The First Days of Spring

Another Spring Training is upon us! The sun is shining. The grass is freshly cut. The birds are singing. Baseball is back!

And I still despise the Tampa Bay Rays.

I feel the need to clarify this, because today I spent yet another morning at the Rays Spring Training facility in the beautiful, historic town of Port Charlotte. My motivation to go see the Rays practice is always the same. I get to spend a few hours in the beautiful weather watching baseball, and if I can trip a few Rays players while I’m there, even better!

Here are my short and sweet observations from Rays camp today:

  • I watched every catcher in the Rays system practice throwing to the bases. Newcomer Ryan Hanigan has the worst arm out of all of them.
  • Grant Balfour was already in mid-season form with his potty mouth. He dropped more F-bombs during practice than the first hour of Pulp Fiction. But he curses in Australian, so it wasn’t that bad.
  • Chris Archer looked great today, and it wasn’t hard to notice that everyone in the Rays organization likes this kid. Brains and talent!
  • It was easy to see that David Price and Evan Longoria have taken a leadership-by-example approach this season. Both guys were the first ones in the drill lines, and would run to the next field during their 15-minute rotations.
  • Jose Molina is still really fat.
  • Not to beat a dead horse, but how does Dave Martinez not have a manager job yet? Even worse, you don’t even hear him being in the discussion anymore.
  • The Rays will win the AL East and play in the World Series this year.

I’m going to go watch practice again later this week. I’ll be sure to bring a few Rays voodoo dolls with me.

8 Responses to “The First Days of Spring”

  1. TampaBob Says:

    Thanks for the update !
    Go Rays !

  2. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Your observation is very interesting Dave, considering Hanigan led the majors in each of the past two seasons in the percentage of runners he’s thrown out attempting to steal (48% in 2012, 45% in 2013).

    Martinez is considered Maddon’s protege. Like Bill Belechick to Bill Parcells. Im surprised he hasn’t gotten a managers job as well. Although he has said in the past that he won’t take a managers job until he wins a World Series here with the Rays.

    I hope you’re right about Longoria. He’s been flaky in the leadership department in the past.

    TampaBob has the right attitude. Rays are where it’s at.

    Nice post Dave.

  3. Dave Says:

    I like Hanigan, Dan. I think he’s going to add some offense to this team. But, if you saw him today you would have been shocked. He was all over the place. There are some big boys with lazer-rocket arms that are catching in the minors for the Rays.
    Price looks and sounds like he’s on a mission this year.

  4. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    I’ve been wanting to see the Rays pursue a catching upgrade for years now. Im excited to see Hanigan play. Anything has to be better then that crap Molina has thrown out there the last few seasons.

    I like David Price, I always have. But by the end of this season, Alex Cobb will be slam dunk no doubt the Rays ace. He was already their best pitcher last season. He reminds me of Kevin Brown in his prime with his stuff and approach to pitching.

  5. sportsmanMike Says:

    Do the Rays have enough offense?

  6. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    That always seems to be the question.. The one thing holding them back.

  7. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Now that we are officially into March, the draft feels a whole lot closer. I know Allan agrees with me, but somehow, that Feburary was the longest month i’ve ever experienced. Even with it being 3 days shorter then a regular month. It was unbearably long.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog Dave, it’s always appriciated.

  8. 2014 Champ Says:

    I think you all know who I am.

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