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Apparently I went to a baseball game yesterday. I say apparently, because I found my ticket stub on the kitchen counter this morning, and a cooler with a couple of beers in it in my car. But oddly enough, I don’t recall watching a minute of baseball.

This could only mean one of two things. I’ve either had a stroke, or the gang from thefoulline.com got together for the second year in a row to “watch” a game.

It was another spring training game, where we found our spot by the left field berm and commenced with three hours of baseball talk. The usual subjects were covered: the upcoming draft, our spots, who are the October Boys taking #1,  why are the Yankees and Rays so unlikable, and is it possible for Allan to drink all the beer at Charlotte Sports Park?

It was a great time, with knowledgeable baseball fanatics. Thanks to Dan “The #1 Rays Fan” for setting it up, and to Willis, Mike, Allan, & Dennis for coming out. It’s nice that we can still be friends, before the competition starts in a few weeks.

I still have no idea who won the game.

8 Responses to “Everybody Talks”

  1. Allan Says:

    I didn’t drink as much as I know I could’ve. I really feel like I let y’all down, but I still had a good time.

  2. Dave Says:

    I think you did just fine Allan!

  3. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    So many questions!

    -Who will Dennis take?

    – Will Willis take Kershaw?

    – Does Dan Johnson belong on the Rays Mount Rushmore?

    – Do the Rays even have a Mount Rushmore??

    – Will Dave draft an Astros player?

    – Will the jokes about Dan being in the closet ever end?

    – Why was that guy doing cardio in the 5th inning?

    – Does Allan even remember yesterday?

    Fun times! Lets all hook up later this spring at a different ballpark

    Dan “Rays won 5-4” Mckewen

  4. Dave Says:

    1. Trout
    2. No
    3. No
    4. No
    5. No
    6. No
    7. Welcome to Port Charlotte
    8. I doubt it

  5. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    We really didn’t spend ANY time watching baseball did we?

  6. Dave Says:

    Not at all !

  7. UnsportsmanMike Says:

    It was a good time with great weather and great company.

    Dennis’s pizza joint was great!

    If it were a double header, allan might have came close to drinking all of the beer in the park, just as long as he didn’t spill it all. lol

  8. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    7 days! It’s really getting down to the nitty gritty now.

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