A Change Is Gonna Do Me Good

Change is important. The prospect of change is what led to Barack Obama becoming our 44th president. And when it came to the off-season for the Boston Red Sox, change was very good.

I love the improvements that Theo Epstein made to his lineup. Say goodbye to Jason Bay, Billy Wagner, Takashi Saito, and Alex Gonzalez. Au revoir to seeing Mike Lowell and Jason Varitek as everyday players. It’s time to say hello to the new guys that are going to lead the Red Sox to the 2010 World Series.

John Lackey

The best available pitcher on the market is now locked up for five years in Boston. Lackey is a bulldog that will give the Sox another #1 pitcher that will win 15+ games and throw 200 innings. A trio of Jon Lester, Josh Beckett, and John Lackey has to scare the crap out of the New York Yankees. Great move.

Marco Scutaro

Here’s a guy that defends his position well, hits for average, steals a few bases, and solidifies the shortstop position until Jose Iglesias is ready, hopefully in two years.

Mike Cameron

37-year-old centerfielders aren’t usually my cup of tea, but the word around MLB is that Cameron is a great clubhouse guy, plays Gold Glove defense, and has a swing tailor-made for smacking doubles off the Green Monster. He’ll be another bridge for the Sox young outfielders.

Adrian Beltre

This guy didn’t hit his weight last year, fractured one of his testicles (doesn’t wear a cup), and was rumored to be asking for a 5-year, $65 million free-agent contract. Boston landed him on a 1-year, $10 million deal. He’ll be a huge improvement defensively over the aging Mike Lowell. He plays a sick 3rd base and has a laser-rocket arm. I think he’ll hit 25 homeruns, bat .270 and win the Gold Glove.

The great thing about these moves is that it didn’t cost Boston any of its prospects. If these moves falter, Theo Epstein still has the resources to make a significant deal at the trade deadline.

Pitching and defense wins championships. Boston is poised to win another one.

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  1. Dan The # 1 Rays Fan Says:

    First thefoulline.com post with 100 comments! WOOT!

  2. Less Than Zero Says:

    Lets go Red Sox!!!

    Hey hey gentlemen, any room left for a crazy Canadian in the pool this year?

  3. BOSTON BAD BOYS #1 Says:

    we should kick your canadian ass out after the HOCKEY GAME ..but you got my VOTE mr ZERO

  4. Dan The # 1 Rays Fan Says:

    I agree with bostonbadboys. U-S-A! U-S-A!

  5. Ginger Says:

    I’m going to post the league info in the morning. There might be more than 10 teams interested this year, so everyone get in there as early you can to make sure you get a spot.

    Hey, LTZ. We were wondering if you’d be back around. Check back in the morning and grab a spot.

  6. BOSTON BAD BOYS #1 Says:

    YES DEAR..

  7. Less Than Zero Says:

    Oh wow I’m glad you brought up that hockey game! That was one of the most beautiful things i’ve ever seen. haha I think at least 1/3 of Canada would of ended themselves had we lost that game.

  8. Dan The # 1 Rays Fan Says:

    I was never really into hockey, but that USA team got me into it. Epic tournament that was, Zach Parise is a great player.

  9. Ginger Parker Says:

    Ok here it is. You need to log in, create your team, and search for our league. The league is called thefoulline.com and the password is igotbeatbyagirl. I kept it simple by using something that you’re all very familiar with.

  10. Dave Says:

    If you’re having trouble with the password, take off the “irl” on the end. My smartass wife used too many letters.

  11. Dave Says:

    Holy crap, only 2 spots left. Signup quickly!!!

  12. Dan The # 1 Rays Fan Says:

    thefoulline.com baseball league is the best in the nation, everyone knows that.

  13. Less Than Zero Says:

    Yeah Zach Parise is a gun, so is Ryan Kessler, that guy is the Canadian killer. Oh and that Ryan Miller fellow isn’t too shabby either. I’ve never been that into hockey as well, (in comparison to anyone else in Canada) But you’ve gotta love the international tournaments.


    HEYZERO DO YOU HAVE A (GREEN CARD) or did you slip across at nite..or.. skate across . hey lets see it alien … cough up the GREEN CARD…KEEP THIS UP AND YOU WILL HAVE TO BE DAN THE TAMPA KIDS FRIEND.. HIT A NERVE HUH ? Next bus leaves at 6 pm be under it … (jokeing) THE YANKEEHATERS “”! Said you where a good guy,not to smart but a good guy…..” PS dan the kid loves the FOULINE because not one else will let him on theirs….

  15. Dan The # 1 Rays Fan Says:

    Where are the McLaughlins? Cmon guys fill those last two spots!

  16. Dave Says:

    Where are the McLaughlins?? There’s only two spots left!!!

  17. Dave Says:

    in the event that the Mclaughlins remain MIA do you have anyone that want to join our league?

  18. Dan The # 1 Rays Fan Says:

    I dont think so… this is a crisis!

  19. Dave Says:

    I have backups. The mclaughlins have until 7 pm to join or they’re out.
    Mark my words… Thefoulline.com will be drafting tomorrow night!!!

  20. Dan The # 1 Rays Fan Says:

    Thats only 3 hours dave! Your only giving them 3 hours!! Red Sox fans are brutal. lol

  21. Dave Says:

    We only have until midnight or we’re disbanded. I don’t know what else to do??

  22. Dan The # 1 Rays Fan Says:

    We only have until midnight? I didnt know that. Your right, your doing the right thing. We must draft, not drafting is not an option.

  23. crazy guy in south carolina Says:

    where the hell is chip pulaski when you need him… wendolin can always join … she is all most as smart as ginger.. … but she thinks baseballs go in corn flakes…

  24. Dave Says:

    Settle down… We’ll be ok

  25. Dave Says:

    Well, we have ten… It’s going to be weird without the Mc family. Let’s hope the new blood is ready for a fun and exciting season

  26. Dan The # 1 Rays Fan Says:

    Im sure this well be the best season yet.

  27. MR READY TO KICK ASS IN 2010 Says:

    hey yankeehater BITCH you had us sweating it out that means we all want to kick your FAT ASS THIS YEAR see you all sat nite…

  28. Anonymous Says:

    Draft positions have been posted on CBS

    3.Boston badboys
    5.Team one
    7.Love Boats
    8. Haitian Hammer
    9. Rays those Cowbells
    10.Unsportsmalike Mike

  29. Dan The # 1 Rays Fan Says:

    I got the worst spot in the whole draft! At least if you pick 10th you get two picks in a row, I dont even get that. lol

  30. Dave Says:

    I’ll trade you!! Lol… I’m not too excited about #2

  31. Dan The # 1 Rays Fan Says:

    But you get a great player.

  32. Unsportsmanmike Says:

    damn auto draft.. ready to make some changes

  33. Dave Says:

    Welcome aboard Mike we’re happy to have you in our league.
    I’m always up for a trade if you’re looking to deal

  34. Boston Braves Says:

    Hey I see that we are not invited to the draft whats up with that <<<<

  35. Dave Says:

    We’ve been trying to get ahold of you guys for the past 10 days. Check out the comments, we were waiting..

  36. Boston Braves Says:

    I thought Matt was setting it up, and I hope it all goes well this year. Good Luck all ..

  37. Dan The # 1 Rays Fan Says:

    Sorry Dave Mc, It wont be the same without you.

  38. Dan The # 1 Rays Fan Says:

    You should still join a league Dave Mc, Your a good fantasy baseball player, you should still play.

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