Dethroning Allan, Week Four

Now that we are officially into May, I feel like things are really starting to shake out. Most of the players with hot starts are fading, and most of the slow-starters are rounding into form. This is the time of the year where the contenders begin to separate themselves from the pretenders.

Yeah right… This is fantasy baseball league, where parity rules.

Five teams with 2-2 records. The highest scoring team and the lowest scoring team are separated by only 200 points. You win a big game one week, then get slaughtered the next. It’s maddening sometimes, but I’ll say it again, this is why this is the best fantasy baseball league in the world!

Week Four Power Rankings

1) Love Boat Captains- The Love Boat continues to sail along in calm waters. I remember there was a time when I thought Jose Altuve was going to regress this year. That seems hilarious now. Maybe there’s a reason that she’s won three titles and I only have one.

2) Yankeehaters- Dave didn’t have the greatest of weeks, winning a low-scoring duel with Dennis. Even still, team Yankeehaters still leads the league in scoring and is the only team above .500 in the Fried Chicken division. I have a sneaky feeling that some big changes are coming to team YH this week, it’s been awhile since Dave made a deal.

3) RedRays- So apparently the RedRays either obliterate their opponent and score 330+ points, or struggles to crack 250 and gets smacked around. This team will need to find some consistency going forward to be a true title contender.

4) Rays Those Cowbells- My team is really starting to come together. I have the most points scored over the last three weeks since my week one abomination, and Yasiel Puig should be returning in the very near future. I like where things are heading.

5) WillisBeTheYear- Grinded out a nice win against a division opponent. Evan Gattis and Jose Bautista are starting to get things going, but what on earth is wrong with Corey Kluber?

6) The October Boys- Not a great week for Dennis. Losing Tanaka is really going to hurt this pitching staff. But with Jon Lester seemingly returning to form, he’ll add a much needed boost and can hopefully fill the void.

7) Panda The Hammer- Now that’s more like it! After two really awful weeks, Sam’s team brought out the whooping sticks and put up the highest point total of the week, by far. Price, Zimmerman and Cueto carried the load and should continue to do so going forward.

8) Believe The Hype- The tough times continue for Allan. He had a really good week, got a ton of points from George Springer, Nelson Cruz and Justin Upton, and still lost by 50 points. But if this offense really is this good and can continue this hot streak, the wins will eventually come in bunches.

9) sportsmanMike- Two straight bad losses for Mike, but there are some positive signs. His offense absolutely crushed it this week, and new addition Garrett Richards goes right into the lineup as a two-start pitcher. There’s no way his pitching can be this bad again. Chris Sale for -13? No chance. I predict Mike’s team will break out this week.

10) Stogies- Three straight losses after starting the season 1-0, things aren’t looking great for our newcomer. This pitching staff continues to lay eggs, and allowed me to blow open our closely contested game. I think a trade for an ace may be coming soon. This team could really use it.


Game of the Week:

Love Boat Captains vs WillisBeTheYear

Is this finally the week that the LBC’s go down?


Good luck to everyone in Week Five!



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