The Winner Takes It All, the Playoff Update

I know that it’s been a week… or five since the last fantasy baseball league update. Since the last fantasy post, the league landscape has taken on a different look. The Showstoppers have shown to be human after rattling off nine straight wins, the Bostonbad boys have finally lived up to their namesake and put themselves in the position to make a run, and the always scrappy LBC continue to hold on to the lead in the tough East Division.

It’s important to remember that only the top four teams in the league make it to the postseason. With the trade deadline five days away and only three weeks left in the regular season, now is the time to improve your roster. Remember, the winning GM not only lays claim to the title of “Best Owner in the League,” but they will also be on the receiving end of the official fantasy prize pack.

Here’s how the playoff picture is coming into focus.

Clinched a playoff berth:

Yankeehaters (14-5)
Being the only team above .500 in the weak West Division has assured team Yankeehater a spot in the final four. But before the champagne gets popped, they still have 96+ hours to make one final trade before the deadline.

So close to clinching they can taste it:

Love Boat Captains (13-6)
It would take an act of God for the LBC not to make the playoffs. This team may be the most consistent team in the league. Good luck to the team that faces them in the postseason.

Boston Braves (12-7)
These guys refuse to go away. Winners of three in a row, they just find ways to win. Will the two-start-pitcher game finally catch up to these guys?

Slumping… but still in the hunt:

The Showstoppers (11-8)
The once powerful Showstoppers have faded in the past four weeks. Matt McLaughlin has been dealing with a slew of injuries to his pitching staff. If he can make some deals for some quality pitching, he may be able to put some Ws in the win column.

So… you’re telling me there’s a chance?

lessthanzero (9-10), Chickenheads (9-10), Bostonbad boys (8-11), SarasotaRedRays (8-11)
It’s going to take a lot for one of these four to make the playoffs. They’re going to need to run the table and hope for a bunch of losses from the Boston Braves or The Showstoppers. I’m not saying that it’s impossible, but they are going to have their work cut out for them. I’m gonna go with the Bostonbad boys as the sleeper team that may sneak their way in.

Thanks for playing…

My Best Efforts (7-12), Roger’s syringe (4-15)
Is it just a coincidence that Dylan drafted both of these teams? To his credit, there is no way Dylan could have known that we couldn’t use seven shortstops on our rosters. Also, MBE has been decimated by injuries to his pitching staff. With that being said, I hope that these guys play for pride the next three weeks and play the role of spoiler. I anticipate a big turnaround for these two guys in year two of fantasy league.

Good luck to all the teams.

9 Responses to “The Winner Takes It All, the Playoff Update”

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  2. MARLIN MIKE Says:


  3. dear ABBY Says:

    The story around fantasyWorld is the BOSTON bad boys are loading up for the big ending .THE LINE UP FOR THE Boston bad boys is behind the plate pudge fisk,ist base george scott,2nd base mike andrews,shortstop rico petrecelli 3rd base joe foye, Left field YAZ…. center field reggie smith and right field dewey evans./// jim longborg, ,El Tiante,The space man bill lee and the million dollar man mike stanley will be pitching.. SO WATCH OUT FOULINE LEAGUE the yankeehaters are going down…….

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Best of luck to you all in the playoff’s. Being the fantasy Deion Sanders I am, I will be focusing now on my fantasy football efforts, where I steared clear of drafting 28 running backs…….look for me next year folk’s……

    Dylan ” New Catcher for the Sox in 09′” Hamilton

  5. Dave Says:

    Good luck on fantasy football. I don’t know if the winner is going to receive a prize package that could possibly match the loot that’s Fantasy baseball league promises to deliver…but I hope that you have fun.
    As for the Sox catcher next year…I like either Jarrod Saltalamacchia or Kelly Shoppach to take the reins from Tek.

  6. Dan Says:

    Im a rays fan, but i just had to point this out. Did anyone else but me notice that in the 8th inning of wednesdays red sox, yankees game in yankee staduim, With boston up 11-2, boston fans started a yankees suck chant that was audible even on TV.

    The final sox series in yankee staduim, there getting stomped by there arch rival, and hearing they suck in there own ballpark?

    Its offical, the humiliation of the yankees is complete.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you Dan

  8. Dave Says:

    Welcome back Dan,
    I never get tired of hearing Yankee fans boo their own players. But let’s hit on a more important matter..When are your Rays finally going to implode? I’m getting tired of watching these guys find a way to win every game. Now that we are on the backstretch of the season, I am truly concerned/worried about the Rays. These guys may be for real.
    What really bothers me though, is that they still can’t fill the Trop up. What else does this team need to do to get more than 15,000 fans in that place? I would be pissed if I was a player in the midst of a playoff run, playing in front of a half empty stadium. Those players deserve more that that.

    Go Sox

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Being this is a Baseball forum usually, and not just a Red Sox fan site (though slanted that way usually) what is everyone’s thoughts on why the Rays can fill that stadium? I personally feel the stadium should A. Be outside with a retractable roof B. be smaller to give a more intimate feel and not the feel of the superdome C. Not be Tropicana field and D. be either on the water like the new stadium plans and/or be in the Tampa area and not St. Pete to draw more fans (I’m more partial to the new plans for on the water……The Marlins have/had the same problems filling dolphin stadium even after two series championships. Why? because the stadium is gigantic, and, it’s in the ghetto of Miami., if the stadium was better planned location wise, i.e. pembroke pines or Boca Raton area, more of the Palm Beach County crowd would go to the games, and that’s the one’s that would go to games, not the ghetto of miami crowd, my two cents………..

    Dylan ” Come November lets talk even more about Arod someday going to the Sox, he just doesn’t look happy in NY anymore” Hamilton

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