Dethroning Allan, Week Eleven

Well, that was exciting.

Our game of the week more than lived up to the expectations, as the Yankeehaters and Love Boat Captains came into Sunday Night Baseball separated by only a single point, with Dave out of players and Ginger having Dodgers closer Kenley Jansen. Unfortunately for the LBC’s, the Dodgers won 10-2 and Jansen never got onto the mound. Tough break.

Elsewhere around the league, team sportsmanMike extended his winning streak to five games, WillisBeTheYear pulled out a low scoring battle with team Stogies, and in one of the most shocking twists ever in our league, Believe The Hype and Rays Those Cowbells both won. On the same week. Unbelievable. Maybe there’s some life in both these sad sack teams after all.

This was a really tough week to rank, because teams 4-8 in the power rankings all lost. Let’s try some rankings.


Week Eleven Power Rankings

1) WillisBeTheYear- Two not so great weeks in a row for our #1 ranked team. But he’s still got the best record in the league and the most points scored. Clayton Kershaw starts twice for him this week. Be on alert Dennis, you get that fun matchup.

2) Yankeehaters- So Dave won the showdown with his wife by a single point. Sounds like a fun household for the next few days. Team Yankeehaters made the splash of the season so far, putting together a 7 player blockbuster and bringing in #1 overall pick Mike Trout. But he gave up alot of pitching to do so. We’ll see what counter moves he’ll put together from here.

3) sportsmanMike- Bit of an unlucky break for Mike, whose 5 game winning streak has tied him for the best record in the league, yet still only 3rd place in his division. Some good waiver wire maneuvering got him 48 points from Yankeehaters castoff Mookie Betts, and the Paul Goldschmidt and Chris Sale express keeps running people over. If he could just grab another decent starter or two, he’d have the pitching depth to contend for a championship.

4) RedRays- Probably knew he had a tough week when he saw he was facing Mike’s unstoppable squad. I thought he had a good chance to be the one to knock Mike off. Not to be, as the rest of his pitching besides the great Max Scherzer, and most of his offense, was just mediocre this week. But we all know the drill by now. This is a team that will have some great weeks and some not so great weeks. We may go all the way into September before we know if this team is a true contender for the title.

5) Love Boat Captains- Hard to downgrade this team for it’s performance this week. Put up 327 points and only lost because some guy that Dave picked up off the waiver wire just happened to hit 3 HRs that day. Still, it’s a 6-5 record after a 5-0 start. Ginger can’t be happy with the way things are going right now. But one thing I know she won’t do is panic and much a bunch of ill-advised trades. That is something that I would do. She’s much to clever to panic like that. I am not.

6) The October Boys- Led most of the week, just ran into a team that had a 100 point Sunday and snatched a victory away from him. It’s always tough to see Mike Trout leave your lineup, but when you add pitchers like Madison Bumgarner and Michael Wacha both at once, you might just be okay.

7) Panda the Hammer- Had a nice 300 point week, but a real tough pill to swallow is watching David Price, Johnny Cueto and Jordan Zimmerman COMBINE for only 32 points. You aren’t gonna win most weeks when that happens. Can we take a second though to talk about Todd Frazier? This is the best player in baseball that nobody talks about. He’s like Paul Goldschmidt before Paul Goldschmidt broke out completely and became Paul Goldschmidt.

8) Stogies- Nightmare week for team Stogies. Nothing clicked, his offense was mostly mediocre and all his pitchers got smacked around. We all have weeks like this. I wouldn’t wanna play this team this coming week.

9) Rays Those Cowbells- Well what do you know…. There’s life in the old gal after all. A 100 point Sunday gives me my first win since the 2011 season, and I feel pretty good about it. I think I might be able to go on a little bit of a run here…. I really hope this team is ready to play up to it’s potential. God I hope so.

10) Believe The Hype- We did it Allan, we powered through and both got wins this week. I’ll see you in the finals bro, meet me there! But on a more serious note, for some reason I can’t quite explain, this team has a player go on the DL on Monday every week. Seriously go check it out, it’s every week.


Game of the Week

The October Boys vs WillisBeTheYear

I really like this matchup. Dennis was on a roll before this week and brought in some really good pitchers, and Willis is ready to break out after two mediocre weeks in a row. I think we could have a game where both teams score 325+


Good luck to everyone in Week 12!

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