Congratulations, I Hate You

I took the family to the Tampa Bay Rays open house in Port Charlotte today to check out the beautiful new Charlotte Sports Complex.

What a difference from the old Charlotte County Stadium. There’s a boardwalk that goes around the entire field that allows you to watch the players in the bullpen. There’s a playground for the kids to climb on. Non-traditional grass berms line the field for families to enjoy the game. There’s even a tiki bar in left field.

Beautiful fields, friendly people, tasty hot dogs.

Too bad the Rays still suck.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    It’s nice to see the Red Sox get the place they deserve for away games.

    Dylan ” I’m a stone crabs fan” Hamilton

  2. Dan Says:

    yes the world champions couldnt beat the sucky last place team with the 50 million dollar payroll. LOL

  3. Dave Says:

    Hey Dan,
    It’s a really nice complex down here. Are you planning on going to any Spring Training games?

  4. Dan Says:

    na, at Al lang field i went all the time cause it was 20 minutes away, but now its two hours and its not worth it to go. Im gonna get my tickets to the home opener april 13 against new york this week though.

    im sure your gonna go see the rays red sox game on march 7?

    oh and by the way, this is it, were gonna find out about the rays fan base for sure this year, can you really be a bandwagon fan if you dont show up even when there winning???

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I agree Dan. I’m wondering if the Regular season games will be as vacant as the games in previous years up at the Trop. On one hand, I want to see the Rays gain a real “fan base” and become a respected team in the AL, if possible. On the other hand, I want to ridicule all the bandwagon fans of last years postseason when they don’t even show up this season before September……….If the Rays even make it that far.

    Dylan “There’s a fan base in the Stimulus Packagefor the Rays” Hamilton

  6. Dan Says:

    Well I went to two postseason games, and bandwagon or not, the atmosphere was electric. it was so much fun, that even if there not real fans, just keep showing up and ringing those cowbells cause it was crazy in there.

  7. Dave Says:

    Cowbells…another reason to hate the Rays.

  8. Dan Says:

    Well alot more people hate the red sox than the rays, and they cant all be wrong. there is no reason to hate the rays, at least not yet. cheering for the sox is fine, but hating the rays?

  9. Dave Says:

    Sorry Dan, I can not, will not, like the Rays.
    I will not like them at the park. I will not like them in the dark. I do not like them on the bases, I do not like their ugly faces.
    I do not like Iwamuri, I do not like Evan Longoria.

    I will not like them here or there, I will not like them anywhere.

    I will not like them, Dan the #1 fan.

  10. Dan Says:

    very nice rymes, however i never said you had to like the rays at all, i think, as a red sox fan, you should want the sox to beat the rays 4,190,659,210 to 6 every time they play. but wanting your team to beat them, and hating them, are two different things, i just wonder why you hate them?

    side note: anyone who has kevin youkilis on there favorite team is real ballsy to call other players ugly.

  11. Dave Says:

    I look at the Rays in the same way I look at the Yankees. Rivals to the Red Sox, therefore I can not in any way possible like them. You should take it as a compliment. Plus I think Joe Maddon is a phony douchebag.

  12. Dan Says:

    Joe maddon is a great manager who did one of the best managerial jobs ever last year, and besides, it isnt disgusting every time he talks.

  13. Dave Says:

    Maddon did an epic job last season. I’m not ready to annoint him with the ‘greatness’ label after one sucessful season. I still think he’s a douche.

  14. OLDMAN RIVER Says:

    whats a douche.?. a German person.? where does the bag go on.. the front,top ,side ,back or on top.??.. let me know …oh ya the Rays eat it….Cream corn for supper mmmmmmmmmgood…..


    SPANKY THE YANKEE HERE . Boy you girls from Boston only know how to pick on the little people.I bet this kid Dan is like 13 years old.. Y ou guys from bean gas town SUCK..We will be champs again in the fall.. new players ,new home .THE NEW YORK YANKEES #1. THE SPANK MASTER WAS HERE…

  16. Dave Says:

    Great…Spanky is back. I thought you were locked up?


    next time I go to publix and the kid says paper or plastic sir, I am going to say put in a douchebag please and help me to my car. DO they come in blue ? ..

  18. Anonymous Says:

    So I’m in a Spring Training pool with my friends, which pays out 50 dollars. Each person gets 3 teams and who ever has the best combined winning percentage takes the money. I drew the Angels,Phillies, and Tigers. For the first time, I’m going to be really interested in spring training games. Happy Spring Time Everyone

    Dylan ” may be in the market for a sail boat” Hamilton

  19. Dan Says:

    its the first rays red sox game of the season tomorow, the rays are 0-2, so this is clearly a MUST win if there gonna challenge the sox for the grapefruit league pennant. any making the drive to fort myers?

  20. Dave Says:

    The game is in Port Charlotte, Dylan and I are going.

  21. Dan Says: said the rays will travel south tomorow to play in fort myers….. idk

  22. Dave Says:

    Half-ass baseball team… Half-ass website.

  23. Dan Says:

    yes i just checked the sports page, your right.

    What banner will the red sox hang up this year on opening day? they dont hand out AL wild card champion banners……

  24. Dave Says:

    Nicely played young Dan….They will be retiring another Red Sox Hall of Famers number this year. Are the Rays still planning the promotion “Buy a lower level ticket, and we’ll let you play Right field,” to help draw interest?

  25. Dan Says:

    Its Jim Rice isnt it?

    There not doing that one this year, this year its “if you buy a lower level ticket, you get one free week at the Dan Johnson school for clutch and backbreaking home runs”.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Would this be the same clutch performing Dan Johnson, that the Rays sold to Japan?

  27. Dan Says:

    yep, but he did his part, biggest homer in rays history. if dan johnson doesnt hit that homer, the red sox win the AL east, i firmly believe that.

  28. Dave Says:

    It was a crazy homerun, I agree. It was kind of cool that Dan Johnson showed up at Fenway right at the start of the game, didn’t warm up, got called in to hit of Papelbon, and smacks the hell out of the ball. I thought that hit would be his fast track to the majors. I was really surprised to hear he was sold off to Japan.

  29. Dan Says:

    it would have been. but in the games after he struggled, and besides, they rays lineup is two lefty heavy anyway.

  30. Dan Says:

    So you guys went to the game today? how was the ballpark? im thinking of changing my mind and going.

  31. Anonymous Says:

    The league has been set.

    Name: 2009 fantasy baseball
    pw: season2

    The draft date has been set for Monday March 30th at 7pm. It is a live draft, AL/NL, head to head format. Just like last year.

    The stone has been cast, boys (and in Ginger’s case girls) start your scouting. WBC should help in scouting those gems for the later rounds. Any questions feel free to ask, or email me directly at


  32. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    name: 2009 fantasy baseball league
    p/w : season2
    draft : Monday March 30th @ 7pm.

    Questions email me –


  33. Dave Says:

    You are the man Commish!/ Thanks for setting it up.

  34. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    I finally had computer access for more than 10 minutes. My computer took a nasty spill off of a desk in class thanks to a professor of mine. I pilfered my roommates computer for a few hours and got things going.


  35. Dave Says:

    We appreciate it! Are you going to be set up with a computer prior to the draft? I envision all the McLaughlins huddled in their war room on draft night. I think your brother is going to be the wild card this year. Should be fun.

  36. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    Im hoping to have it fixed by then, but if not I will be able to get on at school to do it from a computer lab. And as for the whole “War Room” you should see what Mom and Dad and to some extent Dan, did to my room here at the house. I move my bed out and I lose the room. Eh, whatever, but it is turning out to be a pretty sweet sports room.

    So, who takes the chance on A-Rod and the always possible yet highly unlikely looming 50 game suspension… Does Uncle Bud have the Nuts to do it???

    And since when is Teixiera better than Justin Morneau? Last I checked, Morneau has an MVP and has been consistantly mashing for 3-4 years.

    Also, CBS gave no love to Ryan Braun or Ian Kinsler. Last year they were great.

    I guess thats why we do our own rankings and not just go with the standard.

    Any thoughts on 1st rounders yet?

    Matt “I cant wait for this to get going” McLaughlin

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