And Who Might You Be?

I’ve noticed over the years that every single owner in our league has developed their own personality. You have a basic idea who they’ll target in the first round, what players they’d be willing to give up in trades, and if they’d even trade with you at all. It’s this diversity and clashing of ideas that make us the best fantasy baseball league in the world.

But do real life teams go through this? Are8/ there certain teams they have pegged for certain ideas? Are there other GM’s that they just can’t, or won’t, make deals with? It really got me thinking, who in our league tends to gravitate toward the tendencies of real MLB teams? So here is the first fantasy GM comparison list!

1) Love Boat Captains: St Louis Cardinals

I’ve heard rumblings over the years that Ginger is partial to the Cincinnati Reds, so this one may sting a bit, but this one fits like a glove. The three-time champion is the very definition of quiet excellence. She contends every single year, wins championships, and does it without the noise and flash of some of the other owners in the league. When was the last time you heard any noise from the Cardinals? They develop right, draft right, and rarely make big splashes on the trade market. Sound like Ginger to you? Yea, me too.

2) Yankeehaters: Detroit Tigers

I can hear Dave now. “You gotta make me the Red Sox!” Well, I considered it, but in the spirit of keeping this post friendly, I will be omitting any references to the evil empires of the northeast. Dave contends every year, has teams loaded with superstars, and is never afraid to make a deal. The Tigers felt right here. Swinging blockbuster deals for Miguel Cabrera, Max Scherzer and David Price just really seems like a Dave thing to do. Plus I know Dave’s dad was a big Sparky Anderson fan.

3) Believe The Hype: Los Angeles Dodgers

Loud, flashy, treats players like rentals. This one was easy. If we had payrolls in our league, Allan’s would easily be the highest. Committed to winning and never afraid to make a deal, I’ve literally seen Allan trade for a player, then offer him to me later that night. It reminded me of what the Dodgers did earlier this offseason with Andrew Heaney. Whether he’s winning games, losing games, making trades or hitting the waiver wire, The Champ will be the talk of the league this year.

4) RedRays: Oakland Athletics

There is no team in the league that is more money in the bank than the RedRays. Every year you can pencil them in for a solid draft, a solid season, minimal mistakes, and between 11 to 14 wins. One way or the other, this team will be in contention for a spot in the final four during the last week of the season. Another easy choice, Trent’s steadiness and consistent winning are a mirror image of what the Athletics have built in Oakland.

5) The October Boys: Washington Nationals

My team got better every year, and I won my first championship in year four. Allan’s team got better every year, and he won his first championship in year four. Dennis’ team has gotten better every year, and he’s entering… year four. We seem to have found the secret formula for newcomers to the league. It’s worth noting that the Nationals are in year four of their contending window that started in 2012. The Nationals will be stacked this year, and are my pick to win the World Series. And I think The October Boys will be stacked this year and I’m picking them to win the league championship. He’s ready. I also considered making Dennis’S team the Houston Astros, seeing as he gets the #1 overall pick every year.

6) WillisBeTheYear: Texas Rangers

I don’t know how he does it, but every single year, Willis builds a team that simply crushes the ball. He makes promises to take pitching early, then loads up on the bats and destroys us all in most offensive categories. Last year he had a murderer’s row of Miguel Cabrera, Edwin Encarnacion, Yasiel Puig, David Ortiz, and Giancarlo Stanton. There’s no team that scares me more on draft day. Every hitter he takes is going to break out, and it makes me wish I had taken them myself. His beer league softball teams remind me most of the Texas Rangers. I’ll have to have a discussion with him about offensive sleepers this year…

7) Panda The Hammer: Seattle Mariners

Nobody in the league likes pitching more than Sam. He takes a pitcher in the first round every year, and last year made the playoffs with a pitching staff anchored by Clayton Kershaw and Corey Kluber. His commitment to the arms race leaves him a little short offensively at times, but if you face him in a week where his two-start pitchers line up…. You already lost. His pitching-heavy teams resemble the Mariners most, and I’m smelling Felix Hernandez to Panda The Hammer at 6th overall this year. Call it an educated guess.

8) sportsmanMike: Toronto Blue Jays

Mike is a little short in the playoff appearances department, having yet to make one as he enters his 6th season. But 2015 is as good a year as any, right? I know Mike is putting in extra work this year, as he’s already purchased fantasy baseball magazines and is really trying hard to figure out what to do with his 5th overall pick. He reminds me of the Blue Jays, who haven’t had a playoff appearance in years but always have promise and put together good years. The Blue Jays enter the season as AL East favorites, and I think this may be the year that they, and Mike, break through and enter the postseason party.

9) Rays Those Cowbells: Philadelphia Phillies

This one was the easiest one of all. My team sucks. I started off great, entering the league with a bang and contending for years, finishing it off with a championship. But like the Phillies, I’ve taken a nose dive in the seasons since my title, capping off my free fall with a full-on last place finish last year. Will I rebound? Can I rebound? I’m sure trying. Confidence is really shaken in the RTC camp, and if I get off to a bad start this year, I might start making silly RubĂ©n Amaro, Jr. type trades that lead to full on implosion. Ugh!

10) Stogies: To be determined

I feel it would be a little silly to make a call on our newcomer Dave Valentino right now, as I’ve never played with him before and know next to nothing about him. But if the five minutes I spent talking baseball with him two years ago in Port Charlotte are any indication, next year I’ll be putting “San Francisco Giants” into this slot. He really seems to know his stuff! Welcome to our league. You’re going to have a blast.

Draft day is fast approaching this year, and I know all of you will be doing your homework and preparing for the upcoming season in a way that only our league can. This is the most competitive fantasy baseball league around, and it’s a real joy playing with all of you. Let me know what you think!

2 Responses to “And Who Might You Be?”

  1. Trent (RedRays) Says:

    Great post and I’d say spot on on the comparisons of our league GM’s to the real deal teams.

  2. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:

    Hey Trent

    Thanks for checking in. This post was alot of fun to write, and I’ve got alot more fantasy posts coming in the near future.

    You scare me to death with your 8th pick. I have no idea who you’re going to grab, I just have this sneaky feeling you’re going to nab the player I want right before I’m on the clock.

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