Dethroning Allan, Week Six

Well so much for that.

My big “statement” game with the Love Boat Captains? It was pretty much over by Tuesday. I got a 70 point whitewashing that felt alot more lopsided than that. This week showed me just how big the gap is between myself and the LBC’s, and how much work I truly have to do. It was a rude wake-up call that’s for sure.

I feel like I’ve said this a lot this year, but again, there was much more excitement around the league than Rays Those Cowbells being blown out. WillisBeTheYear dominated and won a high scoring game over Panda the Hammer in a game of the week that finally lived up to it’s billing. Corey Kluber has finally righted the ship. I’m officially really scared of this team. Aren’t you?

Can we just take a minute though to mention Bryce Harper? Back to back 50 point weeks? Has that ever happened before? Will it ever happen again? Team Yankeehaters must be a complete wreck right now. He was first in line at the station for three years, goes to the bathroom for five minutes, comes back and he’s missed the Harper train. That really sucks. Guess who gets the fun task of facing Harper this week?

Week Six Power Rankings

1) Love Boat Captains- Has anyone ever reached the #1 spot in week one before and then never let it go? Could it happen this year? Her destruction of Rays Those Cowbells was never a contest. Jake Arrieta looks like a dark horse CY Young contender.

2) WillisBeTheYear- Looks like the buy-low period on Corey Kluber is officially over. There’s going to be a week here soon when Corey Kluber and Clayton Kershaw both have two-starts. And they’re going to put 60 points each on you. It’s gonna happen. It will probably be against me.

3) Yankeehaters- Solid no-nonsense win for the Yankeehaters. He seems to have mastered getting the right pitchers into the right matchups, and puts up solid point totals every week. This team will be a factor in the playoff race after sitting out last year, that’s for sure. Plus he has Prince Fielder, in one of the most lopsided trades in our league’s history.

4) RedRays- Looks like the good RedRays are back for a week. I’ve nicknamed this team the elevator, because nobody has more ups and downs. He’s already led the league in weekly scoring three times, and always follows them up with low scoring 200 point duds. If this team can find some consistency, look out.

5) Panda the Hammer- Sam holds steady at #5 after having a good week but still managing to get the loss. Strangely enough his offense carried the load for a change, and it was his normally stout pitching staff that had a few duds that led to his defeat. I think this is a solid, if unspectacular team that will hang around mid-pack in the power rankings for most of the season.

6) The October Boys- Two words, Harper for Tanaka. This has the makings of a trade that Dennis will regret for years to come. If he still had Harper in an OF with Mike Trout and Matt Kemp? Man…. Even still, this team is better than it’s performance this week. He’ll bounce back.

7) Stogies- Edwin Encarnacion. Dee Gordon. Kris Bryant. Hanley Ramirez. Andrew McCutchen. Bryce Harper. If Dave V can somehow get some consistent pitching, he’s gonna win it all. That offense is ridiculous kinds of scary. It’s only a mediocre pitching staff holding him back.

8) sportsmanMike- As much as I hate to admit this, it looks like Alex Rodriguez is going to be a good pick up off the waiver wire. Eww. One thing that doesn’t surprise me is Chris Sale’s return to form, or even Jason Kipnis for that matter. This is a good roster that just can’t seem to put it all together for a single week. Mike goes to Greece for vacation this week, will he have a win waiting for him when he returns?

9) Rays Those Cowbells- Oh boy where to begin. The outfield is mediocre, the pitching is awful, and all my trades in 2015 have turned out to be duds so far. Strasburg is the bust of the season up to this point. I still (kind of?) like my team, but things need to change in a hurry or it won’t matter.

10) Believe The Hype- The season as the defending champion is the hardest season you’ll ever have. Both Dave and myself told him this before the season. I still hold out hope, only because I know for a fact that Allan has too much pride to just let a season fall down the drain. He’s going to do something big, soon.


Game of the Week

WillisBeTheYear vs Yankeehaters

First place in the Fried Chicken division is on the line. Equal number of PSRs. This is going to be a really good game.


Good luck to everyone in Week Six!


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