys have a good pitching staff with a decent offense. This may come down to the BBB not having a utility player in their lineup. This one is the coin-flip game of the week. Heads LZT, tails BBB…
Prediction: Lessthanzero

16 Responses to “The Winner Takes It All, Week 4”

  1. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    I cant believe you have me losing to..

    Dylan “I cant figure out how to set up a pitching rotation with guys who actually pitch” Hamilton.


    Dylan “There are other teams that have pitchers becides the Red Sox” Hamilton.

    Jeeze. I think Ive hit the bottom. I know for a fact that my lineup is finally set, and I got those guys from the Bravos trade into the line up. Dylan. Its on. Ill even put a wager on this. I cant buy until the end of the week, but next week, who ever loses buys the other a beer at Icehouse. Thats it. I said it. Let me know what night works for you to buy me that frosty one.

    Matt “Roger was dipping HIS syringe into something that WASNT Mrs. Clemens.” McLaughlin

  2. Dave Says:

    First of all, I really appreciate the solid trash talking. Secondly, it was not an easy decision to pick Roger’s Syringe over The Showstoppers…..but, you guys do have the same record…the same mediocre pitching..the same inconsistent offense. It came down to he has 6 pitcher starts to your 4. Even if they are all Sox pitchers, there is a potential for more points.
    Talk is cheap. I’m still waiting to see you work your “Theo Magic”. Your Dad seems to have it, maybe it skipped a generation? :)

  3. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Honestly, 6 starts to 4 means next to nothing when I have 3 Closers Starting as well, to his 1.5. Okijima is not the closer, and is not going to get closer pts.

    As for the skipping a generation, I know one thing that begrudgingly didnt skip a generation and thats his bald head.

    Im telling you guys, The Showstoppers, Just like their namesake will be born again and rise to be champions.

    Also, did you notice the new logo. Mindy looks pretty fine with “Roger’s Syringe” in her rear. Probably not the first time eh?

    Things are looking up. Seeing as how there is only one way to go from 1-3.

    Matt “If they dont win this week Im going to do something drastic to my team.” McLaughlin

  4. bostonbadboys Says:

    hey girls the bad boys are getting better and it a long seson pitching is the key . i am starting to under stand the rules you guys make up as we go along..ha … let see how thingslook in october…

  5. bostonbadboys Says:


  6. Dave Says:

    Bostonbad boys
    My team is 4-0 and fresh off kicking your ass. I’m glad that you finally figured out how to log- in old man, now if you could only field an entire team you might eke your way out of the basement.
    Good Luck.

  7. bostonbadboys Says:


  8. Boston Braves Says:

    Dave you disappoint me in your predictions. I do agree with your pick with Matt ” I lost again ” McLaughlins game and as for Bostonbadboys us old guys will stick together and we will beat you and Matt conbined by the end of the year. Combined records end of the year for a dinner. Dave hows the glove ?????

    Matt keep trying I think your confusion is caused by your lack of total loyalty to the Red Sox.. I just want the leagure to know that Matt showed up to Tropicana Field on Sunday with not one item of Red Sox gear to support his hometown team. I do support the Rays but I will always be loyal to the Sox wear them proudly…..

    Loyal Red Sox fan………

  9. bostonbadboys Says:

    .. i saw the boston braves play in boston when i was a kid.. just like yesterday.. . a hundred years ago…….whats this old B.S…old…….we be ……………. senior people …. I WANT TO STILL PICK YAZ AND DEWEY FOR MY TEAM….

  10. Boston Braves Says:

    I get Rice and Fisk and Londborg, are you up for the challenge to bet Matt and Dave. I was there in 86 and so wasnt Matt although he was still in his mothers belly.

  11. Dave Says:

    OK, I’m sorry to have hurt so many of your fragile egos with my predictions this week. But the reality is both McLaughlin’s are going to lose this week. It’s not my fault, it’s just the way it is.
    Boston Braves are facing the Love Boat Captains. LBC may be the best team in the league (after Yankeehaters that is). Look at her lineup, it’s solid from top to bottom. Plus she fleeced the Boston(not so) bad boys in a trade last week and landed Brandon Webb. She has the only team that I fear. I’m predicting a 50 point win for the LBC’s this week. Sorry about the bad news Dave Mc. The good news is my glove is better than ever, thanks again for taking care of it.
    The Showstoppers are facing the scrappy Roger’s syringe. This one was a little closer to call. Both teams stink. If they were playing any other team in the league, they would lose. But since their has to be a winner..Dylan and his slew of Sox pitchers are going to drop The Showstoppers. So Matt, go collect you allowance from your Dad…you’re buying the beers this week.

  12. Ginger Parker Says:

    Stop fighting over second place, boys, and start figuring out how you’re going to repair your battered egos after every last one of you gets beat by a girl.

  13. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    First off, I have my own money. And as for the Bet, I think that that is a fair. Between Dave’s Yankeehaters and my “Improving” Showstoppers I think we can take the old guys over all seeing as how the Showstoppers are going to make the playoffs.

    As for Dylan and the Sox pitchers, the problem with having one team’s entire pitching staff and at that the bottom half of that staff, if they hit a rut so does your team. I agree that Ginger has a hell of a staff, but Dylan’s assault from the bottom half of the Sox rotation hasnt done anything significant yet.

    I feel that my team is severly under producing. They are a team that anyone would love to put on the field, sans the pitching staff. I think Im going to put Matsui in as a pitcher, then I may get some points.

    I really wish my team would turn things around. Its getting depressing. lol.

    I also would like to mention that the two teams I hate more than anything in the NHL may both be knocked out in the second round together. Screw the Rangers, even harder to the Habs.

    Matt “Can I sign Sidney Crosby to The Showstoppers, he averages 1.2 pts a game. Has to count for something” McLaughlin

  14. Anonymous Says:

    I’m trying to come up with an insult here, but the good karma from the Big Tuna at Publix has me thinking positive, so Matt, after I win this week I’ll unleash the insults, until then, see you at the Icehouse.

    Dylan ” WHAT’S UP DUDE” Hamilton

  15. Dave Says:

    Check out the “good deals” in the meat department.
    That was classic.
    We have to find a way to hang out with that guy.

  16. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Ill just say, Okajima and Corpas are working out fantastic for your pitching staff. Props on those Middle Relievers who do next to nothing points wise. Meanwhile, Jones has 11 pts and Nathan has 24. Lidge hasnt even gotten in the picture.

    Matt “Ill take a Sam Adams just to make the point.” McLaughlin

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