The Final Countdown

The hours are counting down for the second fantasy baseball league. We’ve talked the smack. We’ve done our draft prep. Now it’s time to see who is going to knock Dave McLaughlin and his Boston Braves off the top of Fantasy Island.

Will it be newcomer Dan the #1 Rays fan? We know he’s a baseball savant, but will it translate over to fantasy? Or will it be one of our returning players looking to redeem themselves after a disappointing inaugural season? (This means you Sarasota Red Rays, and whatever you’re calling your team this year, Dylan.)

Will the Love Boat Captains cruise to the playoffs?

Maybe the Boston badboys will break out of the retirement home, tattoo his password on his forehead and avoid the slow start that plagued him in 2008.

Will the McLaughlin triumvirate actually participate in the draft this year? Or will they make another lame excuse and let the auto-pick make all the tough decisions… again?

As for Team Yankeehater, I’ve done the draft prep. I’ve done the mock drafts, and I am counting down the hours until 7:00pm Monday night.

Game on!

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  2. Ginger Parker Says:

    The draft order is posted.
    1 The Tek’s Message
    2 Dirty Water Dogs
    3 bostonbadboys
    4 Love Boat Captains
    5 Boston Braves
    6 Rays Those Cowbells
    7 Yankeehaters
    8 SarasotaRedRays
    9 Less Than Zero
    10 NeverShortonStops

  3. Dave Says:

    So, is everyone happy with their team? Or do we need to start up the Trade Machine?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I couldn’t be happier with my squad right now.

    Dylan “Glad Tiger is Back” Hamilton

  5. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Its to early not to be happy, after the first loss the trades will roll in.

  6. Dave Says:

    I’m working on a few deals already. It’s never too early.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    I just tried to start on my on the block page, but I don’t want to put anyone on there yet. I really like this team I have……………give it two weeks I guess……

    Dylan ” Go Uconn” Hamilton

  8. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    I got shafted on the schedule. I dont have a cream puff team (i.e. Dylan and His Shortstop Contingency) until Week 10. In that stretch, I have the Boston Squaws a few times, Tek’s Jock Strap a few, Love Boat’s a few, Cowbells and YH’s as well. Ouch. Rough go, I have a feeling we are going to destroy each other in this Eastern Division.

    Eastern Division:
    1.Love Boat Captains, Rays Those Cowbells and Dirty Water Dogs in some order for 1-3 with 2 and 3 getting the Wild Cards
    4. Boston Braves- Draft is going to hurt, and we ALL are gunning for you AND know your plan. Plus your aligned with the BadBoys. Open Mouth, Insert Foot.
    5. Tek’s Message- I think that Dan is going to have to fight off what is left of Tek’s abizmal year last year. Hopefully, Dan gets the bad Juju, and Tek turns his act around for our Sox.

    Western Division:
    1. Yankeehaters – Anyone else in the league prove me wrong. He is the overwhelming favorite in a weaker Western Division
    2. Never Short on Stops – I think that DHam is going to actually be competitive this year. Nipping at Daves heals, but in the end just short.
    3. Sarasota Red Rays and Less Than Zero – Interchangeable at 3 + 4
    5 Boston Bad Boys – The BB and BBB alliance will be the undoing. You are aligned with BB’s and every one is gunning for him. You get the collateral damage.

    —–That East is sick.—–

    Matt “I cant wait to start the defending Champ’s season off with a loss….” McLaughlin

  9. Boston Braves " Foulline Fantasy Baseball Champion" Says:

    Well its time for my imput I think its totally wromg that all the McLaughlins are in one division and that Yankeehaters (Ramirez Team) cruz to the playoffs. Loveboat can hold her own in this division and still is the one to beat. My draft sucked but I will not make excuses. My partner BBB and I are still going to kick some ass.

    Have we set up a kick off game at Charlotte stadium yet. ???

    Matt have you woken up from your dream yet ??? You are going down…

    Still Champ until the last game and then I will be 2 time champ..

    Good luck all and go Partner.. BBB

  10. Dave Says:

    First of all, thanks to everyone that participated in our Second Fantasy Baseball draft. You guys and girl reinforced what I already knew, thefoulliner’s really know their baseball. It was a lot of fun watching each player assemble their perfect team. As for the two McLaughlins that got stuck with the dreaded Auto-pick, sorry about your luck. But if anyone can turn their teams hopes around it’s you two. Now lets talk about the divisions. I have a very different perspective on this, then Matt and Dave Mc. After looking at the rosters of all the teams, I have no doubt that the Western Division is superior. BBB &, SRR have really strong teams. Coupled with Dylan’s dedication to fixing last years debacle and LTZ’s Team Canada, it’s really up in the air to win this division.
    As for the (L)east division, I agree that LBC’s has another solid team and guarantees to be a contender. I also like Dan the #1 Rays’ fan team (especially the pitching), Matt Mc has a good looking team featuring the 2 best catchers in the game. This unfortunately is where the good teams end…. Add the two Autopick teams and it is a far cry from the quality of the West.
    With that being said, it’s a long season and still anyone’s game. Get busy and improve those rosters. I look forward to kicking all of your butts.
    Have fun!

    Dave “ night is definitely going to happen this year at Charlotte Stadium” Ingalls

  11. Boston Braves " Foulline Fantasy Baseball Champion" Says:

    Dave your perspective did not win you the championship last year nor will it win you one this year. With the name YANKEEhaters its like a A_ROD (alias A HOLE) curse pack it in now. LBC still is the one to beat she kicked my ass all last year and with my team I know she will this year too. But all that matters is the BOSTON BOYS end up on top BBBBB.

  12. Dave Says:

    Dave Mc
    It’s a little early in the season to throw in the towel, but after looking at your lineup- it might be in your best interest. I’m going to take extra pleasure in beating you this year, especially after my far superior team forgot to show up in the 2008 finals.

    It’s looking good for team LBC\YH to take down TeamBBBBBBBB. What were the stakes on our bet again??

  13. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    With my epic pitching, and when A Roid and matt wieters come sometime around may, is there anyway team RTC can be stopped? the short answer is no.

  14. Boston Braves " Foulline Fantasy Baseball Champion" Says:

    The Ramirez team reminds me of the movie Slap shot with the Hanson Bros, nothing but a bunch goons on a team that doesnt have a chance. When you show up at the Stonecrabs game are you going to have your goon glasses on. Dont forget the tape. It all starts tonight Good luck all and remember I’m still the CHAMP.. Bring it on one and all and the nice thing is I get to start with Matt first. Cowbells your a rookie keep dreaming you’ll make it to the bigs some day.


  15. Dave Says:

    Without a doubt, the Boston Braves are the sorriest looking team in the league! I’ll be surprised if he wins a game this season. As for Dan the #1 Rays fan, don’t listen to the old guy, he’s still living off his past glory.

    If I remember correctly Dave Mc… When the Hansons showed up, their team started winning. Thanks for the compliment!! Good luck this year, you’re gonna need it.

  16. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Uhh by the way, real champs dont let the computer pick there teams two years in a row. if an automated team wins the league, the computer is clearly smarter than you.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Hey rookie your not allowed to talk smack… Hanson Ramirez

  18. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Oh but I am.

  19. Dave Says:

    Boston Red Sox 162-0! Beckett, Pedroia,Youk, all look like they are in midseason form. Nice way to start the season.

  20. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    My team lost, and all of my aces on my wonderful pitching staff got rocked. nice way to start the season.

  21. Matt "The Beast in The East" McLaughlin Says:

    “And their toys! They Brought their F*n TOYS!!!!”

    Dave, Im with you on this one. After watching the Chocolate Cake fail to rise in the NY Oven, I am convinced that BB’s are going to fall on their faces out of the gate. Wait, hes playing me. That may do it too.

    Anyways, I have 6 tickets in on my desk for the Charlotte Stonecrabs vs Fort Myers Miracle season opener here at Hammond. If there is anyone who is interested, let me know. The old man and his posse are already coming, so anyone else who isnt doing anything Friday Night, its a possibility. Ill be in PC Friday afternoon, and could drop them off if needed.

    Matt “Time to make the donuts… I mean Hot Dog’s again.” McLaughlin

  22. Dave Says:

    I appreciate the ticket offer. Unfortunately, I’m working at the Fire Station. We’ll definitely catch some games this year. Dylan and I are all about minor league baseball.
    Please continue to kick your Dad’s ass, we all really appreciate it.

  23. Boston Braves " Foulline Fantasy Baseball Champion" Says:

    I would say that hes not kicking my ass but getting back at me for all the ass beatings he got. My team sucks anyone want Chocolate cake ???? NY style. My team sucks

  24. Dave Says:

    Work your magic Dave Mc…do some wheeling and dealing! The season is only 3 days old. You may even be able to rally towards mediocrity by the end of the year.

    Dave ” Has anyone seen the 2008 Fantasy baseball league champion?” Ingalls

  25. Boston Braves " Foulline Fantasy Baseball Champion" Says:

    I’m old it takes a while to get the team moving but I will be there at the top in the end. I’m so glad baseball is back.
    Dave we have 20 people going to Ft. Myers for the Miracle opener against the Stonecrabs should be fun. Looking for to Fouline night.

    Still Champ and loving it ………

    Hey BBB its early we start slow dont worry.

  26. Anonymous Says:

    I indeed am all about Minor League Baseball. Looking forward to tonights home opener in Port Charlotte.

    Dylan ” Can’t wait to make my Worst, to First, back to Worst shirt for the Rays later this year” Hamilton

  27. Matt "The Beast in The East" McLaughlin Says:

    Is your fantasy team in that conversation as well? Because last I checked, you finished DEAD last last year.

    Anyways, who wants Russell Martin. I have opened the flood gates. WHO Wants Him?

    Matt “This is going to be fun holding the games #2 catcher for ransom.” McLaughlin

  28. Dave Says:

    Russell Martin is overrated… Now if you were to offer up Brian McCann, I may be interested :)

  29. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Now fielding offers for evan longoria……

  30. Dave Says:

    I should have taken him in the 2nd round. Do you still think that I reached for Miguel Cabrera? He is on a tear!!

    Go Orioles! First the Yanks, now the Rays.

  31. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    quite simply, yes you should have. i admit that cabrera has started well, and looks like a great pickup. baltimore is playing good ball at the moment, but id worry more about your own team at this point…..

  32. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Rookie,

    Awful lot of trash talk for your first week your beating another rookie. Wait til you face Yankeehaters, Love Boat , and the top guns then talk..

    Hanson Ramirez

  33. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    im not talking trash, i made a statement that a player of mine was available if a mind blowing offer was made, forgive me if im not afraid of team yankeehaters of LBC who are both currently losing. everyone is beatable in fantasy baseball, everyone here is a good player. im not knocking on you guys by the way.

  34. Matt McLaughlin Says:

    So I attended the 11-6 beat down of the Stone Crabs at the hands of MY Fort Myers Miracle tonight. I have to say nice park, but the team… ehhh not so much.

    Fort Myers is 3-0 thanks to the Crabs.

    I just wish the DWD’s were not playing as bad as the SC’s are this week against the old man.

    Matt “This is not looking good for all the trash I talked last week” McLaughlin

  35. Dave Says:

    This has been a crazy first week of Fantasy baseball. With the new pitching scoring system, it really is anyone’s game. Matt, you need to motivate your team today so you can take down your Dad. I’m not sure we can put up with his bragging this week if he pulls one out.
    Dan the #1 Rays fan, I’m not sure who initiated your trade between yourself and the Boston Braves, but that is a really good trade for both sides. It addresses two needs for him, and gives you another big bat in your lineup. Great job. And the rich get richer….

  36. Boston Braves " Foulline Fantasy Baseball Champion" Says:

    Dave very well put Dan proposed that and that should work for both teams. Im not trash talking but I will say it was nice to have Matt stay here last night and to see his face when he saw he was down 75 points it was priceless. The SC game was nice last night but being in Port Charlotte for Baseball was weird because Im so use to seeing the Miracle in FT Myers. The park is great SC are young but will get better. Dan(RF) I wish I initiated that trade because that was a fair trade for both of us. Good luck with it if it goes through.

    Dave I will be awaiting your weekly summary looking at where certain teams are this week.

    The new scoring system sucks by the way I dont like the neg. numbers. I’ve always been a positive coach/manger and its tough on my players. I would like to say it would have changed my draft but I didnt draft this year again.

    Looking forward to my first win Thanks Matt Love Dad

  37. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Thanks guys, its the final day of the week! finish strong, good luck.

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