Dethroning Allan, Week Three

I feel like this is some sort of strange time warp back to 2011. The Love Boat Captains are dominating the league again, Joey Votto is mashing, and Adam Wainwright is gone for the season. I guess it’s true what they say, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Unfortunately some things don’t change, and team sportsmanMike laid an egg after a great performance the week before. Our game of the week was never really much of a contest, and the Yankeehaters reigned supreme as the only team above .500 in the Fried Chicken division.

Side Note: Was this the first week in the history of our league where nobody made a trade? Strange times!

Side Note Two: Week Four won’t have that problem, Mike flips Yasiel Puig to me for Garrett Richards. Nice deal Mike! Let’s make another.

Week Three Power Rankings

1) Love Boat Captains- Joey Votto looks like the steal of the draft. Or is it Jake Arrieta? This is a GOOD team.

2) RedRays- Leads the league in scoring, paced the field in week three.

3) Yankeehaters- Rebounded from a loss to blow out team sportsmanMike. A great effort!

4) The October Boys- Rebounded from a really bad week one to win two straight.

5) WillisBeTheYear- Had a bad week, but I still really like this team alot. Is Jose Bautista healthy? He’ll need him to be.

6) Rays Those Cowbells- Came within an eyelash of beating the LBCs. I just wish Stephen Strasburg didn’t suck.

7) sportsmanMike- Mike didn’t have a great week in his showdown with Dave, but he needed a pitcher and traded for a really good one today. Garrett Richards is a stud.

8) Believe The Hype- First of many wins for Allan. But I’m surprised he hasn’t traded more.

9) Stogies- Losing Adam Wainwright for the season was utterly devastating. Hang in there man, you still have a good team.

10) Panda The Hammer- Two really bad weeks in a row. Maybe some changes coming for Sam?


Game of the Week:

Love Boat Captains vs RedRays

The lone unbeaten vs the highest scorer. The top two teams in the power rankings face off. Great matchup!


Good luck to everyone in Week Four!


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