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The Final Countdown

The hours are counting down for the second fantasy baseball league. We’ve talked the smack. We’ve done our draft prep. Now it’s time to see who is going to knock Dave McLaughlin and his Boston Braves off the top of Fantasy Island.

Will it be newcomer Dan the #1 Rays fan? We know he’s a baseball savant, but will it translate over to fantasy? Or will it be one of our returning players looking to redeem themselves after a disappointing inaugural season? (This means you Sarasota Red Rays, and whatever you’re calling your team this year, Dylan.)

Will the Love Boat Captains cruise to the playoffs?

Maybe the Boston badboys will break out of the retirement home, tattoo his password on his forehead and avoid the slow start that plagued him in 2008.

Will the McLaughlin triumvirate actually participate in the draft this year? Or will they make another lame excuse and let the auto-pick make all the tough decisions… again?

As for Team Yankeehater, I’ve done the draft prep. I’ve done the mock drafts, and I am counting down the hours until 7:00pm Monday night.

Game on!

Let’s Get It Started

My favorite time of the year is finally here.

As much as I love the real sport of baseball, there’s something about playing in a fantasy baseball league that really gets my juices flowing. Maybe it’s the spirit of competition, as ten team owners vie for the league title. Maybe it’s following every team in baseball, keeping track of “your” players, instead of just the ones on your favorite team. Or maybe it’s the six months of constant trash talking, or working out blockbuster deals with your family members over dinner. Perhaps it’s the chance for regular people to play General Manager, making trades, scouring the waiver wire, looking for the next hot player. For me, it’s all of those things.

So let’s get it started. These are a few questions I have going into the 2009 fantasy season.

  • Is A-Rod still worthy of a top-5 pick, or will the Un-Natural wilt under the extreme pressure of the steroid scandal?
  • Which round do you start looking at Manny Ramirez? If he had been signed a month ago, I would say 2nd or 3rd, but the longer these negotiations drag on, the more uninspired Manny will get. We all know how Manny reacts to being “disrespected.”
  • Will Big Papi rebound from his disappointing 2008 season?
  • Who will be the first pitcher drafted? Johan? Lincecum? CC?
  • Is Dan the #1 Rays Fan too scared to join our league?
  • Will Matt McLaughlin attempt to draft a team entirely of Red Sox and Twins players?
  • Can we finally put to rest the “I could’ve won if I hadn’t lost my password” excuse? (That means you, Boston badboys.)
  • Will anyone trade with Team Yankeehater?
  • Will Dylan attempt to draft Cal Ripken Jr., Ozzie Smith and Robin Yount to add to his stable of shortstops?
  • Can the Love Boat Captains continue her impressive run, or has that ship sailed?
  • Will Dave McLaughlin finally acknowledge that he got lucky in the 2008 finals?
  • Is Dan Mc a closet Yankee fan? With a team name like Fran-comas, I’m starting to wonder.

So it begins, boys and girl. I don’t care which team you play for. I don’t care if you sucker-punched Coco Crisp last year or if you’re dating Madonna. This year I’m pulling out all the stops to grab the title of Fantasy Baseball Champion.

Only three spots in the league remain. Sign up now!!!!