Spring Fever, Week Two

I can’t believe it’s already St Patrick’s Day. This spring is just rocketing by, and with the draft about to fall right on top of us, I’m not even close to where I need to be on my draft prep. I think I’ve decided on my first two picks, and maybe my third rounder. But in this league full of fantasy assassins, going into the draft unprepared can leave you sunk and fighting for last place. I really need to get into gear before it’s too late.

Speaking of the league, the gang from thefoulline.com got together again yesterday for another “baseball game,” which is just essentially three hours of standing in the shade of the left-field berm and talking baseball while occasionally asking “what’s the score?” every three innings or so. It’s always a fun time, but I wish attendance had been a little higher. One of these years we need to get the whole league together and take a group photo for the site. Regardless, it was a fun time, as usual.

St Patrick’s Day Spring Quick Hits

  • Allan got his trophy yesterday. It’s pretty nice, but its real purpose is motivational. The quest for “Javier” is on. Be advised.
  • I’d never left a baseball game in the top of the 5th inning before. But when it’s 99 degrees and Tim Beckham enters the game at SS? Yep, it’s time to go. Start the car.
  • I stand by what I said. Jose Abreu, under .270, under 30 HRs, under 100 RBI. Book it.
  • Zack Wheeler went down yesterday with the dreaded “Tommy John” curse. This is devastating. The starting pitching keeps taking hit after hit, and if you keep thinking that pitching is deep, you’ll end up with Andrew Cashner as your ace. Don’t wait. Get your pitching.
  • The Cubs are insane if Kris Bryant doesn’t start the season in the majors. If he’s named the opening day starter, you almost have to move him into the top 10 at third base. He’s the most exciting hitting prospect since Ryan Braun.
  • CBS rankings are at an all-time low this year. Jacob deGrom is ranked ahead of Jose Bautista. Think about that.
  • Asdrubal Cabrera final line: .271, 18 HRs, 82 RBI, 6 SBs. Great? No. Serviceable, you bet. Dave will make him his starting shortstop this year.
  • Consensus Rays Those Cowbells first round pick Anthony Rizzo is batting .060 this spring.

5 days!

2 Responses to “Spring Fever, Week Two”

  1. Allan Says:

    I really enjoyed our trip to Port Charlotte last Sunday. I think the only thing better than getting my trophy was that amazing philly cheese steak that Dave introduced me to. My mouth pretty much went into shock after the first bite and my feet started going numb.

    I always seem to the member of thefoulline crew that always stands out. If it’s not my beautiful dreadlocks or my skin complexion that’s a tad bit darker than the rest of the member (lol), it’s being the only person at the stadium wearing a Greg Oden NBA Jersey. Dave made sure to point that out the moment he seen us.

    All in all, the game was what we expected it to be, the 3rd wheel after drinking a cold beer and talking trash about the upcoming season, as usual. I think I remember actually watching about 5 minutes of a 5 inning game before we too off due to the 107 degree temperature we managed to live through.

    I also forgot to mention how I scared the life out of Mike and Dan on the way out their. I was basically drive 95mph the entire time impersonating a nascar driver with my swift turning and cheating death a few time. Lol

  2. Dan The #1 Rays Fan Says:


    You were the only person in the state of Florida wearing a Greg Oden jersey that day, not just in the ballpark lol. And yes, I am surprised that we made it there alive. I was genuinely concerned for my life that day, I can’t lie.

    It was a great time. Let’s get together for some real games this year. At the trop, where it’s indoors.

    I still can’t 100% narrow down who Dave’s first round pick will be.

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