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It’s A Love Hate Thing

It’s been a great last few days for my Tampa Bay Rays. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for the future, because after giving him a few days in the low minors to get his swing right, the Rays have promoted former MVP candidate and three-time All Star Grady Sizemore to the active roster. It’s not hard to see why I love it….

– I love the fact that the Rays offense had a spot available for a hitter who hadn’t homered all season.

– I love the fact that Sizemore has hit 20 HRs combined in the last 5 seasons. The Rays really needed 20 HR pop in their lineup.

– I love the fact that Sizemore instantly comes into the Rays lineup and is batting second. It’s a very important spot in the lineup.

– I love the fact that he wasn’t good enough for the worst in baseball Phillies. We got him at a discount.

– I love the fact that he’s still available in our fantasy baseball league. The second I can open up a roster spot….

– I love the fact that Sizemore hasn’t hit better than .280 since 2006. Stats are overrated.

– I love the fact that Sizemore hasn’t played more than 115 games since 2008. It will keep him fresh for our playoff drive.

-I love the fact that Sports Illustrated was smart enough to name Sizemore baseball’s next big thing…. In 2007.

– I love the fact that signing a superstar like Sizemore will send attendance through the roof.

– I love the fact that I’m struggling to keep my excitement from running wild. Like Sizemore and his 10 SBs combined in the last 5 years.

But most of all, I love the fact that one of my favorite players in MLB history is now part of my favorite team.

Let the show begin.



Dethroning Allan, Week Twelve

Things are really starting to get interesting in fantasy land as we reach the official halfway point of the regular season. And by interesting, I mean tight.

Have you taken a look at the standings recently? NINE teams currently sit within two games of a spot in the all important final four. It’s going to be a mad race to the finish line and I couldn’t be more excited. Well that’s not true. I could be more excited if I wasn’t 5-7, but hey, baby steps. Let’s get to some rankings shall we?


Week Twelve Power Rankings

1) WillisBeTheYear- Remember what I’ve been beating into the ground in almost every recap? That when Jose Fernandez returns and joins a rotation of Clayton Kershaw, Corey Kluber and Dallas Kuechel that we’re all done for? Well hooray for us, that wonderful time is officially here.

2) sportsmanMike- 3rd place in his division, 2nd in the power rankings? You bet. Mike’s team put up 332 points, good for the second highest total of the week and should’ve extended his winning streak to six games. Don’t let this “loss” fool you, Mike is on a mission this year. This is one of the most dangerous teams in the league.

3) RedRays- I think we can all stop waiting for Chris Archer to come back to earth now, he seems to have taken that leap into fantasy ace status. When you can team Archer with the best pitcher in baseball in Max Scherzer, you’re going to be in most games. Team RedRays has won 3 out of 4 and seems to be heating up at the right time as we enter the 2nd half of the season.

4) Yankeehaters- It always hurts to lose a game when your opponent only scores 260 points, but it wasn’t a great week for team Yankeehaters. His pitching let him down badly in his first week post Bumgarner and Wacha, but as only Dave can do, he quickly fixes the situation by pulling off a blockbuster with Rays Those Cowbells and bringing in Scott Kazmir and Stephen Strasburg. We’ll see if the new look Yankeehaters can rebound in a big game against the RedRays.

5) Love Boat Captains- I can promise you, this team would be ranked a lot higher if health would cooperate. It really sucks that Anthony Rendon has gone down again, he was just starting to get into his stride at the plate. Ginger bit the bullet and cut ties with Matt Holliday today. I can’t say I disagree with the decision. With the Cardinals running away with it, they can basically shut him down until the postseason if they wanted too. He wasn’t gonna help her team anymore this year.

6) Stogies- I’m not entirely sure if this team deserves this ranking, but as the only 6-6 team sitting in front of a collection of 5-7 squads, he has the leg on a potential run to the playoffs for now. At this point, I would be pretty much done with Hanley Ramirez. This guy misses games at a time every single week for one reason or another. I’ll say this though, this team needs to start scoring some more points, because as we know in this league, to make the playoffs you’re going to have win a few tiebreakers. And his low season point total is really going to hurt him down the stretch unless he gets it going, and soon.

7) Rays Those Cowbells- In what might be the game of the year so far, I stunned Mike with a 135 point barrage on Sunday to steal a win I desperately needed.  I’m starting to like the position I’m in. Sit back and watch the teams at the top beat each other up, and then swoop in late in the season with my high point total and steal some tiebreakers. My 5-7 record might not look very sexy, but being the second highest scoring team in the league is going to pay dividends later in the season. You watch.

8) The October Boys- This team is still the biggest sleeper in the league. Look at the roster. It’s LOADED with young superstars like Nolan Arenado, Joc Pederson, Felix Hernandez, Madison Bumgarner and Michael Pineda. This team is going to go on a big run soon. I can just feel it. I’m kind of at a loss why this team is in last place in it’s division. The roster is too talented.

9) Panda the Hammer- I’m running out of things to say about this team. It stays the same every week, no trades, minimal pickups, Sam seems to be on auto-draft this year. I think it’s going to lead to a slow decent out of contention for Sam, this league is just too good and owners are too savvy to just sit back and let things take their course.

10) Believe The Hype- Allan follows a nice win last week with another awful dud this week. Things just aren’t going his way this year. Is Allan already looking forward to football?


Game of the Week

Yankeehaters vs RedRays

A big duel between 7-5 teams. Winner gets some breathing room, loser is sitting 7-6 and on the outside looking in.


Good luck to everyone in Week 13!

Dethroning Allan, Week Eleven

Well, that was exciting.

Our game of the week more than lived up to the expectations, as the Yankeehaters and Love Boat Captains came into Sunday Night Baseball separated by only a single point, with Dave out of players and Ginger having Dodgers closer Kenley Jansen. Unfortunately for the LBC’s, the Dodgers won 10-2 and Jansen never got onto the mound. Tough break.

Elsewhere around the league, team sportsmanMike extended his winning streak to five games, WillisBeTheYear pulled out a low scoring battle with team Stogies, and in one of the most shocking twists ever in our league, Believe The Hype and Rays Those Cowbells both won. On the same week. Unbelievable. Maybe there’s some life in both these sad sack teams after all.

This was a really tough week to rank, because teams 4-8 in the power rankings all lost. Let’s try some rankings.


Week Eleven Power Rankings

1) WillisBeTheYear- Two not so great weeks in a row for our #1 ranked team. But he’s still got the best record in the league and the most points scored. Clayton Kershaw starts twice for him this week. Be on alert Dennis, you get that fun matchup.

2) Yankeehaters- So Dave won the showdown with his wife by a single point. Sounds like a fun household for the next few days. Team Yankeehaters made the splash of the season so far, putting together a 7 player blockbuster and bringing in #1 overall pick Mike Trout. But he gave up alot of pitching to do so. We’ll see what counter moves he’ll put together from here.

3) sportsmanMike- Bit of an unlucky break for Mike, whose 5 game winning streak has tied him for the best record in the league, yet still only 3rd place in his division. Some good waiver wire maneuvering got him 48 points from Yankeehaters castoff Mookie Betts, and the Paul Goldschmidt and Chris Sale express keeps running people over. If he could just grab another decent starter or two, he’d have the pitching depth to contend for a championship.

4) RedRays- Probably knew he had a tough week when he saw he was facing Mike’s unstoppable squad. I thought he had a good chance to be the one to knock Mike off. Not to be, as the rest of his pitching besides the great Max Scherzer, and most of his offense, was just mediocre this week. But we all know the drill by now. This is a team that will have some great weeks and some not so great weeks. We may go all the way into September before we know if this team is a true contender for the title.

5) Love Boat Captains- Hard to downgrade this team for it’s performance this week. Put up 327 points and only lost because some guy that Dave picked up off the waiver wire just happened to hit 3 HRs that day. Still, it’s a 6-5 record after a 5-0 start. Ginger can’t be happy with the way things are going right now. But one thing I know she won’t do is panic and much a bunch of ill-advised trades. That is something that I would do. She’s much to clever to panic like that. I am not.

6) The October Boys- Led most of the week, just ran into a team that had a 100 point Sunday and snatched a victory away from him. It’s always tough to see Mike Trout leave your lineup, but when you add pitchers like Madison Bumgarner and Michael Wacha both at once, you might just be okay.

7) Panda the Hammer- Had a nice 300 point week, but a real tough pill to swallow is watching David Price, Johnny Cueto and Jordan Zimmerman COMBINE for only 32 points. You aren’t gonna win most weeks when that happens. Can we take a second though to talk about Todd Frazier? This is the best player in baseball that nobody talks about. He’s like Paul Goldschmidt before Paul Goldschmidt broke out completely and became Paul Goldschmidt.

8) Stogies- Nightmare week for team Stogies. Nothing clicked, his offense was mostly mediocre and all his pitchers got smacked around. We all have weeks like this. I wouldn’t wanna play this team this coming week.

9) Rays Those Cowbells- Well what do you know…. There’s life in the old gal after all. A 100 point Sunday gives me my first win since the 2011 season, and I feel pretty good about it. I think I might be able to go on a little bit of a run here…. I really hope this team is ready to play up to it’s potential. God I hope so.

10) Believe The Hype- We did it Allan, we powered through and both got wins this week. I’ll see you in the finals bro, meet me there! But on a more serious note, for some reason I can’t quite explain, this team has a player go on the DL on Monday every week. Seriously go check it out, it’s every week.


Game of the Week

The October Boys vs WillisBeTheYear

I really like this matchup. Dennis was on a roll before this week and brought in some really good pitchers, and Willis is ready to break out after two mediocre weeks in a row. I think we could have a game where both teams score 325+


Good luck to everyone in Week 12!

Dethroning Allan, Week Ten

I lost again.

Now that we’ve moved on from that unpleasantness, we can get to the scores of games that actually you know, matter. Team sportsmanMike continued his unstoppable ways, the RedRays got a nice win over WillisBeTheYear, and team Stogies crawled his way back to  .500 with a big win over the suddenly ice cold Love Boat Captains.

It was a fun week for sure with some close games sprinkled in. Let’s get to some rankings.


Week Ten Power Rankings

1) WillisBeTheYear- Gets the benefit of the doubt after a bad loss because there has to be some kind of letdown after a 425 point week. I still think this could be the team to beat. Especially when Jose Fernandez returns.

2) Yankeehaters- His bye week against Rays Those Cowbells was closer than he would’ve liked, but still got through it, and that’s what counts. What’s it say about me that he can have a bad week and still come out on top?

3) sportsmanMike- Four straight wins, 300 points in each of the last three. This team is on the warpath and cannot be stopped right now. I had to check the schedule and see when I’m playing this juggernaut. Sure enough, it’s not far off. If I’m really going to be this bad this season and out of contention, this is the team I hope wins. He’s paid his dues and never quit. He deserves a great season and a deep playoff run.

4) RedRays- Got a big win over Willis and took over the lead in the Beer division. Is this finally the consistency that this team has been lacking? Officially on a winning streak. The arrow is pointing up. Chris Archer is amazing! Got him in like the 16th round. Great drafting.

5) Love Boat Captains- Easily the lowest this team has been in the rankings all season. This team is ice cold. Losers of two straight and three of four, that 5-0 start looks like a distant memory. But lets not kid ourselves, she’ll be winning again, soon. And the people who doubted her will suffer along the way. This is still a really good team.

6) The October Boys- Remember a few weeks ago when I said this team was lying in the weeds and would go on a big run soon? Well here we go. Managed to still get a win even in a week where Felix Hernandez got blasted for a -19 score. This team is on a roll, and gets Rays Those Cowbells in Week 11. Expect the winning streak to reach three.

7) Stogies- As mentioned, got a huge win and got back to .500 with one of his best performances of the season. This team has been hitting all the right buttons as a manager, picking up guys like Lance McCullers and Mike Bolsinger and getting big performances from waiver wire pickups. I think this team could strengthen it’s rotation by picking up another closer and moving Carlos Martinez to the rotation.

8) Panda the Hammer- The good news is that Ryan Zimmerman went on the DL, and he won’t have to start him for awhile. I still think this team needs another bat. But I’m honestly not even sure if Sam is still around. Is he on autodraft this season? Where’s he at?

9) Believe The Hype- Switched up me and Allan to hopefully get a different vibe for our teams. That’s all I got. It’s been an awful season, but hey at least we’re in it together. Misery loves company.

10) Rays Those Cowbells- It’s kind of remarkable to me. This team is one of the best I’ve ever seen at just finding a way to have less points than it’s opponent at the end of the week. This week it was Rizzo and Harvey playing like garbage. Another week it could be Donaldson and Cole. Or maybe it’s an injury, or running into a team scoring 350 points that week. I’m out of answers. I need help.


Game of the Week

Love Boat Captains vs Yankeehaters

This marital showdown is always interesting. I think the Love Boat Captains break out in a big way this week.


Good luck to everyone in Week 11!

Dethroning Allan, Week Nine

I lost by a point after leading all week long, literally until the final pitch of Sunday Night Baseball. So I’m sure you’ll forgive me if I keep this write up very brief and very bitter.

Let’s get to the rankings.


Week Nine Power Rankings

1) WillisBeTheYear- Easily vaults back up to number one after putting a whopping 425 points on poor Allan. Remember when everyone thought Clayton Kershaw wasn’t having as good a season as in years past? Ah, good times.

2) Love Boat Captains- No real red flags here, just ran into the suddenly unstoppable team sportsmanMike. The best thing going for this team is that eventually, Matt Holliday is going to start hitting for power. Way too great a hitter to finish the season with like 11 homers or whatever he’s on pace for.

3) Yankeehaters- Worst week of the season easily, but luckily here comes the perfect medicine. A match-up with the mediocre Rays Those Cowbells squad. Dave went full on blow-up mode this past week, dealing stud players like Robinson Cano, Felix Hernandez and Nolan Arenado. But the returns he got has the potential to be even better. This is the biggest blowout of the week. Team Yankeehaters introduces his new squad in style and wins by at least 100 points.

4) sportsmanMike- Well what do we have here? Mike has been the talk of the league over the past month or so, putting together a three game winning streak and putting up impressive point totals. What’s even more remarkable is this was during one of his toughest stretches of the schedule all year, knocking off league standouts like WillisBeTheYear and the Love Boat Captains. If Mike can bring some health back to his outfield and grab a little more pitching depth, you might see team SM in the final four come September.

5) RedRays- Great comeback win over Rays Those Cowbells this week. Chris Archer is just pitching on another level right now, and Jason Hammel has 8 quality starts in a row. Came back to win a game where Max Scherzer only had 3 points, so that’s impressive. Could you hear the salt in my voice in that paragraph? I could.

6) Panda the Hammer- If this team could somehow get some more offense, it would be a real contender. If I owned this team, my number one priority would be to get Ryan Zimmerman out of my lineup as quickly as possible. He’s just awful. Still, elite pitching continue to carry the load for this squad. We haven’t heard a peep from Sam all year, is something big coming?

7) The October Boys- Came out on top in the family grudge match with team Stogies. This team made alot of waves this week, bringing Felix Hernandez and Nolan Arenado into the fold in two seperate blockbusters with team Yankeehaters. I really wish I had drafted Joc Pederson. He does nothing but crush dingers and he walks a ton. Tanaka looked great in his first start back. The arrow is pointing up.

8) Stogies- Where would this team be if it could get any kind of real production from Edwin Encarnacion? He continues to be one of the biggest disappointments in fantasy baseball this year. Made a big splash to bring in Robinson Cano this week, but gave up Dee Gordon to get him. He better hope Shelby Miller continues his great pitching, or the drop-off from Gordon to Cano this year might be hard to overcome.

9) Rays Those Cowbells- Where to begin… This group of mediocre losers somehow found a way to lose a game that it led on Friday by 50 points, with a 7-3 PSR advantage. I’m so disappointed in this team. In theory, Yasiel Puig and Carlos Correa should give this team a boost. But as proven over the first 9 weeks, this group will find spectacular ways to blow a game.

10) Believe The Hype- When you’re struggling, it only seems natural a team will put 425 points on you. That’s just an absurdly tough break.


Game of the Week

Yankeehaters vs Rays Those Cowbells

Only because I know how much joy Dave will get out of beating me into submission. Before this week is over, I may cry.


Good luck to everyone in Week 10!

Dethroning Allan, Week Eight

Bit of a low scoring week in fantasy land. Only three teams cracked the 300 point barrier. Luckily for our #1 team in the power rankings, he was one of these teams. Unfortunately for him however,  he was facing one of these such teams. Team sportsmanMike got a great week from his team, and scored one of the biggest wins of his career, getting back to .500 in the process.

Elsewhere around the league, the Love Boat Captains bounced back, the Yankeehaters romped Believe The Hype in a matchup of bitter rivals, and the “bad” RedRays showed up again as that teams trend of frustrating inconsistency continued.

Side note: Kyle Lohse sucks.

So lets get to the rankings!


Week Eight Power Rankings

1) Love Boat Captains- A solid win vaults Ginger back into the #1 spot. You have to figure that Anthony Rendon will return at some point right? She’s essentially played the entire year without a 3rd round pick. I know the feeling.

2) Yankeehaters- A complete beatdown. Allan was never in this game, at any point. Dave grabs the lead in the season scoring title race and retakes first place in the Fried Chicken Division. If he can just get through this week, he has a easy cupcake matchup with Rays Those Cowbells waiting for him in week 10.

3) WillisBeTheYear- Not much you can say here. Willis had a great week, just ran into someone who had a really great week. This is still easily one of the best teams in the league.

4) RedRays- The bad news is that the bad RedRays showed up this week and took a bad loss. The good news is that probably means the RedRays will score 350 this week. The best news is that he’s playing Rays Those Cowbells this week. Expect the RedRays to easily get back into the win column this week.

5) sportsmanMike- If we had a fantasy “MVP”, it would without a doubt be Paul Goldschmidt. It’s not that he’s the “best” player, but does anyone mean more to their team this year than he does? He is absolutely carrying Mike this year. Team SM sits at .500 and is on a roll. The possibilities are endless from here.

6) Panda the Hammer- Sam got zero points from a banged up Johnny Cueto and was still able to squeeze out a tough win that came down to late Sunday afternoon. It hasn’t been pretty at times, but Sam is in a position to grab a share of first place in the Fried Chicken division if he can beat the Yankeehaters this week.

7) Stogies- Did you ever think you’d see a week where Edwin Encarnacion put up zero points? Did you ever think his owner would win by 50 points in said week? Alfredo Simon didn’t even start a game and he still won. I’ve said it every week and i’ll say it again. Still the best offense in the league.

8) The October Boys- I think this team is going to go on a big winning streak soon. He’s getting Tanaka back, Tulowitzki is beginning to break out a little bit, Lester and Bumgarner have been dominating lately…. This is a team that you’re going to underestimate, and then you’ll look up and he’s won 5 in a row.

9) Rays Those Cowbells- Stephen Strasburg went on the DL! Eliminating a huge hole in my rotation. Believe it or not, I still actually really like my team. They just keep losing for some reason. Maybe this is a good collection of talent that just can’t win together? Maybe I should make a bunch of deals? Maybe I should trade Matt Harvey to the Yankeehaters for Phil Hughes? I’m open to suggestions.

10) Believe The Hype- Not much to say here unfortunately. The good news is there is so much parity in our league, that Allan is still only two games back of a playoff spot. Sometimes you just gotta hang in there and grind until your luck turns. I started 4-9 in 2013 and made the playoffs. Never give up.


Game of the Week

Love Boat Captains vs sportsmanMike

Can Mike take down the #1 team in the power rankings for the second week in a row? I’m really curious to see how this matchup goes. Confidence is really high in the sportsmanMike camp.


Good luck to everyone in Week 9!