The Winner Takes It All, Week 11

Week 11 of fantasy baseball league is in the books. As we approach the halfway point of the regular season, I’ve added a new feature to the weekly recap, one that I like to call the Good, the (Not So) Bad, and the Ugly.

In no particular order:


Boston Braves
These guys have a knack for finding obscure pitchers and getting quality starts from them (i.e. Kyle Lohse). Plus, this outfield puts up a thousand points a week. He’s dialed in. He has a pretty good match-up this week against the SarasotaRedRays. I don’t see BB relinquishing first place of the East Division anytime soon.

One of these days I’m going to figure out which pitchers to start each week. I left Johan Santana and Felix Hernandez on the bench and paid for it with a closer game than I anticipated. This week I have a really tough game against the surging Showstoppers. This will be the game of the week. I really don’t want to lose to another McLaughlin. “Shake and Bake” Matt!

Love Boat Captains
The losing streak is over! LBC is getting some good points from her Boston connection in Ellsbury and Youkilis, and her pitching staff has returned to form. Now that the kinks have been worked out, look for this chick to make a run at taking out the Boston Braves.


The Showstoppers
This team is the real deal. They are putting up a load of points and dominating their opponents. Now that they’re over .500, can they continue this stretch? I’m guessing that the McLaughlins have set up a war room at their house and are figuring out how to take out the competition. The trash talking may go up a notch this week as The Showstoppers take on the Yankeehaters.

SRR has lost three in a row and is clinging to its playoff hopes. They face another tough team this week in the Boston Braves. Will SRR play like the team from a month ago, or are they going to fade into mediocrity? This is an important week for these guys.

I know I’ve said it before, but these guys are much better than their 5-6 record. They once again put up 400+ points in a crushing defeat to the Bostonbad boys. When they’re on their game, no one is going to beat them. Consistency is the key for this team.

Despite his best efforts, he was unable to stop the Showstoppers this week. MBE has been fighting the injury bug all year but is still putting up decent numbers. With the return of Jake Peavy and Ryan Doumit, MBE may be on the cusp of putting it all together.


Bostonbad boys
Chipper Jones missing a few games and a poor performance from his pitching staff led to another losing week for BBB. Maybe the return of Dice K this week will turn this team’s luck around, but with a tough game against the LBC, there is a better chance that a monkey will fly out of my butt. LBC by 100.

This team has some of the biggest names in baseball on the roster, including A-Rod, Pujols, Mauer, and Beltran, as well as some of the most disappointing pitchers in the league in Brad Penny and Brett Myers. If this team would play to its potential they could be tough, but it may be too little too late at this point.

Roger’s Syringe
Dylan had bigger fish to fry this week than fantasy baseball, as he and his Dad won the prestigious Charlotte County Father-Son golf tournament. Congrats Hamiltons, and good luck this week against MyBestefforts.

Good luck to all the teams this week (except The Showstoppers)!

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  1. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Good Job Dylan and Wayne. Good to hear that Dylan obviously golfs better than he plays ball.

    And as for the Yankeehaters. Its going to be a good matchup this week. LBC needs to watch out, Im not letting the Old Man get away. I think that makes 4 in a Row. It has to be the game of the week.

    Thanks for the positive review as well. 4 weeks ago I was tied with Dylan. Hahaha.

    Matt “Its on like Donkey Kong.” McLaughlin

  2. Dave Says:

    Your team has done a complete turnaround this past month. You’ve gone from pushover to powerhouse.
    We definitely have the illustrious “ Fantasy Game of the Week!”

    With that being said….I must break you!

    Dave ” I vow to take out at least 1 McLaughlin before this season is over” Ingalls

  3. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Great sign off.

    Red Sox Notes:
    Watching the Red Sox against the Phillies definatly has that World Series Feel. Both teams are stacked and clearly the best teams in their respective leagues. It is nice to see Philly doing well, but they are going to have to keep that Title-less streak going a little longer because we are still the defending champs.

    Bartolo Colon needs to win the #1 in the top ten on ESPN for his amazing skills at bat. I think Philips hit it on the head, Colon has been in the cage with D-Ped. Colon is probably the best pickup of the season with Curt “who?” Schilling on the shelf. 4-1 in 5 starts? Man, Aneheim missed an opportunity on him because imagine that current pitching staff with Colon in the mix too. Damn.

    JD Drew. Im not ready to appologize for nagging on him last year. But I would love to see Francona leave him in the 3 hole after Papi comes back and have Papi bat 4th, and Manny 5th, giving the Sox more depth, pushing Lowell to 6. Its a Niiice.

    If this game was in Fenway, it would be a different story, but look forward to a 7 game set in late October between the two.

    Wang going down for the Yankees proves two things. The American League Pitchers CANT play offense, and the Yankees are even more boned than they previously were. Over the last 3 years wang is something like 47-15. Most wins over the past 3 yrs in the majors. Move over Phil and Ian, Ching is coming to join the sauna party. Im looking forward to seeing them against the Miracle this season during rehab, almost as much as D-Train and the Dunedin Blue Jays own Gustavo Chacin. He looks like a cyborg. No lie.

    The Showstoppers Notes:
    Fisk and Munson as the Logo. No One Hates the Yankees more than Pudge. The REAL Pudge.

    And as for the bunker, the pass code is 1, 4, 8, 9, 2, 7.

    Last Thursday the Miracle were rained out. * SIDE NOTE * D-PED HOMER!!!!! WOOO* Back now, seeing the video of the Rangers Tarp sliding reminded me of my own experiences last thursday. 25-30 Minutes of sliding. Freakin Awesome. ** SIDE NOTE!!!! DREEEEEWWW!!!!! HR!!!!!**

    Matt “’s Fantasy Baseball Week 12 Overall Winner by 100” McLaughlin

  4. Dave Says:

    Hey Matt,
    Good recap. When the playoffs start, I’m going to need to set up some type of chat room and get the opinions flowing. The Phillies look good tonight and this season, but they do have problems when they face a good pitcher. Colon was not that guy tonight.

    To reiterate some of your points: I agree, the Yankees are officially finished. Drew needs to put it all together for a whole year before he’s off the hook for his mediocre history. And the day I lose to the Showstoppers by even 1 measly point, is the day I start a blog titled ” 101 reasons A-rod is the biggest clutch performer in the history of the playoffs.”
    In other words….it’s never gonna happen.

    Dave ” It’s 9:15 and The Showstoppers are getting shut-out 27-0, this could be the first and only shutout of the year” Ingalls

  5. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    I had 3 guys play today. 3. And Verlander GOT BONED out of a win in SF tonight.

    This is going to be a fun week.

    Matt “The Incredible Hulk v. 2.0 is 10xs better than the other piece of shit they made” McLaughlin

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Colon is proving to be the pickup of the year, thus far. JD Drew is freakish talent that has never fully blossomed, and having his son deathly ill last season couldn’t have helped. But, this month could be a glimpse into the potential reaching version of JD, we shall see. Yes, the Yankees are a sidenote at most now in baseball, almost laughable, how a franchise known for winning and be D-bags, can turn around 180 and be losers, and still D-bags. ( but don’t count them out unfortunately). There is still a lot of baseball, and a lot more Red Sox to either get hurt or get well still to be had, but so far, so good. Matt, I agree with you on Drew in the 3 hole, if of course he stays hot, the flip side is that we constantly strand 2 guys on base every first inning.

    In Golf news, Dad and I did take the Charlotte County Father Son championship by a whopping 9strokes. We both played average golf, but, when one would double bogey, the other would birdie, and in a best score format, that’s what works. 62 isn’t too shabby. I’m gonna make my 9month quest to try and win the Port Charlotte Member/Guest Tournament this coming spring when Kelsey and I will take on the rest of Charlotte County. We’ll either win, or get in a fight on the 8th hole and get kicked out, either way, it will be fun.
    How about that US Open? I got sick on Wed, and, delightfully watched the entire 1st, 3rd, and 4th round coverage. And, after playing surviorman with a water extinguisher in the middle of a swamp at work, I watched the most entertaining 5holes of golf I’ve ever seen. Rocco Mediate almost pulled off a win of David vs. Goliath magnitude. I’m glad that golf is somewhat popular again, 13million viewers on Sunday don’t lie.

    In Celtics news. I have no idea. The same team for either side has yet to show up two games in a row. And, on one hand, you have great comebacks from both teams so far, one for a C’s win. But, on the other hand, in the same game, you have crap basketball in letting a team comeback from so far down. I despirately want a Celtics Championship, but, this series doesn’t not resemble in the slightest the former Celt’s and Lakers matchups.

    Dylan ” 13 days until June 30th. In a fight I dub, ‘ the slamma at Tropicana’ going down” Hamilton

  7. Anonymous Says:

    doesn’t not

    Dylan ” I love double negatives” Hamilton

  8. Dave Says:

    Yesterday was the first golf tourney that I’ve watched in the past three years, and the 83 crew was glued to the TV for all 19 holes. Although, I would have enjoyed it more if Rocco won and you guys kept the radio chatter down. You make a good point about Colon and JD these guys have been huge contributors for the Sox. I like to think that they are playing so well because they know that they are on the best fantasy baseball team on the World Wide Web ( obviously, Team YankeeHater.) You need to trademark ” Slamma at Tropicana” that’s damn funny.

    Dave ” the heavy stuff won’t be coming down for quite a while” Ingalls

  9. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Gloves Drop at the Trop?

    Melee by the Bay?

    Getting Beat in St Pete?

    Hot Under the Collar near Clearwater?

    Shank at the Tank?

    Ok Ill stop.
    Slamma at Tropicana is good. But Melee by the Bay is pretty sweet too.

    Is anyone following the EuroCup 2008 as adimately as I am. Maybe working for a largely European family or the fact that Euro Soccer is a Million times better than MLS bullshit, but I am hooked. And as for the U.S. Open, it was very difficult to keep switching back and forth between the Euro Portugal-Switzerland game and Tiger-Rocco. In the end, we ended up watching the 15th on and were hooked. Rocco Mediate is a Naples resident, I didnt mind either winning, if Rocco won, a local underdog won, if not, it would go down as one of Tiger’s 4 Million Major Wins, and be one of the most memoral games of golf played since Francis Oumet or the Golden Bear himself.

    And the C’s need to put this away tonight because Game 7 against Kobe scares the hell out of me.
    I dispise Kobe, but he his a straight baller.

    Sometimes I wish Kobe was shanked like Paul Pierce was. Some people deserve it, others dont.

    KG is on fire.

    Matt “Who wishes they could go to Tampa in the next two days for Rays-Cubs becides me” McLaughlin

  10. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Does Joey Crawford realize he looks like the monster from the Goonies?

    Basketball confuses me with Fouls. I thought that “No Blood No Foul” was the new rules and that Traveling was done away with. No? Wow. T-Ing up Doc. wtf? Doc Rivers could run for Governor of Massachusetts with Bill Belichick as his Lt Gov. and win by a land slide. Tito can take Teddy’s spot when he a) kicks the bucket or b) is discovered to be a cyborg and removed from the chamber for infultration.

    If sports ruled the country, the national food would be Hot Dogs and Nachos, the national bird would be Larry, and the capitol would be Boston.

    Matt “17th on the 17th. Sweet.” McLaughlin

  11. Dave Says:

    Wait a minute….they put Soccer on television? Weird.
    As for the Celts, the sooner they can win this thing, the sooner Kobe can fly back to L.A. and the woman of New England will be a lot safer.

    Dave ” Did Jesus Shuttleworth really leave game 6 of the NBA finals with a nose scratch??” Ingalls

  12. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    There was an E.T. sighting tonight at the Celtics game. What? That was just Sam Cassell? Oh wow.

    Matt “17 Time Champs!!!! Only 9 behind the Yankees!” McLaughlin

  13. Spanky the YANKEE Says:

    Thats right Mr.Matt M. 9 BEHIND US…Its not over yet,!…NOT . Till your fat girl friend sings.. “YOGI BERRA” 1957…


  14. bostonbadboys Says:

    Masterson is on the mound tonight I hope the game is on T.V. Boy THE CELTICS looked great last night…

  15. Dave Says:

    Hey BBB,
    The game is at 1:35, and it’s not televised. You really need to invest in MLBtv so you can watch every game. It’s definitely worth it. Don’t be a cheap bastard.

  16. bostonbadboys Says:

    BOY THATWOULD BE GREAT GIFT FROM ONE OF MY KIDS.. ALL OF US IN THE NURSING HOME WOULD LOVE IT..Never mind they keep the x rated stuff on the tv here all the time…dirty old bastards…I will watch it on my computer,,thanks for the info you crook.. you stole WOLFE..

  17. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    If only you could see the girl im with right now spanky. Im not even going to capitolize your name because you dont even deserve it. Whats great is Im not even dating her, so when I get fed up its see ya to the curb. All you have is your Hustler’s Circa 1984 and a shitty ass basketball team who cant even win 30 games. I think the Rays had 30 wins in 2 months, thats more than the Knicks in a season. We all know basketball season is rediculously long spanning October to June too.

    Its pretty sad when a professional mascot has more game than you. And when the yankees miss the playoffs dont come crying in your soup, or say celebrate when the Sox get knocked out, because it wont happen, Sox and Phills, Sox in 6.

    Matt “Stay out of the kitchen if you cant handle the heat, Jackass” McLaughlin


    hello Mr.Matt….you and you female cousin(what is she 13teen. Go to the kitchen and fry your beantown a s s..
    Being apro mascot in the minor leagues ..hey a career move from burger king…. WHATS does it pay? a date with your seventh grade cousin and a corn dog…and its a 97 PLAYBOY BOZO…. THE SPANK MASTER… GOOOOOOOOOOO YANKEES.. p.s. can your veryfat girl friend sing? the middle finger to you dog matt not chubby….

  19. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    I know that NY has some pretty shitty Public Schools but how did this retard ever get past the 3rd grade. Do you sit at home and wonder why you spend all your time on Red Sox fan sites? Because NY fans are so “bandwagon” that no one would care to put in the effort to make a Yankees site. Spanky, you have to have the freakin I.Q. of a freakin retarded redneck white trash gutter dwelling deuchetastic wonder fag. You NEVER bring anything coherent or comprehensive to the table and every time you talk you reassure us about why NY sucks and why Red Sox fans dont need to bother with your 3rd Place Yankees. We have our focus on Tampa, the only team in the division worth a damn.

    Hows your freakin rotation ass clown? Joba working for you? Great move there. Hank’s too busy complaining about the National League, Im sorry, If he doesnt like the National League way of play then he should give back the rings won by the Yankees under THOSE SAME RULES PRIOR TO THE DH!!!! How many was that? I think it was like OH 23-24? Baseball is a game of tradition and the fact that he is questioning the original rules of the game that has made him anything in this world.

    If only Dave could give me an address to where your IP is coming from because I would probably find that it is coming from somewhere in Northern Canada or Alaska seeing as how this is the only thing you have to live for.

    Next time, bring something coherent with FACTS or at least reasonable belief. Thats the difference between a Sox and Yanks fan. Yanks throw out “numbers”, Sox fans KNOW them.

    Matt “I wish the Showstoppers would stomp his goofy ass instead of the rest of the leagues.” McLaughlin


    to matt m. the schools in new york are just as good as the ones in boston.. but your inflorida that ranks #41 in school grads and education..I know you are angry.. could it be going to the ball park in your clown suit trying to make 30 to 40 people happy? then cleaning up after them? or is it all the hard work on the farm, mucking the pig pen,collecting like milking the bull right? anger management…thats the answer for you join the NAVY i bet you would like being around all those young guys.. did i hit a nerve? I WILL LEAVE THIS SITE TILL WE ARE IN THE PLAY OFFS…SO SEE YOU IN SEPT.. PLEASE GET HELP….THE SPANK MASTER (live from fairbanks to you)

  21. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    For the majority, I didnt go to school in Florida, the Miracle draw on average 1,925 fans a game, and I can live with Spanky being gone until the playoffs because I know the Yankees wont make it. Win Win in my book.

    Matt “*kid points* DANCE!!!! CLOWN!!!!” McLaughlin

  22. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Bruins equal EPIC Fail again in the draft. We need Ainge and Theo to take over the Bruins GM and then they can win championships too. Get on it Sindin.


    btw. Im still winning.

  23. Dave Says:

    This Fantasy week is killing me! I wouldn’t mind losing if my team was playing well and was outscored. But, Chase Utley and Mark Texiera decided to mail it in this week. To make matter worse, the Sox have bumped Josh Beckett back a day, so I lose his pitching start. Add Johan Santana and Carlos Zambrano’s abysmal performances this week, and it all adds up to a poor showing from the Yankeehaters.
    Now I’m undecided if I should blow this team up, or display some patience….We’ll see.

    Dave ” My only solace this week, is that my wife bought front row tickets, next to the Red Sox dugout for the July 2nd game against the Rays” Ingalls

  24. Dave Says:

    I should also add, there is no way in hell that I am conceding this week to Matt McLaughlin and his merry band of Showstoppers. I still have two days to stage a rally. If I can get a couple of saves from Kerry Wood and my hitters pull their heads out of their asses I could pull this off. I’m also going to need Matt’s three pitchers to crap the bed and keep his 3 closers in the bullpen where they belong.
    Let’s see if my team of All-stars can play to their potential.

    Dave “Winner’s want the ball” Ingalls

  25. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    I have to say, next week is going to be ugly for the SRR’s. 7 Starts, 2 closers, 5 players with a 100 ownership rate, and a rookie catcher who is out to prove himself.

    I think I have finally figured out this starting pitching thing. Cook, Lackey, Padilla, Moyer and Verlander. Not doing bad with Nathan, Lidge and Hoffman in the pen either.

    Matt ” Im not going to jinx myself by saying something here that will bite me in the ass tomorrow” McLaughlin

  26. Dave Says:

    Not to take any credit away from the red-hot Showstoppers, but my team chose the absolute worst week to take a week off. First I lose to “Old Man” McLaughlin in a fluke week, when I had 3 pitching starts rained-out on the final day. Now I’m losing to punk-ass Matt….what is this world coming to??? I have a rematch with the Boston Braves in two weeks. If my team can get healthy, I’m guaranteeing a victory!

    Dave ” I really need need Vincent Padilla, John Lannan, and Justin Verlander to score in negative digits, along with all of my hitters to go 4-4 with two homeruns each if I hope to catch The Showstoppers…….oh hell, I’m screwed” Ingalls

    * is this the longest sign off in the history of Or did Dylan bust out a longer one?

  27. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    I think around the time of the inception of the sign off, Dylan may have written an entire response in sign off form. May be something to look into.

    Matt “Showstoppers W4.” McLaughlin

  28. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    In true Ric Flair fashion.


    Matt “Mr. Yankeehaters cant beat a” McLaughlin

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