Love to Hate

Let me start by saying that I hate the Rays. With the exception of Evan Longoria, who is obviously a superstar, and Carlos Pena, who goes unnoticed as the Rays’ team leader, I hate every player, coach and manager on that team. Is it sour grapes because they’ve won the season series with Boston? Maybe. But unlike the national media, I do not see these Rays as the darlings of the league. I find them utterly unlikeable, and I can’t put my finger on the exact reason.

Maybe it stems from their stupid name. What exactly is a Ray? Does it mean a ray of hope for a team that had sucked for so long? Is it short for x-ray, to describe the transparency of the fair-weather fans that are suddenly so eager to jump aboard the bandwagon? (Dan excluded, of course.) Whatever it means, it’s a stupid name. Sure, Red Sox is not the manliest name, but at least I know what it means.

Maybe it’s because of Jonny Gomes and his endless string of cheap shots. Or Carl Crawford’s gangster neck tattoo. Or maybe it’s because Gabe Gross looks like he should be selling life insurance instead of patrolling right field. Maybe it’s B.J. Upton’s never-ending wad of chew that never leaves his left cheek. Or Dioner Navarro’s stupid kiss to the dugout after every hit. I even hate Joe Magrane and Dewayne Staats. I hope that they both suffer from non-cancerous polyps of their vocal cords.

I may not like these guys, but I am not going to discount their success playing in and winning the hardest division in baseball. These guys just find every conceivable way to win, and it drives me absolutely nuts. I’ve watched a lot of Rays baseball this year, and I’m pretty sure that they have never lost. This team is giving me nightmares.

Now, being the stubborn Sox fan that I am, I still like Boston’s chances to go to back-to-back World Series, and here’s why. First of all, Boston has a ton of postseason experience. Normally this would be a bigger advantage, but unfortunately Tampa has proved to be oblivious to pressure. Secondly, Boston has the best scouting department in the majors. They have consistently prepared Boston for every postseason opponent the last several years. They can pinpoint another team’s tendencies and weaknesses and exploit them. Thirdly, Boston has not played their best baseball… yet. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim handed the Red Sox this series on a silver platter, with their shoddy fielding and ill-advised suicide squeezes.

These guys are ready to fire on all cylinders. Jon Lester is an Ace, Papelbon is pitching lights out, Jason Bay and J.D. are coming up with huge at-bats, and there is no way in hell that Dustin Pedroia has a repeat performance of the ALDS.  I also see Josh Beckett knocking off the rust and regaining his form from past postseasons. This is a team that is ready to take off.

Boston wins this series in 6.

29 Responses to “Love to Hate”

  1. Dan Says:

    wow, i was actaully mentioned in your article, i suppose every site needs the token rays fan, you made some really good points, but im sorry to tell you these 4 reason why the rays will win this series in seven games.

    1. The Rays are 100 percent healthy for the first time all year, and the rays have not played there best either.

    2. BJ Uptons shoulder is finally feeling better, he hit for 3 homers in his last two games, and when healthy, is the impact right handed bat we need to protect longoria and pena.

    3. 4 of the 7 games are in tropicana field, where the rays have the best home record since the 98 yankees, also, the rays know they can win in fenway after there shocking series win there in september (god bless Dan Johnson)

    4. This is the rays year, the have all the baseball gods and magic on there side. they remind me alot of the 2004 Red Sox, you remember that team right? That time couldnt be elminated if they wanted to. These type of dream seasons dont end with an ALCS loss.

  2. The Professor Says:

    “Or Carl Crawford’s gangster neck tattoo.”

    Racist much? why is it “gangster”? Because he has a tattoo? Or because he is black? Do you even know what the tattoo is of?

    try this link

    that’s right. it is the symbol of Leo. It is a god damned astrological symbol. because you know sooooo many gangsters are into astrology.

    BTW…the Rays sucked for 10 years. The Red Sox sucked for 86 years. And did you know the Rays have as many AL East titles in the last 11 years as the Red Sox?

  3. Dave Says:

    Professor, First of all thanks for commenting. We always appreciate a fresh perspective. Let me explain the “gangster” comment. Obviously being black and having a neck tattoo doesnt make you a gangster. Al Capone was white and tat-free, and he was the original gangster.’Gangster’ was a poor choice of words, I should have described his neck tattoo as ugly, or unprofessional. Having a tattoo on your neck, regardless of what it is, is stupid. If it makes you feel better, I think Allyssa Milano’s neck tat is pretty ridiculous also. My future posts about the Rays are going to be focused on how they play the game, not how they look. This is going to be a great series.Thanks again for commenting.

    We both know winning the division doesn’t mean squat. It’s all about the WS ring.
    Thanks again for commenting.

    Go Sox

  4. old man river Says:

    Hey professor having a bad month or just looking for a fight? WHATS YOUR MAJOR ? YOU MUST BE A BIG TIME RAYS EXPERT… If you dont like the info and fun at this sight .Get the hell back to St PETE.. BACK OR WHITE WHO CARES . Carls not a gangster hes a JACKASS.. take a SUCK pill professor . amen ……mr astrology expert..Now go read the comics….

  5. Latino louie Says:

    Way you play the BLACK card professor. You must have a SAD LIFE.. Poor me !

  6. C-Mac Says:

    Whoa Whoa Whoa…. This is a very hostile message board here. First of all no one who writes for the foul line is racist. Just because Crawford was called a gangster doesn’t automatically make anyone a racist. oh and the only reason the rays haven’t sucked for 86 years is because they have been around that long! Your talking about a team that has an action cartoon that plays in the middle of the game. They play in a dump, their mascot is a joke and the fans are nothing but transplants who true home team sucks…Lets face it it’s a team of misfits playing in a minor league atmosphere infront of a bunch of fans who don’t really care. Do any of you realize that the rays innagural first pitch was throw by Ted Williams, you know that red sox hall of famer. Yea he was kinda good in his day. Not only did he trhow out the first pitch 11 years ago he ha a museum in the stadium. Nothing like Honoring a player from another team in your own house. If thats what you’d even like to call it. Realistically it’s just an extension of Fenway and the nation.

  7. Dave Says:

    Nicely done guys! Thanks for watching my back.
    Go Sox!

  8. C-Mac Says:

    911 operator: 911 state you you emergency.
    Big Papi: Um yes i think my bat is dead!
    911 operator: we’ll send someone right away.

  9. Feck Says:

    Wine all you want Red Sux fans, you are going to LOSE this series. This is the Rays season, and there is nothing you can say or do about it. Next year? Who knows. What we do know is the Rays will be a thorn in the Sux and Yank-me’s side for a LONG(oria) time.

  10. Matt Says:

    I’m from Chicago and I find it impossible to hate the Rays and soooo much easier to hate the Red Sox. Red Sox = Yankes circa 2001. You’re no more “classy” than Steinbrenner’s buttcrack. It’s like once you guys won that world series i was pumped, then the second one came around and I lost respect for you guys. Granted, being a Cubs fun isn’t the most precious spot (yeah, bring on the shit. I’m well aware we will never win one), but I love the Rays simply because they are a young team playing baseball the way it should be played. Jonny Gomes continuous cheap shots? Or just that one time during the brawl when he jumped on top of Coco. And I think neck tattoos are pretty sweet. It’s obviously just your opinion that they are stupid because Carl likes it and that’s mainly what matters. Gabe Gross looks like a life insurance salesman and Youkilis looks like a lumberjack. What’s your point?

    And so much for your predictions about Beckett. He seemed a bit more than rusty. and Lester is not quite an ace, but a solid spot in a rotation.

    Jed Lowrie is a badass though.

  11. Dave Says:

    breaking news!!!! There are still 4 games left to played. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Also Feck, “whine” is spelled with a H. Example: All of the Rays fans will be wHining when the Red Sox beat them. Invest in a dictionary please.

  12. Dan Says:

    Masterson throwing at Longoria in the 5th isnt very nice you know. Pedrioa need to get hit in the ribs now, you know as well as I do thats what need to happen.

  13. Dave Says:

    payback for Balfour nailing Drew in game 1.

  14. Dan Says:

    But there were runners on second and 3rd in a 1 run game, that was an accident, no way he tries to load the bases in that situation, the rays walk into fenway and play well, and the sox are really frustrated, and there was no one on, with 2 outs in a 5 run game. cmon man lol

  15. Dave Says:

    if it was Beckett I would say it was intentional. Not Masterson. He’s a nice religious boy. The Rays can cut this shit out any time know….good grief.

  16. Dan Says:

    Hey man remember 3-0 in 2004, 3-1 in 2007, this series isnt over yet, i know that for sure, i hope this series doesnt go 7 games though, the smart people at TBS schduled game 7 at the exact same time my bucs play the seahawks….

    best of luck in game 5.

  17. Dave Says:

    thanks Dan. In Dice K We Trust!

  18. Dan Says:

    Well he certaintly earned it after game 1, and by the way, game 2 was awsome! i cant beleive i was lucky enough to have been there.

  19. Feck Says:

    The Bosux are done now. They WILL NOT make a comeback two years in a row. Tonight I fly to Boston, and will be there all weekend to see some relatives. I won’t make it to Fenway, but I will be rockin’ my Rays gear all around town. Then I can be like all the obnoxious Sux fans I saw at the game last Saturday. At 1:45, as I walked to my car, they all said “Wait til you get to Fenway!” Ooh yeah. That’s worked out real good for them, hasn’t it.

    I never thought I would hate a team more than the Yankees…

  20. Dave Says:

    Why is it that Feck starts running his mouth once the Rays are in the playoffs. Good luck wearing your Ray gear around Boston, when you get out of Mass. General let us know how the brain damage is. I am convinced more every day that Dan is the only true, knowledgable Rays fan out there.
    Go Sox

  21. old man river Says:

    Hey some one said its not over till its over.WELL it still going on !!! if this sissy FECK has enough BALLS to rub our noses in it IF WE DONT WIN .. then he has brain damage already..I just hope the little girl thats beats the crap out of him goes to confession after the beating. JUST TO BRAGG TO THE PRIEST.. ITs not A sin to punch out a sissy WITH Rays SHIRT ON IN BEAN TOWN . amen He is sort of fecked up :}

  22. Dan Says:

    Ok I dont agree with feck, but i will say this, everyone keeps sayin that he cant go to mass wearin rays gear, but what about all the red sox fans get to wear there gear to the trop with no problems? It really sucks when the other teams fans comes to your staduim doesnt it? sounds like a double standard to me, wouldnt you say?

  23. Dave Says:

    So many comments to reply to, so here it goes:
    I encourage everyone to read Matt from Chicago’s comments from a few days ago. For some odd reason they showed up today. It’s good stuff.
    Matt- First of all I feel your pain as a long suffering Cubs fan. Maybe next year, but I’m sure you’ve heard that before. As for the Red Sox, this franchise is the model franchise in all of sports. They have ownership that isn’t afraid to spend on payroll. They have done a great job of developing their younger players, and thus have a solid core of homegrown talent. I think that they epitomize class. When is the last time you heard about a Red Sox player getting arrested or mentioned in the Mitchell report. I do acknowledge that their have been a lot of obnoxious Sox fans that joined the Nation post-2004, but the core of Red Sox fans have always been there. As for Johnny Gomes, let’s not forget Spring training when he ran in from right field and sucker punched Shelly Duncan during a Yankees game. Carl Crawfords neck tat is ridiculous. I really enjoyed your comments, the Jed Lowrie badass comment made me crack up. Thanks for writing.
    Dan- For 10 years the Rays needed Sox and Yankee fans to come to the Trop as their only chance for a sellout. Sox and Yankee fans helped to keep the Rays above water and keep them in Florida. Sox fans were the ones that kept Vince Naimoli’s bread buttered for years, now we aren’t welcome? Now that the Rays have had some success, I really hope that Rays fans fill their place on their own for 81 games next year. The Rays players deserve to play in front of a full house. I truly hope that the Bay area jumps on board and supports the Rays like they did with the Tampa Bay Buc’s. It would be nice to have baseball relevant in Florida.

  24. EIC Says:

    Have you guys seen this post by The Professor?

  25. Feck Says:

    well, gee, looks like I made it out of Boston alive. I got a few strange looks in Boston, but remained untouched. Even saw quite a few Rays fans. As to why I am chiming in now that the Rays are in the playoffs? Because I JUST FOUND your page a week or two ago. Today is truly one of the sweetest days ever. Not only are my Rays heading towards their first World Series victory, but they did it by beating the Bosux. True, they have many dedicated and loyal fans, like Dave mentioned, but it’s the ones who FREAKING LIVE RIGHT HERE IN TAMPA BAY that make me wanna puke.

    Good riddance Boston.

  26. Dave Says:

    Go Phillies

  27. Ali Says:

    “The only reason the Rays havent sucked for 86 years is because they have been around that long” WOW, we’ve only been around for 10 years and already won the Pennant, you FAIL

    “Your talking about a team that has an action cartoon that plays in the middle of the game” that was for superhero day at the Trop, it was a superhero cartoon for the kids

    “They play in a dump” I’ve been to Fenway, not the cleanest place in the world

    “their mascot is a joke” yes, I’ve never known any serious mascots

    “the fans are nothing but transplants” well yeah, everybody’s a transplant from somewhere, even your family

    “Lets face it it’s a team of misfits playing in a minor league atmosphere infront of a bunch of fans who don’t really care.”
    wow, you truly are a sore loser; who’s a misfit? Delmon Young or Elijah Dukes?


    have fun watching us in the Series from your moms basement

  28. Ginger Says:

    Wow. That was devastating, Ali. Some real zingers in there. Especially the part about being a sore loser, considering that C-Mac wrote that comment 10 days ago, when the Sox were up in the series 1-0.

  29. Sarah Austin Says:

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