Dethroning Allan, Week Nine

I lost by a point after leading all week long, literally until the final pitch of Sunday Night Baseball. So I’m sure you’ll forgive me if I keep this write up very brief and very bitter.

Let’s get to the rankings.


Week Nine Power Rankings

1) WillisBeTheYear- Easily vaults back up to number one after putting a whopping 425 points on poor Allan. Remember when everyone thought Clayton Kershaw wasn’t having as good a season as in years past? Ah, good times.

2) Love Boat Captains- No real red flags here, just ran into the suddenly unstoppable team sportsmanMike. The best thing going for this team is that eventually, Matt Holliday is going to start hitting for power. Way too great a hitter to finish the season with like 11 homers or whatever he’s on pace for.

3) Yankeehaters- Worst week of the season easily, but luckily here comes the perfect medicine. A match-up with the mediocre Rays Those Cowbells squad. Dave went full on blow-up mode this past week, dealing stud players like Robinson Cano, Felix Hernandez and Nolan Arenado. But the returns he got has the potential to be even better. This is the biggest blowout of the week. Team Yankeehaters introduces his new squad in style and wins by at least 100 points.

4) sportsmanMike- Well what do we have here? Mike has been the talk of the league over the past month or so, putting together a three game winning streak and putting up impressive point totals. What’s even more remarkable is this was during one of his toughest stretches of the schedule all year, knocking off league standouts like WillisBeTheYear and the Love Boat Captains. If Mike can bring some health back to his outfield and grab a little more pitching depth, you might see team SM in the final four come September.

5) RedRays- Great comeback win over Rays Those Cowbells this week. Chris Archer is just pitching on another level right now, and Jason Hammel has 8 quality starts in a row. Came back to win a game where Max Scherzer only had 3 points, so that’s impressive. Could you hear the salt in my voice in that paragraph? I could.

6) Panda the Hammer- If this team could somehow get some more offense, it would be a real contender. If I owned this team, my number one priority would be to get Ryan Zimmerman out of my lineup as quickly as possible. He’s just awful. Still, elite pitching continue to carry the load for this squad. We haven’t heard a peep from Sam all year, is something big coming?

7) The October Boys- Came out on top in the family grudge match with team Stogies. This team made alot of waves this week, bringing Felix Hernandez and Nolan Arenado into the fold in two seperate blockbusters with team Yankeehaters. I really wish I had drafted Joc Pederson. He does nothing but crush dingers and he walks a ton. Tanaka looked great in his first start back. The arrow is pointing up.

8) Stogies- Where would this team be if it could get any kind of real production from Edwin Encarnacion? He continues to be one of the biggest disappointments in fantasy baseball this year. Made a big splash to bring in Robinson Cano this week, but gave up Dee Gordon to get him. He better hope Shelby Miller continues his great pitching, or the drop-off from Gordon to Cano this year might be hard to overcome.

9) Rays Those Cowbells- Where to begin… This group of mediocre losers somehow found a way to lose a game that it led on Friday by 50 points, with a 7-3 PSR advantage. I’m so disappointed in this team. In theory, Yasiel Puig and Carlos Correa should give this team a boost. But as proven over the first 9 weeks, this group will find spectacular ways to blow a game.

10) Believe The Hype- When you’re struggling, it only seems natural a team will put 425 points on you. That’s just an absurdly tough break.


Game of the Week

Yankeehaters vs Rays Those Cowbells

Only because I know how much joy Dave will get out of beating me into submission. Before this week is over, I may cry.


Good luck to everyone in Week 10!

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