Spring Love

The Major League Baseball season is a 162-game grind. Thirty teams come in with a clean slate and a fresh start, and excitement for making the coveted playoffs is high. Well, maybe not in Houston, Minnesota, or San Diego, but you catch my drift. Everyone is going to predict the Tigers, Nationals, Braves, and Giants as potential World Series contenders. And they should – those teams are loaded. Tension will build. Expectations will be high. Questions will be asked. Who’s going to be this year’s surprise team? Who are this year’s Oakland A’s and Baltimore Orioles?

Right now, who cares? It’s Spring Training!

ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian sums up Spring Training up perfectly: “It is a time for optimism, a fresh start and hope.”

So for now, let’s enjoy six weeks of good weather. Let’s watch the bright-eyed prospects fight for a spot on a Major League roster, and the aging veterans trying to delay the inevitable. Let’s watch teams that we typically don’t get a chance to see. Let’s enjoy the cheaper ticket prices and the intimate stadiums.

It’s spring. It’s baseball. Everyone is 0-0. It’s anyone’s ballgame!

30 Responses to “Spring Love”

  1. sportsmanMike Says:

    Great post! I love spring training. Dan and I go to a game in Port Charlotte every year. Its amazing down there. Hot dogs, Cold Beer and outdoor baseball.

  2. Dave Says:

    Thanks Mike! I live 10 minutes from Charlotte Stadium. It’s a great place to watch a game…even if it is the Rays.

  3. allan Says:

    Hey mike, I gotta call off work one of these days and come to a spring training game with y’all. Let me know

  4. Anonymous Says:

    If catching bass at golf course lakes is a sign of a good season to come then watch out for the Twins.

  5. Dave Says:

    Nice to hear from you again Dylan!

  6. 2012 thefoulline.com fantasy baseball champion Says:

    The triumphant return of Dylan to thefoulline.com! Whoa!

  7. BDog Says:

    Living in Colorado, I’ve never been to a spring training game before. So all of you guys in Florida? Must be nice to be able to go whenever you like.

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Favorite Spring Training stadiums I’ve been to:
    -Charlotte County. I hate that it’s the Rays stadium but that ball park is ace. The walk around deck, tiki bar, and grassy knoll make for excellent spring ball.
    -Jet Blue Park-It’s the best to look at, It’s in my backyard, Nobody pronounces R’s in any word, and you can walk in any direction to find a Sam Adams. This would be my number 1 if the flow of this park wasn’t terrible. Getting from one spot to another involves a corn-maze like amount of turns and staircases. I think this stadium should be renamed Fenway as seen by Mc Escher.

    *After writing this it has just come to my realization that those are the only two stadiums I’ve been to that are still hosting spring training. I need to drive more.
    *disclaimer. Next Year the Twins stadium on Six Mile Cypress will make the list after the renovations it’s getting. This park promises to be great for people that are equal fans of walk around deck outfields and two hour traffic jams to get to a game.

  9. Dave Says:

    I also really enjoy the Baltimore Orioles stadium in Sarasota. Beautiful park, and the people working there are great!
    It’s hard to beat Charlotte Stadium… Close to home, tiki bar, cheesesteaks in centerfield, I met Dewayne Staats there, caught my first foul ball… thank you Jed Lowrie. Very cool atmosphere!

  10. 2012 thefoulline.com fantasy baseball champion Says:

    Plus the great team that plays there!

  11. sportsmanMike Says:

    Will do Allan. In fact all thefoulliners should get together for a spring training game.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    I once, and only once heard a rumor of the Rays playing one or two regular season games at Charlotte, I wish that would be true one of these days.

  13. Dave Says:

    I’m in for a foulline day at the park. If the Rays played at Charlotte county stadium, they’d draw more people then at the Trop.

  14. 2012 thefoulline.com fantasy baseball champion Says:

    But Charlotte Stadium only seats like 9,000. How can they have a regular season game there?

    Oh wait, for the Rays, that’s perfect!


  15. sportsmanMike Says:

    Good news everyone, just got my schedule for the next few months and we are in the clear. I’ll be live and on the computer at the draft for the first time. No Iphones this year.

  16. Dave Says:

    That’s great Mike! I’m already looking forward to it.

  17. 2012 thefoulline.com fantasy baseball champion Says:

    This sucks. Why does time stand still this time of the year? The end of the super bowl until the fantasy draft is like 7 months.

  18. Ginger Says:

    We have a league. As usual, it’s called thefoulline.com. The password is redemption. If I have your email address, I’ve sent an invite. If you want an invite and I don’t have your address, you can send it to me at editor[at]thefoulline[dot]com.

    Draft is March 25 at 8:30 pm

  19. sportsmanMike Says:

    Thanks Ginger. Looking forward to winning my first championship. Should be very exciting being the Champ……

  20. allan Says:

    yea mike, try not trading ryan braun and felix hernandez for a pack of tube socks & a used rubber. lol

  21. sportsmanMike Says:

    yea lol that wasnt one of my best trades… But like the password says, redemption!

  22. allan Says:

    I’ve done 1 mock draft. I’m not exactly a fan of the player rankings.

  23. 2012 thefoulline.com fantasy baseball champion Says:

    For the first time this year, i’ll be taking the effort to rank my entire list of players 1 through 200. Im going to have every player I like, in order. Cant take the risk of another computer shutdown and end up with players I dont want.

  24. Dave Says:

    I’m behind on the mocks… I’ve begun assembling a list of the players I plan on drafting before Dan can grab them. I’m going to leave you Grady Sizemore this year- he’s all yours!

  25. 2012 thefoulline.com fantasy baseball champion Says:

    To create such a list, you would have to know beforehand which players I plan on drafting this year.

    Im not so sure you have such a list!

  26. allan Says:

    I actually have to put my laptop in the shop, so I don’t pull a dan on draft day. Lol

  27. allan Says:

    I’m taking Sean Rodriguez with my 1st pick. Y’all better not take him!

  28. Dave Says:

    I know Dan…. I can read your mind! Lol. I’m not convinced that you’ll actually be on an actual computer to draft. And, Allan isn’t helping you out this year!!

  29. 2012 thefoulline.com fantasy baseball champion Says:

    All systems go in the Champions war room, I got a new Computer. I am good to go.

    How did Spring Practice go?

  30. Dave Says:

    Standby for my spring update Dan!

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