Not Ready to Make Nice

After a disastrous 2012 season, the Red Sox owners added some character guys on the tail end of their careers. In an effort to make the team more likable, Sox owners signed Ryan Dempster – great Harry Caray impersonator, got shelled in Texas last year; Shane Victorino and his .255 batting average; Mike Napoli and his two necrotic hips.

But the the most egregious signing of all was Johnny freakin’ Gomes! What the hell was that all about? How can Gomes ever get cheered at Fenway after his sucker punching and hair pullingĀ of Coco Crisp in the bottom of the “fight” pile? I can understand defending your teammates, but what I can’t comprehend is having this orangutan patrol left field in Fenway Park. I’ve disliked a lot of players in my time, but it’d be hard to find anyone I dislike more than Gomes. But what the hell… It’s only $10 million, and he’s all ours for two seasons.

Quick hits:

  • Speaking of that fight… Does anyone wonder if Coco and James Shields have ever thrown a punch in their collective lives? Whiff… whiff!
  • I still hate the Rays, but I’m interested to see Wil Myers play.
  • I’m making a return to the Rays Opening Day game. Last year’s Rays vs. Yanks game was one of the best I have ever seen live.
  • I’ll be not-so-secretly hoping that the Cleveland Indians do well this season. I’m still a huge Francona fan.
  • I’ll be not-so-secretly hoping that Bobby Valentine contracts syphilis. I still can’t stand that guy.
  • Am I the only one that feels sorry for Houston Astro Carlos Pena? They are by far the worst team in MLB. Moving to the American League is not going to help.
  • It’s my tradition to buy a new Red Sox hat before the start of every season. I might skip it this year. I’m really starting to dislike the Sox ownership.
  • The word around Red Sox camp is that John Lackey is in great shape. They’re also reporting that he’s still a mouth breather.
  • I made the decision a few weeks ago that I was going to cut back on Spring Training games this year. Next thing I know, Dylan hooks us up with Sox vs. Cardinals. Followed by my brother scoring Sox vs. Rays. Then the October Boy asks me to go to the Rays vs. Phillies. Followed by my buddy Nate getting Tigers vs. Mets tix. Suddenly, my spring is looking up!
  • I really, really hope Ryan Braun isn’t a juicer. But I think he is.
  • AL East final 2013 standings: 1. Blue Jays, 2. Rays, 3. Yankees, 4. Red Sox, 5. Orioles
  • What are your thoughts on a 12-team league? Does that interest anyone?

Well, that’s two posts in two days… Is it baseball season yet?

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  1. 2012 fantasy baseball champion Says:

    Its funny, because you say that now, but I guarantee within two weeks Gomes will be one of your favorite guys on the team. He is the Pete Rose of playing hard. This dude runs out every ground ball like his ass is on fire, and if somebody even LOOKS at Dustin Pedrioa wrong, this guy will be ready for war. Gomes will be loved by the blue collar, hard working people that go to Fenway Park every night…. I guarantee it.

    That fight was still fun to watch, probably more fun then watching the Astros play

    Wil Myers is the most exciting player to hit Tampa Bay since Longoria himself. Cant wait

    Cleveland made some pretty good moves. They STOLE Trevor Bauer from Arizona…. That kid still has ace like talent, crappy year last year aside

    Spring training games are amazing! sportsmanMike and I head down to Port Charlotte for a game every spring.

    Braun is guility as sin. But the guy led me to a title, so I got no ill will for him!

    No from me on the 12 team league, it just spreads the talent thinner and thinner. I’ve been looking for a way to get our football league down to 10 teams actually. is back! I like the changes you made to the site. Nice job Dave keep it up!

  2. sportsmanMike Says:

    Jonny Gomes is an amazing team player one of my favorite Rays ever

  3. Dave Says:

    I’m sure that Gomes is a great teammate, but patience will wear thin when he’s batting .250 and having the Green Monster make him look silly. There won’t be enough bench clearing brawls to justify Gomes existence on the roster.
    Word in Rays camp is that the ball coming off Wil Myers bat, just sounds different then anyone else. The Rays gave up a lot to get him, but he should be fun to watch. I really hope he starts the year in the majors. With that being said, the Rays are the smartest team in baseball, and have yet to handle a stud prospect incorrectly ( Longoria, Price, Moore, Jennings…..)
    I agree with you on the 12 team idea. I have a really good guy itching to get in our league, but it would water down the league. And, I really enjoy the tight knit group we have.
    Thanks for noticing the changes to the site. We’re trying to revamp some things, and try to get thefoulline out in the world again. Please spread the word to all you passionate baseball friends. I’m working with my IT department to make some big changes, refresh the site, clean it up a bit. Should be exciting! Keep the ideas coming… This is fun!

  4. 2012 fantasy baseball champion Says:

    After the debacle of a clubhouse the Sox have had over the last few years, a little Gomes will go a long way into restoring things. Mark my words.

    Wil Myers has like a 4% chance of starting in the majors. They’ll hold him back like they did every other prospect just to keep him reaching free agency a year sooner and help with his arbitration. I agree with the process. The Rays probably arent World Series contenders this year, but with Myers and Longoria anchoring that lineup for the next decade, the future is bright. I cannot WAIT to see Wil Myers play.

    Sox will be better then people think. Getting the overpaid cancers out of the clubhouse and getting rid of the worst manager of the last decade, for any team, will add at least 8 wins to the team by itself. Bobby V is a legit psyco

  5. Dave Says:

    I think the Sox will be more likable, I’m not sure it will translate to the field. The Rays have a great chance to win the division. The yanks are old & tired ( great post the other day on this). The jays should be fun to watch and much improved. The O’s blew their load last year. Could be an interesting crap shoot in the AL East.

  6. 2012 fantasy baseball champion Says:

    The Orioles were a bit of fools gold. I mean there run differential sucked, and yet somehow they won 93 games. They NEVER lost a close game all year long. There magic has run out, I agree.

    If Josh Johnson can be the real Josh Johnson, and RA Dickey is even half of what he was last year, the Jays can win 95 games.

    Like I said in my post, I just dont trust the Yankees this year. This could finally be the year they really are old.

    The Rays need to replace Shields. Personally I would love to see Chris Archer get the first chance, his stuff is absolutely electric and he’s like 25. He’s ready. But its going to be Roberto Hernandez (Fausto Carmona) who gets the first chance at it. His 3 million dollar salary pretty much guarantees that.

  7. Dave Says:

    Shields is going to be hard to replace. I couldn’t stand him, but he competed every game. Matt Moore is going to have a monster year. Price is going to be Price. Hellickson & Niemann are always solid. Throw in Cobb, Carmona and Archer in the mix and you have some good depth. Do the Rays have enough offense? Is this the year Longo plays 150 games? Will Desmond Jennings break out? The rays have a few question marks, but they’ll find a way to be in the mix at playoff time.

  8. 2012 fantasy baseball champion Says:

    Hopefully your right. With this kind of talk, I’ll see you at the front of the line during our World Series parade!

    Dave The #1 Rays Fan

  9. Dave Says:

    Yeah…. About that….

  10. allan Says:

    Hey ladies, how’s it going? I would like to chime in if ya don’t mind… First off, I love the changes you made to the site dave….and second, LMAO at the rays winning a World Series!
    My opinion on the 12 team league is a 2 way street. 1, the talent would be thinner, based on injuries alone. Look at the players that were lost last season. I also feel it would make life harder on making trades. 2, this is a superior league to any other in the land, 10 hungry fantasy owners that bust their ass trying to win a title. As active as it is, I see 2013 being the most active I’ve seen it in the last 2 years that I’ve been blessed to be invited to this league (tears…sniff sniff). Who wouldn’t want to be a part of an event as historic as this one? Draft day is like going on a blind date, sometime she’s beautiful and sometimes she’s uglier than Bobby valentines management strategies. I’ll go ahead and play the selfish role, NO on the 12 team league, but who the hell am I? Do what you feel is best for the league Dave. You haven’t failed yet…Besides the last couple championship games you were apart of, but who’s counting?…besides DAN!

    I’m an NL East guy, but I’ll throw in my thoughts on the AL East.
    1.yankees 2.O’s 3.rays 4.jays 5.sox

    The Yankees always find a way when doubted. The O’s are better than people want to think. They have a nice farm system ready to explode, teams better watch out. Built to last. The rays will miss shields ad i doubt they start will Myers day 1 like they should. Toronto is Toronto, lots of pop with limited pitching. The Canadian red sox association. The red sox are interesting. They have a lot to prove but, if they can pitch…look out. I’m not betting on it though.

    Last but not least….Ryan Bryan is on roids & Mike Trout’s weight is differently a concern to owners prepared to use a top 3 pick on him.

  11. Dave Says:

    Nicely done Allan! Good stuff… This is OUR league, if you guys want to keep it at ten teams I’m on board. I love the passion from all ten of our owners. This is is the earliest that we’ve had everyone committed to playing. It just shows we’re all chomping at the bit to take Dan down. I have to admit, another year under Allan’s belt, October boys season two, a focused Mike, a 3 time champ looking for redemption, the always dangerous Redrays & Willisbetheyear, and a 5 time playoff loser all looking to take down the 2012 champion is pretty exciting. I agree that the NL east will be fun to watch this year.. Is it your Braves year? A heavier Trout still will not sway Dan from swiping him as early as he can- and I can’t say I blame him.
    The season starts April 1…. Any thoughts on a draft date?
    Thanks for checkin in!

  12. 2012 fantasy baseball champion Says:

    Whats that old saying about the hunter having a mental edge over the hunted? About how the guy trying to take the championship has more hunger then the guy trying to defend it? I call BS on that one. I have tasted the glory. I have been to the mountaintop, and it feels GOOD. I am more focused and determined then ever before to bring in my 2nd consecutive championship this season. Bring it on. All of you.

    Dan “The reign of Rays Those Cowbells has just begun” Mckewen

  13. Dave Says:

    Honestly Dan… The thoughts of you winning back to back titles has kept me up on quite a few nights. I’m ramping up the draft prep, analyzing.. them reanalyzing every potential trade offer this season. I’m a 5 time playoff loser! The Buffalo Bills of Fantasy Baseball. Playoffs don’t mean squat.. I need a frickin title!

  14. 2012 fantasy baseball champion Says:

    The Bills only lost 4 Super Bowls. You’re in a complete league of your own with 5. Pretty soon teams will start saying that there the “Dave Ingalls of sports”.

    I didnt wanna be the one to have to tell you this, but somebody had to. Just wish it didnt have to be me.

  15. allan Says:

    Dave, I almost nicknamed you “buffalo Dave” but, I thought it was a bit much…lol

  16. allan Says:

    Watching dan win back to back titles would be like watching an 80 year old woman giving child birth. It just shouldn’t happen. Like watching Roseanne Barr doing the downward dog in a T-back. Please Dave, prevent the madness! I know I’ll do everything I can!!!

  17. Dave Says:

    Technically…. I’ve only lost 3 finals. I used to think it was cool just to make the playoffs since this league is so tough. 5 seasons, 5 playoff appearances, 3 trips to the finals, 0 baseball titles. Something’s gotta give

  18. Dave Says:

    Allan… You’re last comment made me spit out my coffee! Funny stuff… Disgusting .. But funny!

  19. 2012 fantasy baseball champion Says:

    Its so adorable watching you all scurry around like little elves trying to delay the inevitable. The Danyasty has begun.

  20. Dave Says:

    Danyasty is pretty clever. I like that one a lot! You got the bragging rights.

  21. 2012 fantasy baseball champion Says:

    Im really impressed with all you guys drive and desire. I got a strong feeling this is going to be the best season we have ever had.

  22. sportsmanMike Says:

    Back to back? I wont allow it!

  23. allan Says:

    Mike is going to beat Dan so bad this year, he’ll call it police brutality!

  24. allan Says:

    Hey Dave, I’ve been apart of an internet sports radio show as of late. I plan on giving a some advertisement tomorrow night. I figured we can all give what little resources we have to the site.

  25. Dave Says:

    That’s great Allan, Thanks! What station is it? Can we listen to you before you get your own show and forget about us little people?

  26. 2012 fantasy baseball champion Says:

    I listened to it last week, its legit for sure. thefoulline will get a nice boost if Allan gives it a shout out. I told you Dave, were not playing around this time. thefoulline is going to come back its to its old glory!

  27. Dave Says:

    I appreciate the help fellas! I’ll do my part.

  28. 2012 fantasy baseball champion Says:

    Friday April 12th 2013, the First Rays vs Red Sox game, live from Fenway Park. I say we make that the first live chat night of the season.

    What do you guys think?

  29. Dave Says:

    I’m in! Any thoughts on a draft date?

  30. allan Says:

    Hey Dave, if your on Facebook, come check out my page. Yaysports. Send me a friend request. My buddy that does the show adds a link to my page. He does an all Lakers (NBA) show on Monday & an all around sports show on Thursday.

  31. 2012 fantasy baseball champion Says:

    Same as usual? Season starts March 31st, thats a sunday. So Sunday March 24th for the draft?

  32. Dave Says:


  33. Dave Says:

    I’m working the 24th, as is the Redrays. How about Monday March 25th?

  34. 2012 fantasy baseball champion Says:

    Any day is fine for me, just clear a day for everyone else. Whenever the draft is, i’ll be there.

  35. Dave Says:

    Sounds good. Lets shoot for march 25th. I’ll get with Ginger, Redrays, Willis, octoberboys, Chefdick, and the hammer to confirm. Hopefully it works with Allan. & Mike. If not, guys let me know and we’ll figure it out. Due to schedules, we may need to break our Sunday tradition.

  36. 2012 fantasy baseball champion Says:

    Its pretty crazy… The draft has been on a sunday evening every single year.

  37. Dave Says:

    March 10th would be the only available Sunday. We had an early draft a few seasons ago,and we all went a little nuts waiting for the season to begin. Hopefully a different day won’t mess with our league mojo

  38. 2012 fantasy baseball champion Says:

    The 25th would be WAY better then the 10th…. I would go insane waiting a full 3 weeks for the season to start and see my team in action. Nothing more then 7 days away from the season opener.

  39. allan Says:

    The 25 should be good. What time would we be looking at?

  40. 2012 fantasy baseball champion Says:

    Im assuming same time as usual, around 8 o clock

  41. Dave Says:

    8 pm is the usual time if its ok with everyone?

  42. 2012 fantasy baseball champion Says:

    Fine by me. Looks like we are all on board with March 25th?

  43. BDog Says:

    Hey gang, whats goin on? Dan has been spreadin the word about this site, told me I should come check it out. We were in a fantasy basketball league together, but my real passion is baseball. This is a real good setup you got goin on here, And im really looking forward to the next post you write!

    Im a Rockies fan myself :/

  44. allan Says:

    Hey bdog, nice to have you here. We’re just working out our draft day and time right now. Feel free to post any thoughts you may have on the 2013 season.

  45. Dave Says:

    Hey Bdog… Thanks for checking out the site. We’re in the middle of a redesign, so stay tuned for hopefully a better looking and useful site in the near future. Rockies fan huh? So you’re the one? I went to a Rockies game last April at Coors Field and it was one of the greatest sports experiences of my life. I absolutely loved the stadium, the people were great, exited fans. It was a fantastic atmosphere. Stay true to your team, they’ll turn it around eventually.

  46. 2012 fantasy baseball champion Says:

    Troy Tulowitzki sucks!

  47. BDog Says:

    Allan- Thanks for the warm welcome, I have some pretty strong opinions on the upcoming season that I will be posting later tonight

    Dave- Im anxious to see what you all have cooked up, I’ve been reading some of your older posts, and im impressed. You really seem to know your stuff and have strong, well thought opinions. Im looking forward to seeing what you have in store. And as for Coors, i’ve only been there three times in my life, and The Rockies lost all 3 games. So im still looking for my first victory in person. We have to get better pitching, even our prospects are pretty lame. Its a long road for us.

    Dan- Im guessing you drafted Tulo last year? lol don’t worry, he pissed off all us Rockies fans more then anyone.

  48. Dave Says:

    I’m working on a few ideas now. If you have any topics you want to talk about please don’t hesitate to share them. We enjoy strong opinions around here.

  49. BDog Says:

    Maybe two posts, each previewing your take on the contenders and pretenders for the AL and NL Pennants?

  50. Dave Says:

    Bdog…. It’s on the list. Thans

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