Simply the Best

Basketball is boring, the NHL has too many foreign players whose names I can’t pronounce, and the NFL may not be around for a 2011 season. And that is why Major League Baseball is the best of the professional sports. 30 teams, all with a chance to win the World Series. 162 games that matter. Fresh-cut grass. Cold beer. Keeping score… and oh yeah, fantasy baseball.

Quick Hits:

  • I can’t believe that I made a “don’t draft” list and didn’t include Grady Sizemore. I hate that bastard, and his one good knee.
  • It’s nice to see the Chicago Cubs in mid-season form. It’s the first week of games and they’re already fighting each other in the dugout.
  • Carl Crawford’s batting average has soared to .167 ¬†after collecting two hits today. The flood gates are officially open.
  • Speaking of mid-season form, Dice K gave up 7 runs in today’s game. That’s $100 million well spent.
  • I want to see a race between Jacoby Ellsbury & Carl Crawford. The loser has to bat lead-off.
  • I just scored two tickets for the Rays-Red Sox game this week, 5th row behind home plate. This spring is shaping up nicely.
  • After watching the aging Yankees last night, Robinson Cano is their only player that scares me. That guy is stupid good. He’s the best second baseman in the league… By a lot!
  • Just when you think a player is a total scumbag, he runs into your daughter’s first grade teacher and her son at Publix, poses for pictures, and gives the kid an autographed bat… I guess that’s just Manny being Manny. Classy move.
  • I’m really happy to see that our league has 10 teams signed up, although I’m not sure what a “bostobadboy” is.
  • Dont sleep on the Atlanta Braves this year. If one of their Billy Wagner replacements pitches well, watch out.
  • I actually traded Hanley Ramirez and David Price for Ryan Howard and a scrub pitcher last year. How’d I make the playoffs?
  • If you want a good laugh, YouTube Dustin Pedroia and watch any interview he does. The guy is a character.
  • Is Buster Posey the first catcher taken in the draft?
  • Can’t wait for Opening Day. Although I’m dreading that I have to listen to Dewayne Staats call Rays games.
  • Fact:¬† 3 weeks until draft time, and two-time defending fantasy baseball champion Love Boat Captains has yet to research the first player or do a mock draft. Why am I still scared?

79 Responses to “Simply the Best”

  1. allan Says:

    well hurting ur ribs can be a complicated but he’s a brewer n not a yankee so no pressure on him for this injury n im sure he’s gonna come back strong so i’d say 8 or 9

  2. allan Says:

    So does anybody think johan santana will be back to normal in the 2nd half when he returns and where to you feel he’ll be taken? i’ll say he’s taken by the 14th or 15th round. he’s still a big name.

  3. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Johan shouldnt be drafted. He’s toast. He hasnt been the real Johan since his first year with the Mets anyway. He’s yours if you want him. There saying it could be July before he returns

  4. Dave Says:

    I agree with Dan (holy crap). Johan had flashes of brilliance last year- but I’m not grabbing him.

  5. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Im tired of my player getting injured. One of the biggest things i’ll be drafting for this year is games played. Every player that goes onto my team is getting his games played over the last 5 years looked at. Players who play 150 games every year are high up on my list.

  6. allan Says:

    so I joined a league thats called canadians vs americans lol draft is on monday…should be fun lol

  7. Dave Says:

    Good luck drafting Allan… Don’t forget that Pujols is washed up and should be avoided at all costs.
    Side note: went go the orioles/ twins game in Sarasota today. It was a great experience. Beautiful stadium, friendly people, both of my kids were give a ball. 1 by the orioles first base coach, 1 by the first base umpire. It was a great time.
    Tomorrow: going to rays/ Red Sox
    Friday: rays/ Pirates
    This is going to be a great week!

  8. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:


    Sounds like a great week. I myself am taking the treck to Port Charlotte to see the Rays/Sox tomorow! I was supposed to go last week, but now im going tomorrow! Cant wait. Forecast says rain in the AM, but gone by noon. I hope that holds true. So excited

    Dan”Going to be counting whether there are more Carl Crawford Rays jerseys or Carl Crawford Red Sox jerseys” Mckewen

  9. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Allan you should tell the school you got the ebola virus tomorrow and come to the game with us! It should be epic fun. Just tell them you were cured when you come in on friday. Its a miracle! lol

  10. allan Says:

    well I cant because im already taking off next friday for the orlando trip am I will be attending the braves mets game next saturday myself should be fun

  11. allan Says:

    btw nothing makes me more hapy than to c the phillies with more injuries I prolly shouldnt say that but they can F off. where do you guys c chase utley going in the draft??? he appears to b injured n does NOT want surgery. Im not gonna touch him with a 10 foot pole

  12. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Yea its cool. And Utley is tough… Because 2nd base is so weak, you almost have to take a chance on him…

  13. Dave Says:

    Utley is a baller. If he can stand he’s going to play. I think he’s going to be fne

  14. allan Says:

    this season chase utley’s like a box of chocolates….you never know what ur gonna get lol

  15. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    He’s still better than Kinsler. And i’ll still take Kinsler….. God I suck at fantasy baseball lol

  16. Dave Says:

    Let’s work this out now. Allan gets Uggla, Dan can have Kinsler, AND Aki Iwamura for when Kinsler gets hurt, and I’ll take Pedroia. It works out great for everyone

  17. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Ian Kinsler games played in 2010: 102

    Dustin Pedrioa games played in 2010: 75

  18. Dave Says:

    Pedroia MVP awards 1
    Kinsler MVP awards 0

    So is it a deal?

  19. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Kinsler career high in homers: 31

    Pedrioa career high in homers: 17

    Kinsler career high in steals: 31

    Pedrioa career high in steals: 20

    Kinsler career high in RBIs: 86

    Pedrioa career high in RBIs 83

    Sure Dave its a deal.

  20. Dave Says:

    Sweet! Thanks…Kinsler is all yours!

  21. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    You kidding? I dont want him. lol

  22. Dave Says:


  23. Dan the #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Na. Im going to after Pedrioa. Oh yea. First round. First overall if I have too. Pedrioa is coming to Rays Those Cowbells this year, and its going to be outstanding.

  24. Dave Says:

    You know Pedroia is my weakness. I can only imagine the bounty you’ll get in return when you trade him to me.

  25. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Well Dave your a smart guy, so use your head. What’s my weakness? I think you can manage to turn the tables on me if you play it right.

  26. Dave Says:

    This year I’m sticking to my strategy. If I miss out on on some of my favorite players, so be it. I really need to take down the LBC’s this year.

  27. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Dont we all. This league needs a new champ. The question is though, can Ginger catch the Yankees and win 27 world championships? Only time will tell.

  28. allan Says:

    yea I’ll take uggla at 2nd no problem. man I think he’s gonna have a damn good year playing in turner field he’s gonna be happy and knowing that he’s actually got a shot at the post season…. i’m thinking 33 hr’s and 100 rbi’s

  29. allan Says:

    I must be honest tho if i’m in a situation where I’m thinking 2nd base and uggla is there but mr.cano is there as well im gonna have to pass on my new found soldier

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